Top 5 Marketing Solutions For Products in the Digital Era

3D asset creation by VSLB

Major brands around the world have not anticipated the rise of 3D assets as the root of new marketing solutions. The technology is developing at a pace that now an entire virtual world can be created and operated. The latest developments in brand marketing are largely driven by these tech advancements and subsequently, change in consumer domain and preferences.

In this blog, we offer in-depth marketing solutions for your brand in the 21st century. Keep reading:

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The Changing Landscape of Marketing

From word of mouth to printed adverts, marketing is an industry that is dynamic and therefore hard to grasp its trends. Recently, there has been a tremendous shift in marketing solutions, all directed towards the same- the rise of 3D asset creation.

The ongoing influence of social media, the social distancing, the development drive by metaverse enthusiasts resulted in 3D marketing solutions. The new trend was further picked up by the growing digital native consumer pool. Brought up completely amid the electronic gadgets, Gen Z totally invests in virtual solutions and experiences.

In conclusion, the current marketing by brands largely relies on 3D asset creation and usage. As an artistically-inspired 3D creative studio, we bring you 5 marketing solutions that attract consumers at large.

3D assets as marketing solution

In recent times, 3D asset creation, for instance 3D Rendering, AR and VR experiences, is gaining momentum in the marketing industry.

Top 5 Marketing Solutions for Brands

3D Rendering

3D Rendering is the solution every brand has to include in their marketing strategies. It is a process by which 3D artists create realistic visual content using computers. Traditionally, marketers created visual content for adverts through photography. With a physical product under adjusted lighting, photographs are taken by the human crew.

But this method not only takes up more cost, time, and effort but is rigid in terms of expression.

On the other hand, 3D rendering covers up the shortcoming of photography besides its obvious benefits. Through virtual photography, 3D artists create stunning images of products without them being physically produced. Important aspects like texture, lighting can be modified within minutes until the desired look is achieved.

3D rendering has an additional advantage- bringing imagination to life. Many brands want to project how consumers can feel using their product or service but often fail to do so. They also want to change the perception of their products and place them in a new light. While some want to add an artistic streak to their brand.

All of these are possible through 3D asset creation by rendering. Brands can help 3D digital artists in creating visuals that reflect their goals, target audience, and vision. They can easily adapt the visual content according to the culture and demand of various demographical consumers.

Therefore 3D rendered assets are one of the best marketing solutions that not only entice consumers but also cater at large.

VR experiences

3D asset creation is picking up the pace and the result is an ever-expanding metaverse. An alternative universe, companies are building it to resemble the real world-including instant chat and feeling everything as it’s real. One way brands can utilize metaverse as a marketing solution is by creating immersive VR experiences.

The common way is setting up a virtual store in the metaverse and offering VR experiences that allow users to explore. Altering the perception of users through sensory modifications, buyers feel and shop just like they do in real life.

VR experiences, in addition to giving a competitive edge to the brands, also help them strongly bond with loyal customers. These experiences help consumers navigate the new world of digital media with a pinch of fun and excitement. Brands considering entering the online world must start contacting us for 3D asset creation like VR experiences.

AR filters

Most people on the planet have some kind of electronic device with a display screen. Brands have taken the advantage of this electronic explosion through social media posts and direct texts. Augmented reality takes this connection between brands and consumers to the next level. Integrating audio, video, and text, AR filters create a virtual experience that enhances the user’s perception.

The sweet spot of this visualization technology is its interactivity. Consequently, consumers will be able to interact with the augmented digital content in real-time. This transports them to the virtual world, full of interesting and informative experiences.

AR as a marketing solution has many benefits. Users can try on the products like fashion, make-up limitlessly through AR filters on mobile applications. Also, they can visualize household products like furniture before proceeding to purchases. AR not only minimizes and optimizes the cost and effort involved in these tasks but also reduces overstocks and lead times.

