A 3D Rendering Studio’s Guide to Virtual Spaces

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

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It’s 2022 and marketers and brands are becoming more fond of virtual spaces and virtual photography from a 3D rendering studio. Even before the pandemic, some of the leading brands took the bold leap. But the appreciation and adaption of virtual spaces were quite slow and physical marketing methods dominated everywhere.

After the pandemic, everything slowed down and so did the marketing and promotions of new products. As a result, marketers were left in an impossible situation where they can’t position their product creatively anymore. There was a sharp decline in the overall sales and consumers’ perception began to change due to the communication gap.

In this difficult state, virtual space merits created by 3D rendering studios like us began to gain the deserved attention. High-end brands started including virtual photography and 3D technologies like augmented reality in their marketing strategies. The rise of metaverse further stressed the importance of presence in the virtual worlds.

Understanding virtual spaces from the lens of a 3D rendering studio are vital for brands’ success in the years ahead.

In this blog, you’ll know more about the following:


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Virtual Spaces Definition from a 3D Rendering Studio

Online or Virtual Spaces are locations created virtually within a 3D model. These spaces do not exist physically but can be used for marketing in a similar fashion as the real world. These online worlds, like metaverse, can be designed, created, and customized according to brands’ preferences, values, and campaigns.

With our 3D creative studio, brands will receive hyper-realistic images, promotional videos like animations, personalized avatars, digital models. Besides enhancing the brand image, this powerful imagery connects with the audience on a deeper level. In the scattered-attention era, Virtual Space campaigns are essential to attract customers and build a strong brand presence.

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Types of Virtual Spaces

The Studio Space

The Studio Space is perfect for marketers looking to highlight their product features. With simple colored backgrounds, our 3D rendering studio creates sophisticated and refined visual campaigns. Using the Studio Space, marketing campaigns can be created in the form of 4K still images, GIFs, full HD animations.

The virtual photography deliverables in any form will capture the attention of the audience in the right way.

The Abstract Space

The beauty of metaverses and virtual photography is that 3D designers can create stunning visuals which are impossible in real-life. The Abstract Space does the same. In this space, brands can promote their products in surreal and highly fantastical locations.

With the unique and unusual backdrops, the Abstract Space campaigns surely evoke a lot of curiosity in the viewers.

The Interior Space

The interior space is for brands wanting to emulate a sense of lifestyle with their products. Especially brands from the luxury home appliances industry can stylishly position their goods in eloquent and realistic interior settings.

The Interior space comes with the additional benefit of being fully customized to the brand’s needs and preferences.

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Marketing in the Virtual Spaces

Product Positioning

The first and foremost application of 3D environments is unique product positioning. Brands attract the audiences’ attention without extra effort when introducing their products in a new and unusual way. They can present their products and services in fabulous and novel environments beyond existing expectations.

Promotional Campaigns

Brands can also promote their products through 3D virtual space campaigns designed exclusively by 3D rendering studios. Through virtual photography, 3D designers create phenomenal visuals that range from quality images to high-definition animated videos of products. Furthermore, brands avail the benefit of a broad reach through multipurpose imagery created by 3D artists. 

3D tours

In virtual environments, brands can offer 3D tours of their products. In short, a detailed creation video of goods helps buyers clearly understand their functionalities.

Digital Outlets

The newest type of store, digital outlets resemble real-life brick and mortar stores. Brands can utilize these outlets as a new customer touchpoint. It helps them understand more about the digital generation and their preferences.

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Virtual Spaces created by our 3D Rendering studio exude creativity and luxury while evoking a purchase desire in buyers

Virtual Space Marketing Steps from a 3D Rendering Studio

Step 1: Virtual Space Selection

Firstly, depending on product features and marketing goals, brands can choose from three types of virtual spaces. Each virtual space is unique and highlights various aspects of the product.

Step 2:  Idea Conceptualization

After selecting the virtual space, our 3D designers will brainstorm and customize it. Consequently, 3D designers consider various factors like brands’ USPs, marketing objectives in creating the concept of the virtual space.

Step 3: Production at 3D Rendering Studio

The next step is producing the 3D models in the virtual spaces. Combing our 3D expertise and artistic direction, we produce the most stunning visuals for marketing campaigns.

Step 4: Final Deliverables

Our creations are versatile in nature. Brands can choose their campaign formats – 4K images, videos, GIFs, AR filters, and VR experiences.

Step 5: Launch

Lastly, brands can upload mesmerizing imagery on any digital channel in multiple formats.

VSLB: A Destination for Virtual Photography

Virtual photography and spaces are soon going to be mainstream in marketing and advertising. Therefore, brands have to keep in mind the growing global trend and have to take relevant actions. The first step is to connect with an amazing 3D rendering studio like ours.

VSLB is a creative studio that produces stunning content for brands based in Seoul and the world. To sum up, we promise to make remarkable virtual content through our world-class 3D artists and state-of-art technology,

Start your first 3D campaign in the virtual space by contacting us today.

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Download the Guide

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