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Chanel: The Timeless Social Luxury Brand

Chanel, one of the most luxurious brands in the world, has been loved by many audiences since 1910. While many brands have perished over time, Chanel has become one of the most influential brands in the fashion realm. In the last 111 years, it has introduced premium fragrances, luxury handbags, and watches, as well as haute couture.

Beginnings of the Iconic Brand

Chanel was founded by couturière Coco Chanel in 1910. Her simple designs liberated women from the physical limitations of attires like corsets. The classy brand also ventured into perfumes, customized jewelry by the late 1920s. The founder’s maxim of ‘luxury must be comfortable; otherwise, it is not luxury’ is the basis for the luxury brand’s success.

Chanel’s most classic innovations include the Chanel suit, hands-free bag 2.55, No. 5 perfume, and the little black dress (LBD). From one small shop on 160 Boulevard Malesherbes, the house of Chanel has grown into 310 stores worldwide.

chanel little black dress
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Transforming into Social Media’s Luxury Star

Luxury brand marketing didn’t always include social media. These brands have always kept their distance from social handles so as not to dilute their brand value. Chanel did the same. However, this began to change as technology continue to develop, and the internet became accessible to everyone.

Like other luxury brands, Chanel couldn’t turn away from the benefits of social media. Soon it began to promote its brand on leading platforms to reach out to its audience. While guarding its exclusivity, Chanel is successfully attracting young consumers through its clearly defined digital marketing strategies.

In 2021, Chanel continues to shine on social media with a whopping 81.4 million followers across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


Building the Social Success of Chanel

Storytelling Content

Over the years, Chanel kept alive the core values of its founder through vivid storytelling. This created a strong emotional connection with its consumers. It also helped to communicate its brand values of simplicity, liberation, and creativity. The Inside Chanel series has brought forward many stories about the creator, the evolution of the brand, and its products.

Video Marketing

Chanel shaped video marketing as its forefront technique for promoting itself. They consistently post creative and dazzling videos on these platforms. Their videos are mesmerizing in that they quickly turn an ordinary viewer into the brand’s fan. As visuals create a faster and stronger reaction, video content is what made Chanel the jewel in the social space.

Also, it uses differentiating and repurposing content strategies. The luxury brand selects a few posts, re-edits and uses them to gain more engagement with fewer production efforts.

Use of Advanced Technology

Like other luxury brands, Chanel adopted an AI tool that helps its buyers detect counterfeits through their smartphones. Recently, it launched the first-ever try-on beauty app where users can virtually try on the lipsticks from the brand. They can also pick any color off from the magazines, clothes, flowers, etc. This way, the audience’s experiences are enhanced by helping them find the perfect shade.

Multiplatform Advertising

Like mastering the craft of designing comfortable yet luxurious clothing, Chanel did the same with its social platforms. It shapes creative content to post on its social media while sometimes tailor-making it for a specific channel. This multi-platform promotion touches upon every nook of the audience world, spreading the brand’s legacy even more.

Philosophical Rebranding Chanel

Besides maintaining its luxurious status among its audience, Chanel also touched their hearts through its rebranding efforts. In 2018, it banned the usage of fur and other exotic skins in their designer clothes. The luxury brand also invested $25 million in a venture to tackle climatic issues further boosting its stand on sustainability.

Aligning with the Local Elements

While many luxury brands wonder and worry about entering the Chinese market, Chanel has already entered and conquered. Using bespoke market strategies, it has been able to convert the high-end Chinese audience into frequent consumers. Its promotions added traditional elements while painting western feels. It also frequently collaborates with KOLs, who have a significant influence on the Chinese audience.

The French Maison: 111 Years and Counting

As a century-old luxury brand, the French powerhouse has seen roaring success in building both traditional customers and social followers. However, this is just the beginning of the social revolution in the luxury circle. With the rise of AR, VR, Virtual Spaces, and digital fashion, Chanel can and will continue to innovate. In conclusion, it will continue to hold the tiara of the world’s most social luxury brand for many years to come.

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