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Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

"I consult with creative brands, using innovation, 3D tech, and art to transform brand communications, creating impactful customer journeys that drive business growth."

a sneak peek image created for Pivo

There are many ways to attract and lock target customers for any upcoming product. Many brands have amazing product concept in their hands but often stumble on the path of promotion. They want to promote actively on their social media channels. However, the product is still under production and there is still time until the date of its grand reveal. 

But customers on the other side are vigorously scrolling social channels to have a sneak peek at exciting new products. Brands can keep their audience glued to them by releasing small titbits before the launch of the products.


Sneak Peeks of Products

One effective way is active promotion on the social platforms. Brands can create hype by releasing pre-launch sneak peeks of their products. A sneak peek of your products should be enough appealing to stand out on the customer’s social media timelines.

a collection of three sneak peek images created for Pivo

a collection of three sneak peek images created for Pivo

  • Choosing Right Platforms

Thanks to technological development, there are about 40 social media channels to market any product and its sneak peeks. While each of these handles have different features, brands can choose the ones that will resonate with their target audience. 

There is a simple rule for picking the right channels. The platforms that provide the maximum benefits with minimum efforts are the key.

  • Stretching Creativity 

The most exciting part is developing sneak peeks of the new products. Gone are the days where one is restricted by physical photoshoots. Out of the Digital Marketing trends of 2021, 3D product rendering is the hottest trend, currently ruling the marketing world. 

3D creative designs are hyper-realistic visuals with no limitations. They are also more time efficient and cost-effective. A stunning virtual 3D design studio can create attractive and impactful sneak peeks of the products even before they are born.

  • Breaking the Story into Parts

With the current declining attention span of consumers, a product’s story in a single post is not memorable enough. So, businesses can break down the story into small snippets and attach artistic sneak peeks of the product. They can then narrate it to the customers in a regular fashion. This way, the prospective buyers keep anticipating for the product.

  • Behind the Screen Moments

Audiences are also curious about the work behind the scenes in addition to the products. Firms can show them the beautiful journey of sneak peeks of the product that will go onto social media bright and polished. This also instills a sense of belonging in the target customers.

  • Showing Happy Employees

As product gets the spotlight, the human element of a brand is becoming less visible to customers. Customers want to see team working hard to bring them amazing products. Brands can highlight their employees on the social media accounts and let their audience interact with the team.

Take a look at the final animations we created for Pivo’s new products.

3D Rendered Images are the Key

While sneak peeks can be photographed by traditional means, brands can also opt for more sophisticated technology. 3D rendered images are becoming the norm for any product’s promotion, be it billboards, social handles and even traditional media like newspapers. These realistic 3D images comes with an unending list of benefits that includes cost, time and effort cut down. 

While the product comes to life through 3D rendering, designers can take the creation to a next level. Any imagination that is only possible in fictional world is possible to create in 3D rendered images. The visual elements in sneak peeks will surely catch the eye of the audience.


Capturing Customers’ Attention

It is increasingly becoming difficult for the brands to capture and hold down their audiences’ attention. But as technology is evolving, so are the promotion strategies. Campaigns with absolutely eye-catching 3D design sneak peeks of the product, both before and after its launch will do the work. 

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