Virtual Spaces

The state-of-the-art marketing solution, virtual spaces are gaining moment as metaverse development accelerates. Brand marketers looking to establish themselves in a new light while attracting Gen Z buyers are fans of digital spaces. Completely virtually, these 3D created spaces can be made to use just like a real-life setting.

Virtual spaces are not just ordinary cyberspaces or stores. Also, each of the spaces has an artistic direction behind them, that drives consumers to these spaces. Built on an artistic foundation, artists turn these spaces into a launch site, digital store, or online venue for virtual photography.

Also, synonymous with metaverse, virtual spaces work the same way. With a 3D studio like ours, we brainstorm the idea, build a 3D model and render for a realistic output. Brands can use them for their new product launch, virtual stores for buyers to shop.

Also, through this 3D asset creation, they can also integrate other marketing solutions like AR filters and VR experiences. As a result, consumers receive a wholesome experience when shopping with the brand. If you’re a brand looking to create virtual spaces, we’ve got our own digital catalog for each of your needs.

3D Animation

Similar to 3D rendered images, 3D animation promotes products in realistic videos. A well-known fact, video is more effective than text when it comes to marketing solutions. Not only do animations convey a lot of complex ideas but also viewers remember them for a long time.

Virtual Spaces are the future of Digital Marketing. Learn more in the guide below.

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3D Asset creation

3D asset creation has functional, emotional and economical benefits for brands.

Benefits of 3D Asset Creation

Functional Benefits

  • Flexibility: The greatest flex of 3D asset creation is its flexibility. From day 1 to launch day, numerous changes can be done within minutes. This does not require any physical boundaries or presence. Brands can enjoy high-quality and curated content.
    Also, brands can repackage and repurpose the 3D content for use on social media, websites, and email.
  • Less Complex: Artists use only a computer to create a virtual backdrop or a product or a digital model. This reduces the complexity of operations as most of them are integrated into one. Brands can also fully customize their 3D digital content without too much effort.
  • Sustainability: Compared to traditional marketing content creation, 3D creation has a small carbon footprint. Besides contributing to the planet’s safety, brands can also enjoy a green image among their consumers.

Emotional Benefits

  • Art of Storytelling: 3D virtual reality assets possess a unique edge when it comes to marketing- storytelling. Through 3D visual content, developed and designed by a creative studio like VSLB, brands can narrate their legacies. This impactful 3D content help brands connect deeply and genuinely with the audience.
  • Less Burden: Most brands, often struggle to come up with a marketing concept that reflects their goals and ideals. By partnering up with the 3D artistic studio, brands can reduce their burden to be creative in their marketing and promotions.
  • Creative Partner: By a creative collaboration, brands can see the transformation of data and figures into stimulating visual content. This 3D asset creation embodies innovation, creative thinking, design, and artistic vision.

Economical Benefits

  • Budget-friendly: 3D assets come in various forms, and brands can choose the type and style of campaigns befitting their budget. Overall, this improves the ROI as 3D marketing solutions are very effective in reaching and converting the audience into consumers.
  • Time and Effort: Besides the financial gain, 3D asset creation takes up less time and effort by the design time. Brands can request changes at the last minute, yet the campaign will be launched on time. This flexibility in terms of effort and time is essential for dynamic markets.
  • Cost-Effective: Opposed to traditional methods, 3D assets do not require any physical equipment like a camera, lights, or a crew. This significantly brings down the overall advertising costs for the brands.

VSLB as a Destination for 3D Asset Creation

To conclude, 3D asset creation is crucial for brands to attract consumers and lead the digitizing world. VSLB is a 3D creative studio that specializes in 3D assets design and making. With our years of experience in 3D branding and marketing, we understand the uniqueness of every brand.

Combining our artistic vision and understanding, we create tailor-made digital marketing solutions that rightly hit the target. We continue to inspire our audience in connecting deeply with their consumers. Therefore, contact us now if you are a brand that wants to do the same.

Learn about 3D spaces in the FREE guide below.

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Download the Guide

Download the Guide

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Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of the metaverse and its co-existence with your fashion brand.

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