a sneak peek image created for Pivo

Social media sneak peeks of your product to entice your Customers

Ever thought about how to attract and lock customers for your upcoming product? Right now, you might have this amazing product concept in your hands that you want to show badly on social media. However, you have to wait until the product is produced or the date of its grand reveal. Your customers on the other side are vigorously scrolling your social channels to have a sneak peek at your new product.

This is a great start but, there might be a risk lurking if you were to keep them waiting. Your customers might get bored, or worse, completely lose interest.

So, What should you do?

Why wait? Start actively promoting on your social media channels to create hype for your product. A sneak peek of your products stands out on your customer’s social media timelines.


a collection of three sneak peek images created for Pivo

a collection of three sneak peek images created for Pivo


  • Choose your platforms

Thanks to technological development, there are about 40 social media channels to market your product and its sneak peeks. Not all will resonate with your target audience, nor with your products. So how do you pick the best ones? There’s a simple rule. Choose the ones that will benefit you to the maximum with minimum effort.

  • Get Amazingly Creative

Here comes the exciting part. Developing sneak peeks of your new products. Gone are the days where you are restricted by physical photoshoots. Out of the Digital Marketing trends of 2021, 3D product rendering is the hottest trend, currently ruling the marketing world right now. 3D creative designs are hyper-real visuals with no limitations. They are also more time efficient and cost-effective. Get a stunning virtual 3D design studio that will create attractive and impactful sneak peeks of your products even before they are born.

  • Break the story into parts

With the current declining attention span of consumers, a product’s story in a single post is not memorable enough. So, break down the story into small snippets, attach artistic sneak peeks of your product, and narrate it to your customer regularly. This way, it will glue your customer to your new product and amplify their anticipation.

  • Behind the Screen Moments

If there is one thing that your audience is interested in, besides your product, is the work behind the scenes. Show them the beautiful journey of sneak peeks of your product that will go onto social media bright and polished. This also instills a sense of belonging in your target customers.

  • Show your happy employees

The human element of a brand is becoming less visible to customers. Customers want to see team working hard to bring them amazing products. Highlight your employees on your social media accounts and let your audience interact with your team.

Take a look at the final animations we created for Pivo’s new products.

Enticed and engaging your customers with your product in this modern battlefield and can become a real battlefield. But not with a properly devised strategy and absolutely eye-catching 3D designs of your product, both before and after its launch. Just make sure you’ve got the right audience and, most importantly the best 3D design team for your products.

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