Digital Customer Engagement with 3D Solutions

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

"I consult with creative brands, using innovation, 3D tech, and art to transform brand communications, creating impactful customer journeys that drive business growth."

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Digital Customer Engagement with 3D Solutions

Luxury brands, these days are all about digital customer engagement. During the last two years plagued by the pandemic, digital consumer behavior took a drastic shift. There has been a notable change in consumption patterns, perception trends, and values of digital consumers.

As a result, brands have been hustling to find marketing solutions that will help grab these dynamic consumers. This blog will guide you through 3D solutions which are the hype of the 21st century.

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Social Users as the Main Consumers of Luxury Brands

For decades, brick-and-mortar stores were the only source where high-end brands connected with the consumers. This inclination went on until the internet became widely available. First came to the social media platforms where digital media can be easily shared among family and peer circles. Later came the e-commerce sites where digital consumers can shop things online and get them delivered to their doorstep.

Blending these two remarkable shifts, came social commerce, where social platforms play a pivotal role in buying luxury goods online. The digital consumers primarily consisted of Gen Z but not anymore. Due to the internet and electronic usage explosion, millennials are competing with Gen Z when it comes to online commerce.

Gen Z and millennials together make up most of the social media users. The key point is that these digital consumers are now the audience of luxury brands due to the shifting buying power. Odds at social platforms and digital media, luxury brands hesitantly adopted them into their marketing strategies after a long time.

Initially, the efforts put into them were minimal and unsatisfactory. Luxury brands have realized that have to do their best in digital customer engagement. The power of social media cannot be missed, especially with the growing digital consumer domain.

As a studio, bringing together brands and buyers through art, we believe 3D solutions are what every luxury brand needs.


For Digital Customer Engagement, brands can utilize digital media like virtual spaces, rendered imagery and so on.

Why use 3D solutions for Engaging Social Media Users?

The era of Online Shopping

About 59.5% of the global population uses the internet and most of them use it from their mobile devices. The stronghold of the internet and mobiles brought in changes in consumers’ behavior and e-commerce shot up. Online shopping not only is convenient for users but also allows them to browse unlimited products from their own spaces.

Added to the comfort of e-commerce, social media aids buyers in shopping for the right and the best products online. Peer influence still affects a consumer’s decision to buy goods. Social channels do a good job through the swift sharing of digital media like pictures and videos.

These digital media should be gripping enough to grab customers’ like. 3D solutions such as realistic animations, rendered images, AR and VR content just do the same thing. These visual digital media takes buyers on a hyperrealistic journey of what it really feels like owning a luxury good.

In addition, this high-definition 3D content allows users to zoom in and view from any angle. Consequently, they have all the information they need at their disposal to make a firm purchase decision.

Waning Customers’ Attention

While social media and e-commerce sites brought in a lot of ease, they chopped down the attention of buyers. Brands are finding it hard in terms of digital customer engagement. Currently, the average consumers’ attention time stands at 8 seconds. This means brands have to quickly capture the customers’ attention the moment they lay their eyes on adverts.

With existing marketing methods, this can be a bit challenging due to limited visual imagery. On the other hand, 3D visual content largely expands the boundaries on what brands can advertise about. Especially, 3D visual spaces help luxury brands create their own space that reflects themselves and defies reality.

Such imaginative visuals are what customers look for. The novelty paired with amazing storytelling right hits the customer’s minds and hearts.

More than a Necessity

Consumption is not defined anymore by quenching desires or wants. Especially for Gen Z consumers, shopping has become a way to elude themselves. They want their purchases to reflect a part of their personality if not entirely. This puts pressure on luxury brands as every customer is unique.

Through physical products, it is impossible to personalize. But not with 3D digital media solutions.

Through digital media content on social platforms, brands can tailor-make experiences and goods that connect with the audience. Naturally, if they see themselves with the brands, consumers instantly bond with them.

Artistic Tinge

Most consumers equate luxury with nobility. This is due to the hand-crafted and superior quality of high-end goods. Likewise, brands can elude the same with the digital media content on social handles with 3D. As an artistic studio, we blend the power of art with the grace of luxury goods to create stunning 3D imagery.

With an artistic tinge, luxury brand visuals on social media garner more attention from the users. With enhanced perception, consumers will be more eager to shop from the luxury labels.

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Digital media for brands

Rendered imagery as digital media is becoming a popular way to create realistic visuals for branding and promotions.

Ways to Connect with Customers on Social Channels

Virtual Spaces

For digital customer engagement, virtual spaces are best. These spaces exist online and can be modified seamlessly according to the brand’s aspirations and ideals. As these spaces are constructed online, brands can come up with their own theme and style that truly represents their legacies.

In recent times, one of its kind, the metaverse is raging across industries due to its diverse benefits. In the metaverse, brands can set up their own virtual stores, offer gripping experiences that are impossible in real life. The best part of this digital media is that social platform users can access them easily. They can connect, comment, and follow these spaces from their mobile devices.

AR and VR experiences

An extended part of virtual spaces, virtual and augmented reality content excites buyers as they alter the perceptions in real-time. This digital media is customizable, easily accessible on all devices helping brands gain a wider reach.

Especially, to set luxury brands apart, AR and VR experiences are the best choice. Brands can allow access to their loyal consumers, mirroring exclusivity in physical stores.

Rendered Imagery

3D rendered images are also an important part of a digital customer engagement strategy. These virtual rendered images reach customers’ expectations of the brands as they are of high quality and highlight the product.

Future of Digital Consumer Engagement Strategy: 3D Digital Media

Customer expectations are changing every day as technology continues to evolve to its higher self. To improve customer service and connect with them, digital media is very crucial. If you want to engage your digital consumer, contact us today for designing customized 3D solutions.

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