How to Improve Your Luxury Brand Image in the Digital World?

Adverting Visuals for story-telling

How is your brand adapting to the digital shift? Are you finding it difficult to establish a digital presence of your luxury brand? Then this blog is for you, which will guide you clearly on how to navigate through the digital revolution. 

A short glimpse of what 3D technologies can help luxury brands improve their presence in the digital realms is as follows:

We have collaborated with Korean skincare luxury brand, The History of Whoo, for a VR tour campaign. The campaign was launched recently and the results were too amazing in a short period of time.

  • Every consumer on average spent 7 minutes in the VR tours, allowing the brand to understand their consumers more.
  • Compared to usual campaigns, consumer sessions with the brand increased by 4 minutes.


These results give us a simple conclusion: Social media and virtual spaces are an inevitable part of everyone’s lives. These digital media offer many advantages to businesses and buyers alike. Due to the developments, a discussion is widely happening in the luxury industry.

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Luxury brands are always weighing the pros and cons of having a presence in virtual spaces. Our blog aims to unearth and understand the very same dilemma. You can discover the following:

An Unanticipated Shift in Luxury Brand Marketing

For innumerable years, luxury brands have expanded their presence solely through word of mouth and physical stores. Despite the growing inclination towards digital channels and virtual spaces, brands like yours have always guarded their legacies by keeping them at bay. You’ve always believed that exclusivity and online presence do not go hand-in-hand.

But the only physical presence in the luxury realm slowly began to erase and a digital shift is taking place. Consequently, major high-end brands are now on popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and virtual spaces like a metaverse.

Reasons behind the Shift

E-commerce Push

Perhaps, the major driving force behind the digital shift in the luxury industry is the e-commerce rise. Slowly, shopping became an online activity of endless browsing and clicking on electronic devices. Technically speaking, having e-commerce stores is a major threat to exclusivity, the core characteristic of luxury brands. This is because most grandeur brands believe and rely on the scarcity concept.

Despite the contradictory forces working against it, e-commerce still made it into the industry. Consumers can now purchase exquisite products from top luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton online. As a result, your brand has to promote themselves digitally with advertising visuals and impactful copies.

Global Expansion

Rapid developments in science and technology have contributed greatly to global access. Consequently, any consumer from one corner of the world can view and buy products from the other end. Regional sales have slowly reached the global level and brands have to keep up with the huge masses of customers.

The only way your brand can connect and communicate with a worldwide audience is through digital media. Hence, the shift in the luxury domain.

Evolving Demographics

Another major reason is the changing demographics. The digital natives of Gen Z now are slowly becoming the largest domain in luxury brand purchases. This tech-savvy consumer domain prefers convenience over super fine products.

They have diverse perspectives and meanings of luxury consumption. For instance, they have specific beliefs about luxury brands’ responsibilities towards the planet.

According to BoF and McKinsey’s State of Fashion Report 2021. 9 out of 10 Gen-Z buyers believe brands should detail their stances on environmental and social issues. To quench the desires and preferences of this latest digital consumer buyer, your brand has to started building your online image.

Rise of Online Worlds

The rising trend in marketing and advertising is the metaverse, an online universe. More and more consumers are preferring to shop, communicate and hang around in the online world. Luxury brands have no choice but to include themselves in the virtual spaces.

advert visuals

Building a Digital image in 21st Century is a must for Luxury Brands.

Advantages of having Digital Presence

Clear Communication

Every product from leading luxury labels is produced with high-quality products and extensive care. Also, they have an artistic direction involved in them. Therefore, brands often want the consumers to know the story behind the marvelous creation. With stunning advertising visuals and immersive storytelling, brands can communicate seamlessly their legacy, values, and goals.

Customer Touchpoint

Another great advantage of online channels is that they offer a link between your brand and buyers. Through endless interaction, your brand can understand your consumers’ needs and preferences. On the other hand, customers can get all the information they need before making luxury purchases.

A two-way interaction that benefits and strengths the bond between them is only possible through digital presence.

Online Exclusive Image

Luxury brands can continue being exclusive digitally. Through unique virtual spaces and limited access to them, your brand can create an online exclusive image. These virtual spaces embody the brand’s history, aspirations, emotions, their dedication to its loyal consumers. As a result, these spaces become exclusive and distinctive, eliminating the fear of dilution.

Growing C2C Economy

In addition to Gen Z, millennials are actively embracing the digital lifestyle. Their purchases while driven online, are still influenced by digital word-of-mouth from other buyers on social media. A new type of economy, C2C, where consumers hold the most gravity in purchases, is growing rapidly.

