Defining 3D Art: Evolution in the Digital Era

3D Art Definition

During the evolution of digital art history, different terms have emerged —  determining new ways of creating art. 3D art definition has evolved from traditional hand painting to digital.

Its evolution through the years has witnessed several changes and advances. Furthermore, the digitalization of 3D art refers to computer graphics where the screen reflects an entirely virtual environment. This method allows you to arrange objects to be photographed by any digital drawing device.

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Techniques that defined 3D Art

Advances in 3D techniques have increasingly translated into digital art. Its principal duties are to create visual effects, animated characters, and more. Therefore, 3D artists can create visual features in live-action movies, television, or video games.

Primary techniques used in 3D digital art are modeling, texturing, and rendering.


Modeling, one of the most-in-demand artistic specialties, is used to produce a 3D digital representation of any subject or surface.
Likewise, 3D models have various media, including video games, movies, architecture, illustration, and commercial advertising.

Using sophisticated tools for details, this process is ideal for creating hyper-realistic scenes.


This process creates stylized or natural textures and materials. Moreover, this 3D model application works for environments in video games, films, or tv shows.

There are several textures software, and each one has specific functions according to an artist’s objective.


This term refers to adapting an object’s look-a-like in the form of an image. 3D rendering artists employ the use of 3D software to create images to conceptualize advertising campaigns or designs.

After the texturing and animation of the 3D objects, these go to the render process as the final step. However, make sure to check your lighting and other aesthetic aspects before you begin the rendering process.

A private beach digital art created by Giacomo Mason

A stellar 3D art by our Chief Creative Officer, Giacomo Mason. 

The Use Of 3D Art For Digital Purposes

3D Interior Design

The primary purpose of 3D models used in interior design is to create a geometric vision of spaces, add materials, or even create natural or artificial lighting.

Similarly, 3D models in interior design present how a particular project will look or show preliminary projects in progression.


Virtual fashion has been increasing over the last few years. Hence, 3D techniques allow the creation of clothing pieces virtually as product imagery.

Hyper-realistic renders can showcase multiple different models and poses in a variety of sizes and patterns. Moreover, 3D fashion compatibilities improve the design process, especially in the product development phase.

Entrainment Industry

High-quality and realistic images in films, television, or even music videos, require advanced tools focused on details. Further, 3D models typically use to generate computer graphics or fictional environments and characters.

Advantages Of 3D Art

The Constant Evolution of 3D Art Definition

Three-dimensional visual effects as an artistic method of expression are continuously changing. Today, several organizations and businesses are offering 3D services and tools for applied these techniques.

Thus, the advances in technology have shaped 3d art definition, allowing the artist to explore more options when creating a piece of art. Its use in creative industries also improves product presentation and other art forms used for project artistic concepts and ideas.

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Download the Guide

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