A Digital Marketing Strategy with 3D Virtual Spaces

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It is the era of digital environments. To match the pace of digitization, marketing schemes are highly oriented to visual content and its many benefits. Furthermore, the tech giants are developing the metaverse. These steps emphasize the need for having a digital environment strategy for product positioning and promotion. 

Consider our collaboration with LG Signature for their SNS and Online Campaign. We’ve created 10 virtual luxury interior environments for their latest products and here are the results:

  • LG Signature gained 9000+ in a span of 4 months.
  • Our virtual spaces content outperformed other promotional content by 80%.
  • LG’s organic performance improved by 45%.


Putting together all of these results, 3D Virtual Spaces are now a valuable tool for digital marketing strategies. For brands and marketers, 3D content from Virtual Spaces builds buying confidence and loyalty.

In this blog, learn about the following:

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Why a Digital Environment for Marketing and Advertising?


3D Virtual Spaces like metaverses are highly known for their flexibility in both creation and usage. 3D designers create these digital marketing assets with any theme or artistic vision on computers and can be tweaked any number of times. In addition, they can also be used on any digital or social channel.


To stand out from the burgeoning market of innumerous companies and products, every brand has to put forward their unique streak. To achieve this, brands can create their own digital environments that reflect their own identity vision, values and future plans.


In virtual spaces, brands can communicate its value on many levels. It can include digital tours, virtual stores in metaverse, provide exciting experiences in these digital environments. These interactions are some of the choices used to improve a consumer’s experience.


In addition to this, marketing with visuals from Virtual Spaces can effectively showcase a product’s USPs leading to more confidence in the buying decision.

Economical Nature

One of the biggest benefit that digital environments offer to brands is less costs and effort. Creating 3D virtual spaces or setting up a virtual store in metaverse is very economical in nature due to the multiple technical benefits.

The Influence of Virtual Spaces in a Digital Marketing Strategy

Luxury and Customization

Adding customized features to a product’s image is one of the many benefits of 3D technology. Luxury brands need to position themselves with sophistication and elegance in their campaigns. Additionally, 3D technology allows for real-time alterations to meet the client’s requirements and achieve their expectations.

The Impact of 3D Virtual Spaces in Retail

Virtual reality is currently transforming shopping experiences. It is now possible to use virtual tours for customers to interact and test a product. Brands can fully customize their virtual spaces to match their aesthetics and philosophy. Furthermore, virtual reality spaces significantly increase sales as they show customers how items will look in their intended setting.

Similarly, shopping services like e-commerce offer customers more than just the ordinary images or usual experience. Likewise, most e-commerce websites now provide 360 images to view products from any angle.

Greatest Benefits for Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Immerse customers with attractive content
  • Generate impact and engage traffic to your site
  • Intrigue visitors to learn more about your products
  • Increase buying confidence and customer loyalty

How Industries Benefit from Virtual Spaces and Digital Environments

Virtual reality positively impacts marketing and advertising for different industries. In the digital era, companies look to connect with customers on an experiential level, and virtual spaces are becoming a potential source to catch their interest. 
Major creative industries are willing to not only showcase their products but also to tell a story in a visually enticing way. Moreover, 3D advertising used for virtual spaces is a trend that continues gaining popularity by increasing creativity, either through realism or abstractionism, in campaigns and marketing solutions

Recently, the industries that have used virtual spaces to redefine the user experience are architecture, fashion, retail, and hospitality.

The Future of 3D Virtual Spaces in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, there are several opportunities to explore 3D capabilities. Even though it is still considered a new digital marketing strategy, its potential can make a business stand out.

Virtual Spaces reduce the costs of traditional marketing methods and give different options to improve the relationship between a brand and its customers through immersive visual experiences. Similarly, 3D advertising presents realistic and impactful scenarios that inspire audiences

That is to say, creating interactive and more engaging content will eventually increase in the market. Thus, quality visuals can build confidence and trust in customers and a product by presenting a realistic and embracing display of itself.

To learn more about the world of 3D, you can take a look at our blog!

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Download the Guide

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Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand. Revolutionize your Digital Initiatives.


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Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand. Revolutionize your Digital Initiatives.