Immersive VR Experience: How to build a Branded Metaverse?

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

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immersive vr experiences in a branded metaverse

Have you started creating branded metaverse experiences for your audience? If not, then this blog is for you! Brands worldwide are now thinking of entering the metaverse, that is taking the internet by storm.

Dubbed as the next version of the web, many experts predict the strong influence of metaverse on humans’ lifestyles. Metaverse, an online facsimile of the real world, is where users hang out, shop, chat and play around virtually.

Due to the benefits, it provides to consumers, especially to Gen Z, it has become a lucrative channel for brands. While there is no set prediction about metaverse, brands have to start building their presence in it. Metaverse, being a novelty, should be approached with a detailed and curious approach.

Firstly, to create an immersive VR experience, your brand needs to have a deeper understanding of the benefits of the metaverse. Secondly, your brand has to gather knowledge about the creation of branded Metaverse experiences. Lastly, finding a powerful yet artistic 3D creative studio to get started is the key.

In this blog, you can explore all about creating a perfect immersive and branded virtual reality experience.

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Understanding Metaverse Architecture

Metaverse is a virtual landscape that stemmed from the author writer Neal Stephenson in his book ‘Snow Crash’ in 1992. Fast forward, many tech giants like Facebook (now Meta), Microsoft are actively gearing towards creating interactive online universes of their own.

Metaverse architecture, everything created on a computer, is a virtual world that mirrors the real world. In other words, instead of humans, their representative avatars will play, buy, connect with other avatars. Above all, the very-realistic 3D nature of the world makes it all exciting and enticing to everyone.

Metaverse largely relies on interactive and immersive experiences created by virtual, mixed, and augmented reality. These technologies create the perception of being in virtual spaces while staying all along in the real world.

For brands, understanding the working of metaverse can be a little daunting in the beginning. But its advantages are easy to appreciate.

Why create your brand presence in Metaverse?

The Future Consumers

The buying power is sharply shifting to the digital Generation Z globally. These tech-savvy consumers spend more time inside of virtual worlds that enable their self-expression freely. In short, the development of Metaverse is largely driven by Gen Z buyers.

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z has inclined preferences towards immersive experiences that help them be themselves while being connected to others. They have a varying range of preferences, needs, and desires that only the online universe can cater to.

Creative Expression

The best part of creating immersive VR experiences in the branded online world is free creative expression. More than ever, consumers are loving genuine storytelling with powerful visuals that enhance the experiences. In the virtual world, your brand can freely produce creative experiences that reflect both yourselves and their loyal consumers.

Games Craze

Currently, the metaverse architecture is largely dominated by entertainment and games. With a pinch of creativity, brands are using these fun elements to promote their products. For instance, Balenciaga collaborated with Epic Games and launched its first-ever collection for the players in the Fortnite game.

This is the beginning of brands’ steps of creating their own virtual world, providing immersive VR experiences that stimulate consumers.

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VR experience

Immersive VR experiences are key to building strong customer relations in the growing digital age.

How to build an immersive brand experience in Metaverse architecture?

Step 1: Defining the purpose of the Branded Metaverse

The first step in creating immersive VR experiences is defining the purpose of your branded online world. Brands have to run an analysis in finding out their target consumer domain, the geographical locations, and what are their goals.

A tip from our 3D creative studio is to analyze your competitors in the industry to begin forming a purpose. Defining a purpose makes it easier to align the next steps and formulate everything into executable strategy.

Step 2: Conceptualization of the Space

After defining the purpose, your brand has to brainstorm what kind of virtual space they want to build. Simply put, what elements of color, style, the texture should you include in their branded space. Currently, our creative studio offers three types of virtual spaces that can be tailor-fit to every brands’ needs.

Step 3: Production of Virtual Space

With purpose and concept in hand, creative digital artists like us, produce virtual spaces with a clear artistic and branded vision. Using 3D technology, online space is created that looks just like the real world, with the additional streak of your brand’s imagination.

Since the creation is on computers through specialized software, brands can modify their branded metaverse space any number of times. They can also customize it to a certain consumer pool.

Step 4: Implementation of 360° Tour

After the creation of branded virtual space, the next step is to create immersive VR experiences. Through the interactive technology of AR and virtual reality, users feel as if they are truly in the virtual world. The 360-degree tours can be about the whole online world, product views, and virtual events.

Step 5: Setting up the customer path

Just like the real world, navigating the metaverse architecture requires guidance for the consumers. Brands like yours have to set up a detailed customer path to make the experience in the virtual space memorable and hassle-free. It can include how to enter the metaverse, when can they hang out, how to buy products, and so on.

Step 6: Diversifying the Virtual Space

A branded metaverse is more than just a space in the virtual world. Its applications can be diversified enough to use the virtual space for creating stunning visual campaigns for the real world. For instance, brands can create strong 3D visuals in the metaverse and upload them on social handles and digital signage.

This not only brings down the promotional costs but also creates awareness about the immersive VR experiences to new customers.

Our recent VR project with the luxury brand, The History of Whoo, is being loved and amazed by its audience.

Finding the right creative studio for designing impactful experiences

It is inevitable that every brand in the world to have its own personalized metaverse in the near future. Therefore, to allure consumers, brands have to provide immersive and interesting VR experiences that lock their attention and loyalty. You can get started with producing your own branded metaverse with VSLB, a leader in the creation of artistic virtual spaces. In short, connect with us to start building your own virtual world.

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Download the Guide

Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand.

Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of the metaverse and its co-existence with your fashion brand.

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