Visual Communication Design: The Meaning Behind The Concept

Visual Communication Design

Communication through visual elements conveys ideas and information, as well as being vital to advertising campaigns, branding, and creative strategies. Visual communication design combines visual arts, storytelling and graphic design to transmit specific ideas and messages to various audiences with great success.

Differences Between Graphic Design And Visual Communication

Before we dive into visual communication design, we need to understand the differences between visual communication design and graphic design.

Graphic Design

Specific tasks which primarily use fonts, colors, images, or elements. Graphic design’s direction is to create artwork for marketing and advertising through branding guidelines. Graphic design is intended to fulfill a specific function.

The design work starts with a client’s demand, which has been established linguistically and needs to be transformed into graphic.

Visual Communication

Visual communication tackles the duty of conveying a message or information through visual elements to inspire and evoke emotions. This includes videos, performances, interactive media, and graphic media: illustrations and photography, among others.

Thus, understanding the differences between both concepts translates to a more creative and effective strategy. Especially when it comes to choosing a graphic design service.

How Visual Communication Design Works

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This process starts with a message that goes through a transformation into visual communication and transcends mere words and pictures. It is all about picking the right elements such as text, icons, shapes, imagery, and visualizations. These elements effectively communicate the deeper meaning of messages to audiences. The main purpose is to summarize a narrative and employing the appropriate formats for your visual campaign.

How do Visual Campaigns Establish Connections With Consumers and Viewers?

Through visual elements, enabling audiences to easily understand the message more quickly and effectively than text. Powerful working should substitute the visual and create a strong bond to bring the message across.

Here are some benefits of visual communication design

  • Brands have creative flexibility when telling a complex story
  • It is easy to manage a lot of data
  • It captures viewers’ attention


Visual communication design targets one or more common goals using branded media techniques with a defined art direction. Campaigns include graphic design, animation, and interactive media.

With social media and digital manners, people receive plenty of information daily. Digital visual elements such as videos, images, and graphics, in combination with powerful words, successfully reach visibility on social media platforms.

Visuals mostly receive an effectively emotional response. Additionally, companies that deliver visuals that use audience-focused communication can build emotional connections and establish trust.

As a result brands encourage loyalty and shape a positive brand experience when promoting their services to a global audience.

Where to apply Visual Communication Design


As the main goal is to capture a specific audience to buy a product, visual communication design is extremely important in advertising. To do this, creative agencies often integrate metaphors in their visual designs to give the Ad a deeper meaning. Metaphors provide cues to users how to understand a product and further allow the advertising campaign to have deeper meaning.

Crafting Ad Campaigns

When presenting projects to clients and brands, a creative agency needs to effectively communicate all elements of the campaign to their client. This is best communicated through the following elements.

1) Visuals, such as an images or sketches, which support the overall concept description of the Campaign.

2) Mood-boards, which allow to describe the mood of the campaign. A mood-board will define the ambience of the campaign. Here, it is important that the colours reflect brand tone and manner.

3) A Storyline, which shouldn’t only explain the message of the campaign. It should further justify the creative choices backed by the creative brief.

3D virtual spaces are presented as immersive solutions for businesses looking to improve visual communication.


What does visual communication design have to do with branding? They function synergically, as Visual Communication drives the first glance consumers have of the brand.

The brand defines in which tone and manner a campaign will communicate to their audiences. Core to consider in the visual communication are elements such as brand font, colours and mission statement. This will be always at the forefront of every campaign. It will ultimately drive brand loyalty and brand recognition.

The Importance Of Impeccable Visuals

To launch your campaign successfully, make sure to transmit and inspire, going beyond just telling a story. Very often the quality of your visuals and their expressiveness will decide how your ad will perform.

Designing a strategy that reflects a brand identity through immersive visuals, will help to achieve your campaigns’ success. Find out how we craft stories in captivating 3D product and brand campaigns. Discover more on our work or 3D Virtual Spaces.


A great example is the global I’m worth it Campaign from ©L’Oreal Paris. Video Source Youtube. 

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