In the current age of digitalization, luxury brands are becoming accessible to a wider audience, extending from baby boomers to millennials, making it more important than ever to know how to access consumers and stay relevant. With a deep understanding of the industry and its customers, Visualab offers end to end solutions: from brand materials and packaging design, to advertising your product with 3D images and Motion Graphics. Proceeding from a conceptualization and design developed around your product’s unique selling points, target audience and branding, we’ll provide you with a tailor-made service best fits your needs. For Websites, Social Media, Visual Communication Prints or in Stores, we create one of a kind content that generates leads, beautifully expresses your brand and speaks directly to the modern consumer.

3D Image Rendering

Image Campaigns, Product Images and Digital Assets for Websites, Social Media, e-commerce sites and more

3D Motion Graphic

Designed Motion Graphic Videos and Digital Assets for Websites,

Social Media, E-Commerce sites and more.

360 VR Solutions

Virtual Walkthrough Interior Spaces, Virtual Product showcasing for VR Glasses or Websites, Virtual Online Showroom


Logo Design, Brand Materials, Brochure, Corporate Design and Branding

Product Rendering Categories

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Personal Luxury Goods

Perfumes, Liqueurs, Bags, Jewelry, Leather Goods, Fashion, Cosmetics, Electronic Products


Interior, Home Appliances, Premium, Furniture, Consumer Electronics,


Cars, Boats


Art as the common language around the world, allows us to express our client’s objectives in tailored designs. With the fast-evolving times of digitalization, we help our clients staying relevant to the modern customer through tailored assets, which echo the ethos of a brand and builds a bridge between the brand and the end consumer.

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