How 3D content is capturing the attention spans of audiences on social media

How 3D Solutions Improve Attention Span in Social Media

Worldwide, the attention span of consumers is declining at a rapid rate. This is due to overload of content and goods available to them on various online channels. Due to this, their attention is often minced and it is becoming a tedious effort for marketers to attract and lock them.

Especially, capturing the attention span of target audiences on social media has become of the main challenges when creating advertising campaigns. Alongside catchy phrases, impactful visual content remains the primary source to captivate audiences quickly. 3D content is, thus, an incredibly attractive choice in the advertising landscape. With 3D content, brands can develop immersive experiences for potential customers.

Realistic effects and animations increase the viewer’s interest and create an immediate impact. Also, 3D visual content is dynamic and exciting — making it ideal for a great first impression.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Tik Tok, have used 3D functions to engage more with their audiences.


Content Strategies to Increase Attention Span on Social Media


Realistic Displays

Realistic and detailed visuals provide more information allowing customers to direct their attention to something authentic and visually flawless. This increases buying confidence as customers feel more informed in their buying decision. From virtual spaces to animations, 3D solutions captivate audiences with realistic content.

a 3D virtual space created as 3d content for LG Objet, looking to capture their audiences attention spans

3D Virtual Spaces are a powerful creative resource from brands wanting to capture new audiences

Movement and Interaction

The eye automatically follows dramatic movements. 3D animations are scroll-stopping content that can catch the eye and engage your viewer right from the first moment they see it.

Furthermore, viewers can also be invited to join the experience. Tools like augmented reality involve the user to the fullest. This technology makes social media campaigns appealing, interactive, and practical.



Human brains are highly complex, and simplicity tends to be processed more quickly. Fast and straightforward video content has more engaging reactions compared to stand-alone images of a product or service. Essentially, 3D content creates virtual scenarios with short yet valuable and highly immersive interactions between brands and their audiences.


Visual Communication

Brands using extraordinary visuals never go unnoticed because social media users are automatically drawn towards their imagery. Moreover, telling stories using high-quality images increases brand positioning; therefore, attracting a significant number of customers as a result of being well-known and trusted.

Incorporate images with other data sources to reward higher returns such as followers, likes, shares, visits, clients, and revenue.


Emotional Attachment

Along with realistic images, 3D content can evoke emotions through impactful visuals. Either excitement or relaxation, 3D draws emotions with movement, colors, and interaction. Likewise, creating environments with sophisticated features for advertising campaigns improves a brands’ first impressions and the attention span of its target audience.

Luxurious sports car company Porsche launched a campaign through Facebook and took it to the next level. Each segment had different imagery and feel. At first, a messenger bot sends an invitation via direct message to Porsche’s customer service. The next section showcases the different emotions while driving one of Porsche’s models with a “Share a Drive” message.

Benefits of using 3D Solutions


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The market of consumer’s attention span is highly competitive. In the digital era, the cost of attendance has radically increased with the emergence of multiple social media platforms.  Innovation in visual content has encouraged brands to evolve and adapt new ways to advertise. A shorter attention span suggests a greater challenge to reach target audiences. Creating memorable social media posts requires an efficient, creative strategy. 3D solutions have several advantages to showcase a brands’ value in just a few seconds.

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