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Where Every Trace of Thought Transforms to Art.

© 2023 VSLB

Artistic Experiences
in 3D Virtual Spaces

© 2023 VSLB

"Where Every Trace of Thought Transforms to Art."

A multidisciplinary Creative Studio crafting elevated visual and brand experiences.

Welcome to our World of limitless creative solutions. Founded by Brand Experience Artist & Architect Giacomo Mason and Creative 3D Consultant Sarah Philomena Schmidt, VSLB takes care of your entire end-to-end creative journey providing creative direction, product animations, product CGI, VR content, interactive virtual spaces for immersive commerce, and physical experiences using cutting edge technology. 

Between Venice and Seoul, we work with global brands from Europe, APAC and the USA to inspire the world with artistry. 

Your Visionary Solutions

Where Technology Meets Artistry

3D Images and Animations
Craft stunning 3D visuals and animations tailored for diverse platforms. From vibrant social media posts, captivating websites, to dynamic print and digital signage, we elevate your brand's presence with state of the art content.
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VR & Immersive Commerce
Dive into immersive brand-driven worlds designed for the next generation. Engage GenZ and beyond with tailor-made, fully interactive virtual showrooms that resonate and captivate.
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Consulting on Emerging Technologies
Navigate the future with our expert guidance on VR and AR experiences. We meticulously craft impactful customer journeys, leveraging the best of emerging tech to set your brand apart.
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Imagine a place of boundless imagination and limitless solutions. Here’s what we do.

Visual Creation
in Virtual Spaces

Our virtual spaces allow seamless product campaign creation in your tailored lifestyle or fantasy virtual spaces from anywhere at any time. We create visuals and animations ready to publish.

Art Direction
for Digital Experiences

Giacomo Mason's Art Direction is at the heart of every project to deliver creative concepts and brand-tailored experiences from blueprint to final artwork with impact.

Brand Experiences
for the Metaverse

Transform your digital experience into the Virtual Space and immerse your audience with the power of architectural design, product merchandising, and interaction design.

The History of Whoo x Pierre Marie

Walk into the Luxury VR World


Visuals That Make You Crave a Drink


LG’s World-Class 3D Product Experience

Ralph and Russo

Into the Future with Digital Fashion




14th Web Award by Kipfa

Awarded for being the most innovative and best internet service in Seoul


Awarded 4th place for designing urban structures on an international stage

Join a unforgettable creative journey

Our Mission

At the core of our mission is the desire to lead the way in creativity, artistry, and innovation. We aim to transport people into mesmerizing worlds, engaging all their senses through various devices and platforms.


What sets us apart is our relentless commitment to staying on the cutting edge while speaking from an artistic truth that can’t be overseen. With the combined talents of our founders and a team of different tech- and artistic experts within our creative collective, we handcraft every project using a brand-tailored artistic approach, the latest 3D technology, AI, and other groundbreaking technologies.

This ensures that our clients receive the highest quality and most immersive experiences available in the industry for business growth. 

Industry Trends

Stay up to date with the latest 3D Technology, Consumer, and Media Trends to inspire consumers worldwide.







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© 2023 VSLB