LG Signature - Redefine your Space

Client: HSAd Korea & LG SIGNATURE

Campaign Launch: Instagram & Website

Virtual Space Type: Interior Virtual Space

Final Deliverables: Animation & 4K Images 


The Challenge

VSLB collaborated with technology brand LG Signature to showcase their luxury home appliances. LG Signatures’ marketing campaign was to display their rollable OLED TV in two different locations or their social media audiences. Each location would have a multi-purpose room, split with the OLED R TV as a wall between the functional areas. 

As the OLED R alters its height the space would change reflecting the product’s USPs.

There were two main challenges to consider with this collaboration:

1. Spark a desire for the luxury TV and connect to their potential consumers through highly engaging storytelling content.

2. A concept for a multi-functional living space that suit both moods of the OLED R TV.

Over the two locations, we produced elegant Interior Spaces comprising of 12 images, 2 moving images, and 2 animations, highlighting LG home appliances.

Our Approach


An elegant home built to reflect the OLED R and all its moods. The upper volume of the house is completely dedicated for entertainment and welcoming guests, including a tea/coffee/reading area, cinema experience area and outdoor pool.

The house structure with its opening aims to remind of the OLED R.

The big window on the right is a metaphor for the Full View, the low window on the left represent the Line View and the closed wall sealing the house reflects the Zero View mood.




Our Approach


Redefine your Space #2 evolves around the contemporary ambience of a luxury loft apartment where the work-life balance is reshaped and encouraged through LG Signature’s products. The lofty look is established through concrete, marble and bricked walls that invite the viewer to a super comfortable, yet multifunctional home. The combination of the three materials and a selection of high-end furniture build the environment where LG Signature home appliance products encourage a more balanced lifestyle.

One part of the space beholds a modern home working space divided from a more cozy and comfortable leisure area divided by the multifunctional R1 in line or zero mode. At the side of the leisure area, one can access the wine cellar and fridge to appreciate the finest wines and food. The working area on the other side is designed for maximum focus enhanced through the line view of LG home appliance, OLED R.

Working from home in these exceptional times has changed the way we interact within our space and challenged our work life balance. Thanks to LG Signature the way we work and live at home is enhanced, creating a perfect balance between functionality and layout of the space.