Establishing themselves digitally helps luxury brands fulfill their necessity to be connected deeply with the consumers.

Conscious Identity

One rising common feature among diverse buyers is their concern for the planet. As a luxury brand, you can stand together with your conscious consumers by promoting digital-based consumption and channels. In recent times, digital products minted as NFTs are sustainable options to some extent, offered by brands

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building brand image

3D Advertising Visuals helps high-end brands to effectively convey their messages through interesting story-telling.

How to Improve your Brand Image?

Visual Influence

One of the biggest drivers of online luxury purchases is advertising visuals. With the rise of visual social media applications like Instagram and short-video platforms like TikTok, visuals are ruling businesses. Advert visuals featuring artistic luxury goods have always been a key sales strategy. Besides that, your brand can create your exclusivity online as well.

Among the visuals, the latest type is dominating the largest market is 3D visuals. These are the imagery created by 3D technology. These visuals are so strong that they spark a desire to buy instantly when buyers lay their eyes on them.

3D advertising visuals, created through virtual photography, have an everlasting impact on the viewers. Their hyper-realistic nature and beyond-physicality elements give everyone experiences of a fine visual world. Brands like yours can utilize different types of advertising visuals- 3D rendered images, 3D animations, GIFs, and so on.

Focus on Experience in Digital Marketing

As opposed to other industries, brands in the luxury industry are known for their in-store personalized experiences. To continue their customized fine services in the digital world, your brand has to create similar exciting experiences virtually. Three such tools that help brands provide exciting virtual experiences are virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

Unique and multi-sensory experiences resonate with the target audiences of every age. The realistic feelings evoked by these technologies improve shopping experiences by many folds. They are enriching, exciting, surprising, and informative at the same time. Also, customers can enjoy these experiences anywhere and anytime.

Some of the ways, luxury brands can integrate AR and VR in their ecosystems. Examples include virtual try-on, mobile applications with curiosity-evoking filters. Through these experiences, your label can make consumers feel like being part of your centuries-old heritage.

Personalization Importance

Luxury brands mainly thrive on customer satisfaction. When consumers purchase the finest and the most exclusive products, they’re a lot gleeful. Added to the well-crafted products is the personalization streak. Whether it’s in the delivery of promotion or in the in-store experiences, customers are embracing customization very well.

While physical services and experiences cannot be tailor-made to the consumers, digital channels excel in them. Through consumer data on preferences and opinions, luxury brands can modify their message to their desired audience.

3D advertising visuals, created with the artistic direction of brands, can be instantly altered to match any geographical or demographical region. Economical in nature, personalization through 3D binds brands and consumers more tightly.

Virtual Boutiques

Stores in virtual spaces or simply virtual boutiques are the newest ways to build a powerful digital image. These spaces fully customized to your brands’ values and ideals, offer numerous benefits to your buyers. They can view the products from any angle through the 3D lens from their homes.

For instance, the Hublot brand owned by LVMH, allows its buyers to access their products digitally with their technical information disclosed. Also, in these digital spaces, different forms of multimedia can be utilized to create a fulfilling shopping experience.

Also, you can also integrate artificial intelligence and virtual stores. Yumi, the first-of-its-kind, is an AI influencer, that autonomously moderates its speech to its audience. Through such smart touchpoints, brands are able to offer round-the-clock customer services.

Metaverse Opportunities

The latest technological development, the metaverse is taking the real world by storm. Until now, social media channels and e-commerce sites were a small part of the expansive digital world. So, right now, an entire 3D virtual world is available to buyers and brands alike.

While it provides a new space to interact and enjoy for consumers, it provides good profit opportunities for luxury labels. Online stores, virtual launches, runways, virtual influencers help brands build their image in the new world.

Build an Unparalleled Digital Image with VSLB

In the rapidly-digitalizing world, luxury brands that do not have a virtual presence will soon lose their footings. With changing consumer domain, increased need for experiences and convenience, your brand has to switch to digital campaigns with attractive advertising visuals and more convient production processes.

While examining the existing and upcoming trends, 3D lies at the center of them. Advertising visuals, VR and AR, and metaverse are largely created by amazing 3D digital artists and virtual photography. Most importantly, an artistically focused 3D creative studio is necessary to survive in the digital world. In short, if your company is wondering how to improve your brand image, contact us now.

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Download the Guide

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