OLED Space using 3D Rendering to advertise in the Asian market

The Asian Market: Innovation with 3D Rendering

Specific industries in the Asian Market highly request impeccable visualizations and realistic renderings. The use of 3D renderings to improve and enhance business practices has been steadily increasing.

The benefits of 3D simulation and visualization enable companies to obtain potential customers’ perceptions and present personalized services through animation, visual effects, and graphic design.

The Asian Pacific region is probably the most dominant market in terms of technology assets. Moreover, 3D rendering and visualization software has been expanding in countries like China, Japan, India, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Commercials, construction, and the visualization of homes, interior spaces, or buildings use this technology to draw and render these projects. In addition, it is also used to create visualizations of products, clothes, and more.


Industries Dominating the Asian Market

The growing adaptation of 3D rendering services in the Asia Pacific has increased as 3D technology develops more in the region. Due to the fast growth in demand for 3D solutions, companies are now focusing on more advanced techniques in the visualization process.


Architectural Visualization and Real State

Major architecture firms have been using the most advanced 3D rendering and modeling tools to create stunning photorealistic visualizations to present their projects. Hence, the Asian market is currently holding 75% of the regional architectural visualization market size. Specially adapted by real state enterprises, 3D rendering provides a medium for architects and design engineers to showcase projects effectively to customers.


Gaming and Digital Entertainment

Rendering solutions improve the gaming experience for professionals and casual gamers. Moreover, the growing market for animation and special effect tools in China and Japan has accentuated its continued growth.

Additionally, the demand for animation and VFX content to improve immersive experiences, like augmented reality and virtual reality, is growing exponentially. Thus, the gaming industry has become one of the fastest-growing segments in Asia’s global media and entertainment market.

South Korean 3D Studio 2Grey collaborated with Riot Games to promote the League of Legends ESports Championships

3D Product Rendering

Realistic visualizations for products are the most significant influence in advertising. As a result, most companies in several industries across Asia are relying on 3D technology.

We collaborated with LG Signature to showcase their innovative home appliances. LG Signature used the advertising campaigns on their social media pages, official website, and additional online advertising.

Fashion Industry

With 3D rendering services, digital fashion has become a powerful tool in the creative process of a fashion designer. In the Asian market, particularly brands in Japan and South Korea, are embracing 3D technologies to showcase collections.

Further, fashion design software currently in high demand in the Asian market makes fashion brands want to digitalize their designs to advertise their garments.

Hong Kong Design Center and its program Fashion Asia Hong Kong organized a virtual exhibition for its “10 Asian Designers to Watch in 2020.” The event featured ten specially designed 3D showrooms showcasing the tours de force of the awarded fashion brands.  

Benefits of 3D Rendering and its Use in Different Industries

Visualize for greater understanding and changes in real-time.

  • Real Estate:  customers have the opportunity to see in detail and from any angle an entire house without actually having to visit the location.
  • Entertainment: gamers embrace a more exciting experience to video content when it is not action-based.
  • Architecture: construction managers can showcase every detail of an object and make necessary changes without redrawing the designs.
  • Fashion: consumers can better understand what makes an item unique with a 3D rendered image.


Why Asian Companies are Using 3D rendering

Besides making objects realistic, having images to use for several campaigns without physically setting up a photoshoot allows one to customize a product easily.

Therefore, the visualization and 3D rendering software market is expected to continue growing in the years to come. The demand for 3D rendering services is estimated to branch into other industries such as healthcare and medical services.

To learn more about 3D rendering and the Asian market, discover our blog page here. 

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