Visualab is a 3D rendering and design studio based in Seoul and founded in 2017 by Italian architect and interior designer Giacomo Mason, alongside German creative entrepreneur Sarah Philomena Schmidt. Working in the realm of Architecture, Design and Advertising, Visualab specializes in creating photorealistic and high-end visualization customized to clients needs. They are experts in the fields of CGI, architecture visualization, product rendering, digital staging, animation and VR. In their inaugural year, the team received the 14th Web Award Korea in the i-Awards 2017.




Our specialist team is uniquely positioned to provide not only the cutting edge in lifelike rendering with photorealistic lighting, textures and proportions, but to be able to do so within environments perfectly tailored to your product by our experienced designers.<br />We guide and collaborate closely with our clients, serving the design and advertising industries in Korea and around the globe.
Classic London interior design showcasing LG Signatures Products in 3D rendered Images.
Digital Staging

We virtually design, tailored environments to advertise your product in the most beautiful way.

360° VR Rendering Solutions

We deliver lifelike VR solutions for Architects, Designers or Construction Companies.

3D Architectural Visualization

We produce a photorealistic visualization based on your design scheme and specification.


3D Animation allows clients to experience the real ambiance of a design through authentic lighting and a true-to-life sense of space.


Our photorealistic automotive 3D rendering service allows brands to display vehicles in any environment with lifelike accuracy.

Interior Design

Visualab is offering innovative, luxurious and convenient interior design solutions using finest materials and highest quality brands.

Visual Branding

Visualabs Design Team covers all fields from Product Design, Logos along all Marketing Materials for your Business.


Bringing Ambience to Design and Artistry to life.
Sarah Philomena Schmidt

cofounder / ceo

3D Rendering and Design Specialist
Giacomo Mason

cofounder / artistic director

Giovanna Martelozzo

senior executive partner / interior designer


senior manager / 3D artist

Nicola Favaro

architect / 3D artist


creative artist

Kingston Jade Kingsley

writer / editor


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3F Electronic World Bldg., 109 Cheongpa-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea 04370<br />

Phone: +82 10 9452 0898

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