The Importance of Art and Design In Society

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Why Advertisements Need More Artistry?

The world has evolved to new digital highs, where consumers are more connected than ever. Over 4 billion people are interacting on social media worldwide and various channels have become indispensable for advertisers.

Ever since I’ve been on social media, people’s attention span for brands has drastically decreased. Wether it is on YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok ad, many of us immediately click it away. That made us wonder, why am I not engaging and what is missing, that would grab my attention? After a researching this further, our findings concluded that over 74% people on social media experience the same.

Looking at many advertisements it became clear that missing artistry and innovation, makes the quality of a visual drop and further lacks in engagement. Understanding the importance of art and design in society will fundamentally change the way your visual campaign will connect with your consumers.

Visual Art has shaped human society for centuries and takes shape in figurative, visual, physical form or music. The foundation of art works as a form of communication expresses opinions, feelings, sharing ideas and fundamentally works with our unconsciousness. This allows people of different cultures to experience feelings through images, sounds, and stories.

Art is developed in creative processes and used in advertisements, it can reach more people through a deeper meaning. The value of art outlines the benefits of visuals that connect with people and their impact on culture. In addition, there are several aspects to analyze and define the effects of art in people’s daily life and which is its general perception.

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The Importance Of Art And Design In Society And Its Benefits

Art performs a function when presented to people. Visual Art manages to extend the attention span more dynamically. Created to be seen and evoke emotions, research has proven art affects the fundamental sense of self.

  • Art stimulates imagination by opening the mind to possibilities
  • Embrace people to be more observant
  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhance inspiration sense

The importance of art reaches across borders and can connect the world. Additionally, arts can open debates among diverse audiences and increase engagement.


Visual Art Connecting Consumers and Brands in Campaigns

Besides self-expression, art also allows to create messages for specific purposes. Effectively using artistry in visual campaigns will ensure a strong recall and mental availability to your audience.

Expressing artistry, while being true to the brand and conveying a clear message is a major factor to consider when crafting an effective campaign. But how do we define artistry and implement it in campaigns?

Advertisers and marketers mostly use a data driven approach to back up a creative idea before starting a campaign production. Both creative approach and backing data is important.

However, one should not be afraid to be truly innovative and creative. The key elements to consider for visually creating artistry of your brand are:

  1. The quality of the concept. When a visual concept is well thought through it conveys a deeper meaning. The visual campaign will behold more emotions.
  2. Balancing visual elements such as colors, text and sound in harmony are important to behold artistry.
  3. Innovation is inspiration. It therefore is a key element to consider, which makes your campaign more artistic and stand out.


Essential Elements of Visual Art to consider in campaigns:


A pattern is the main element to set the eye to look at that inspires a feeling. Designing patterns can elevate a brand’s visual identity.

Art branding has a significant meaning that goes beyond creating a simple aesthetic appeal that uses coloring, inventive typography, or bold graphics. A brand image reflects what customers are taking interest in and strengthens the bond between consumer and brands.

A great example are luxury brands. They continuously shape various industries and drive trends through unprecedented visual art in their campaigns.


The importance of art and design in society is involved in several aspects of people’s daily lives such as tv, social media, or advertisement. Thus, visual content’s creation always follow an artistic instinct that looks to transmit a message and inspire audiences.

The value of art doesn’t go unnoticed when creating impactful campaigns where each visual element has to connect with the target audience. Immersive visual content increases brand awareness and leads engagement by aiming for companies to strike the right chord with their dream audience. It stimulates curiosity, commands attention, and demonstrates product features or benefits more artistically. Contact us to receive a free consultation and review of your current visual campaigns.

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