Types of Animation Styles Used To Shape a Brand’s Message

Nikes 3D animation for the World cup 2018

Great visuals and inspiring stories remain as major sources for engaging audiences during a campaign. Therefore, making a statement through virtual animation has several offers in terms of advertising and digital marketing. Different types of animation styles can be applied to catch viewers and build concepts when promoting a brand.

The animation process involves most of the visual content, alongside storytelling techniques. Hence, crafting ideas through compelling animated videos instead of text or images retains attention from customers.

In recent years, companies have appealed to animation formats as an innovative marketing tool.


Types of Animation Styles Used for Campaigns

To narrate an authentic and inspiring visual message, brands seek tools that enhance their identity. Additionally, producing impactful campaigns comes with picking the right tone, language, and style. A wide range of techniques are available in the market, and some are better suited to the brand’s objective.

Animation is now considered one of the top methods to create an impeccable and memorable campaign.


3D Animation

Adding a third-dimension effect allows for a high dynamic animated environment to be created. This Virtual Space can have realistic settings, characters, and textures. 3D animation embraces details through attractive animation.

In addition, this medium makes the end product visually stunning and builds brand awareness. Explainer videos using 3D show the inside functionality of a product by showcasing its innovative features.

Nike’s 2014 World Cup promotional video used 3D animations for its campaign “The Last Game.” Realistic illustrations of famous soccer players, iconic landscapes, and crowded auditoriums were part of this dynamic video.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is one of the most requested tools for marketing purposes. These videos apply visual elements that amplify the verbally narrated story. 

This type of animated graphic design usually features texts and simple graphics and is ideal for displaying a decent amount of information that needs to come across clearly.

Stop Motion Animation

Fast sequences that create the sensation of movement. Stop Motion continues to provide variations of the technique for brand promotion, especially on social media.

The narrative of this type of eye-catching video is primarily visual. Thus, brands can tell a story without relying on audio.

Animated Infographic

A top-ranked animation style also allows brands to inform, educate, and explain complex concepts to audiences. Animated infographics are a powerful tool to reinvent knowledge, using animated figures to simplify information.

These videos also help explaining data engagingly and aim to improve perspectives on the subject matter.

How Animation Covers Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Media Campaigns

Using animation for online advertising increases engagement by telling a story more comprehensively in a short manner of time. Animation has several perks that captivate viewers’ attention. It sparks conversations and makes audiences follow the narrative through a dynamic concept.

From Instagram stories, reels, and short videos on Facebook, animated content has increased a customer’s attention span on social media.

Animated Ads

These short cartoon videos can promote a company’s products or services, especially through social platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Different from other types of animation styles, these are mainly showcased as in-banner or in-stream ads.

Digital accommodation platform Airbnb presented an emotional brand story called “Wall and Chain.” For the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the brand created an integrated animated campaign together with Psyop. The animated advertisement narrated the story of two former border guards from East and West Germany, who met in an Airbnb apartment in Berlin for the first time after the wall came down.

Animated Videos For Landing Pages

Companies look to catch their visitor’s attention span with high-quality visuals on the landing page of their website. Animation is a suitable choice to achieve this instant effect.

A short presentation can show the brand’s identity and inspire viewers to know more. Further, these videos also reflect the virtues of products and services through different types of animation styles.

The Future Of Animation

Storytelling with attractive images increases brand awareness. Animation combines both and presents an inspiring visual story to promote businesses.

Appealing to different types of animations styles transmits complex content in simples but entrained digest forms.

Animation can create everything from explainer videos, ads, or corporative videos according to audiences’ behavior and brand identity to ensure digital marketing success.

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