How to Market your Products with 3D Art?

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Over the years, art has taken many forms- drawing, music, sculpture, painting, 2D art, and 3D art. From the beginning, visual art has played a pivotal role in expressing the creative vision of the artist to the world. Spectators have always enjoyed the aesthetics of the art. But things began to change as art became more than an aesthetic medium to view and appreciate.

In the digitized world, art has transformed into a powerful tool to attract audiences from diverse backgrounds. It began to play the dual role of pleasing visuals and communication vehicles. Brands like Chanel, American Apparel, Louis Vuitton, Maserati are on the same path. Recently, brands have been deploying an emotion-based marketing strategy using artistic mediums.

One such media art which is gaining momentum slowly, especially in the consumer and branding world is 3D Art. This art which has enormous potential is still unexplored by many brands and firms. This blog will uncover everything about product-focused 3D art.

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The Need for Artistic Touch in Marketing

Creative Content

There are different kinds of products and services- tangible and intangible, simple and complex, easy-to-use and complicated. While few of them are easy to advertise and attract buyers, others do not follow the same. In simple, uninteresting, and complex products, artistic content tinged with creativity will help in the promotion.


Multiple Choices

Due to the impact of globalization, consumers have unlimited choices for a single unit of product. Even though the product’s functionalities are similar, they often suffer from the paradox of choice. To stand out from other similar products, marketers have to apply a different tactic. An artistic direction helps brands distinguish and establish themselves as unique in the market.


Bonding Need

As years move forward, shopping has become more than a way to quench physical needs. Customers look for ways to connect with the product or service they are consuming. When art with an engaging story is incorporated into product advertising, consumers will relate to it and form an emotional bond with the brand.

3D Art: A Product-Focused Approach

3D art is a form of media art that is in vogue these days. It is an art that showcases all three measurements- length, width, and depth. Digital art is all about bringing together the creative and imaginative skills of digital artists and the technology that enables their expression. 3D artists use computer software to create realistic visuals of the desired object.

In the case of branding, digital artists either create products in 3D or promote products in an artistic light. Both of the ways are product-focused with 3D art, highlighting the innovations and features.

3D Art Marketing

3D art helps marketers introduce their products in the artistic light.

Types of 3D Art

The three common forms of 3D art created by the 3D creative studios are rendered images, animations, and VR and AR.

Rendered Images

In the case of rendered images, digital artists first create 3D models of products. Then, they add texture and adjust the lighting to archive desired effect. Lastly, they create realistic images of the brand’s artistic vision using render farms.

3D Animations

Animation has always been a staple for product marketing. Taking a step further, 3D creative studios and digital artists create realistic videos of products with an interesting storyline.

VR and AR

Virtual and augmented realities involve creating realistic experiences using 3D technology. The 3D art in them enhances the perception of virtual worlds like metaverse, an already rising trend.

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3D art and digital artists

Marketing products using 3D Art involves many benefits that attracts and retains buyers.

Importance of 3D Art in Brand Marketing

Great Storytelling

In the digital century, a genuine story from brands is what makes consumers stick to them. Great storytelling is equal parts visuals and equal parts narrative. Most companies have an interesting story to tell but lack in the imagery section. With 3D art in marketing, the impact of storytelling on the audience increases by multiple folds.

3D art can be included in social media images, videos, adverts, digital signage, and website imagery. When inquisitive art and a gripping story go together, consumers remember the brand for a long time, enforcing their loyalty. An unbreakable emotional connection forms when the storytelling resonates with their own.

Attractive Visuals

Brands that do not want to take the storytelling approach, can still benefit from the 3D art in their promotional campaigns. A well-known fact, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text by human brains. Therefore, brands can include hypnotic 3D art product visuals with an effective copy anywhere on the digital means.

Better Evaluation

Since the beginning, art is considered a noble form of expression by all kinds of people. In today’s age, when a brand associates itself with 3D art, consumers evaluate them differently. They view those brands with great admiration and curiosity, resulting in a better evaluation of brands’ products.

Increased Perceived Value

Products are results of innovation and thinking. On the other hand, art stems from the creativity of the 3D artist. Combining a product and 3D art prompts the audience to view everything from the dual-lens of innovation and creativity. As a result a heightened perception about brands forms in the mind of buyers.

A Differentiator

3D product art acts as a key differentiator of brands from the overloaded markets around the world. Brands can set themselves apart by being creative in their visual communication. Digital artists can help brands create hyper-imaginative visuals, beyond physical reality.


VSLB: Where Art Meets Experience

In a content overloaded world, a brand’s artistic direction can help them stand out. With deeply-embed philosophy of bringing together art and immersing experiences, VLSB is a 3D creative studio that every brand needs. We craft your marketing campaigns with impeccable artistry and a captivating story in 3D virtual spaces.

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