How to Use AR to Improve your Customer Experience?

Augmented Reality Uses

Is your brand wondering how to improve your customer experience? In recent years, it has become difficult to attract and allure the audience. But the good news is that new 3D technologies like AR and virtual spaces can help your brand improve your customer experience. To begin with, consider our virtual space project with the pioneer of screens, OLED Space. We have 8 luxury interior spaces with 12 moving images to promote their new products. You can see the results for yourself.

  •  A total of 71, 381 organic views on social media.
  •  Following the 6 months after the launch, OLED Space observed a follower increase of 25%.
  • The margins have improved by 5% overall.


The above statistics are proof of how much power advanced technology like augmented reality and virtual spaces hold for the brand. In other words, brands that adopt these 3D technologies will lead the market in the coming years.

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When computer scientists were developing augmented reality, they never thought it would become a crucial tool in customer experience design. Digitization around the world is putting a strain on most brands.

A need to be different in the super-saturated market. A requirement to capture dwindling customer’s attention. A method to be novel in the offerings.

This multitude of needs has brought two different realms together- Technology and Business. Now, most of the brands are on the lookout for augmented reality uses that enhance customers’ experience. As an expert in creating digital brand experiences, we’re here to help you understand AR’s potential in businesses.

AR at a Glance

Augmented Reality is a technology that overlaps two very different elements- physical spaces and virtual items. It provides interactive experiences to users by enhancing the real world with multisensory perceptions. The technology constructively alters the perception of consumers, making them experience 3D spaces and objects in real-time.

Undoubtedly, AR opens up a lot of opportunities for brands in designing the best customer experience. The drive behind augmented reality uses in retail can be as follows:

  • Digital Buyers: Customers from Gen Y and Z live, shop, and play in the virtual worlds. In order to get into the attention space of these growing audiences, an AR-based strategic consumer experience is essential.
  • Information Era: Since the explosion of e-commerce, a vast amount of information began to be available to buyers. Taking a step further, AR delivers more details through product visualizations.
  • Tech Growth: A large number of innovative technologies are being developed and metaverse is one such marvelous ongoing creation. With a mix of VR and AR, this online world is expected to dominate the business domain in near future.
  • Sustainability Impact: Every brand has a shared responsibility towards sustainability. As a key stakeholder, our environment can benefit from AR uses through fewer returns, decreased overstocks, and reduced physical consumption.
AR uses

Brands in every industry can take advantage of Augmented reality uses to improve customer exepericne design

Augmented Reality Uses

Visual Interactive Experience

Most companies are using AR in creating immersive experiences for consumers throughout their buying journey. Two key changes have occurred in customers’ behavior since the pandemic started in 2019. Firstly, they longer want to visit the physical stores for shopping. Secondly, they want the same in-store service in their own spaces.

Brands can replicate in-store experiences to consumers through AR. In other words, your brand can create delightful AR experiences in which they can interact with the digital version of products. This only not excited customers but also keeps them engaged with the brand. Customers will be at ease knowing that they can visualize the product at their own convenience.


Even when e-commerce sales are soaring, buyers still have some skepticism left. The common tendency to try products and see if they fit well was unfulfilled before AR came into the picture. One of the best-augmented reality uses is the user’s ability to try on products without having to visit the store.

With AR, buyers can visualize the product at any time and anywhere. Customers will have a better impression of everything they shop for. Consequently, this helps in finalizing their purchase decision. AR product visualization not only improves customers’ buying confidence but also helps brands reduce returns costs.

The following are some of the examples of how AR is being used before a buyer makes a purchase:

  • Virtual Dressing Rooms: These rooms are where buyers can try on clothes without the need for physical products. This not only saves time but also allows one to try as many garments as possible before reaching a satisfactory choice. Stores with such dressing rooms want prospective buyers to visit again and again.
  • Mobile AR Applications: Besides the fashion industry, the beauty and furniture industry can also benefit from customized AR apps. For instance, Sephora’s AR app allows users to virtually try on makeup products. Likewise, IKEA allows buyers to visualize the products in their homes, consolidating their desire to purchase the one that fits seamlessly.


Service Support

Another augmented reality use is its ability to offer customer service support to consumers post buying stage. Brands can develop AR-based interactive digital content such as FAQs, and extra related information, and augmented to the product or service. After buying, consumers can scan the product to get such information with ease.

This reduces the friction between consumers and creators whenever a problem arises with the product. On the other hand, it reduced the load on the company and can direct the same resources for developing better products.

Also, you can augment interactive manuals, that allows user to have guidance at their fingertips. In short, AR uses not only end when a consumer exits the store or website. It also extends beyond the purchase for a long time. This helps your brand to keep connected with your loyal consumers.

In short, AR uses help brands carefully guide their consumers all the way from product visualization to the post-buying phase.

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Augmented Reality Uses Influence on Customer Experience-2

Soon, AR will become a crucial marketing tool in the metaverse.

AR in the Metaverse

In addition to current uses, AR technology has a lot to offer in the Metaverse. The growing craze for online spaces is beyond everyone’s predictions. Completely built on virtual perception, metaverse largely relies on VR and AR to provide stimulating experiences just like the real world.

Opening up a bunch of opportunities, major brands will open virtual stores, launch and promote products virtually in the metaverse. To make their customized virtual space a part of consumers’ experience, brands should include AR content in their strategies. As a brand, if you want to enter the metaverse and capture your audience, launching AR and virtual spaces campaign is a must.

They can provide AR content on mobile devices, or provide glasses that help buyers be a part of their virtual store. Brands can create interactive AR videos on how to enter their virtual store, guidance about digital shopping, and enticing stories to blend the real with the virtual world.

Brands To Unlock Augmented Reality Potential

It is expected that the AR market will grow at a CAGR of 31.5% from 2021 to 2026. It has a lot of locked potentials that brands can take advantage of in meaningful customer experiences design. Therefore, as a brand, you have to make sure to include interactive AR content in your marketing strategies.

If you’re looking for a 3D creative studio to create your first AR campaign, we’re all you need.

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Download the Guide

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