Utilizing 3D Virtual Spaces for Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

Consumers worldwide have been sheltering in their homes for over a year and are taking a majority of their shopping online. More consumers are shopping online despite physical stores beginning to re-open. This trend shows that the growth of online shopping will continue to rise; therefore, brands need to re-assess their digital commerce experiences for the best outcome. Through 3D Virtual Spaces, brands can provide immersive digital commerce experiences to stand out from their competitors.

What is a 3D Virtual Space? 

A virtual space is an online environment where a brand’s products and services can be presented in a splendid way. Everything is created on the computer, bringing imaginations to life through 3D visualizations. 3D Virtual Spaces provide hyper-realistic visuals of your products, allowing you to stand out and heighten your customer experience.

Brands can take advantages of various kinds of virtual spaces- the Studio space, the Abstract space and the Interior space. Each of these spaces have their unique merit that will help any brand to shine in the digital realm.

How 3D Virtual Spaces Benefit Digital Commerce


A Changing Digital Commerce Space

Digital commerce products need to have lots of marketing to capture their target audience’s attention. Among the millions of products at their fingertips, customers will choose products that will instantly attract them. 3D Virtual Spaces allow brands to offer a digital experience to be immersive, stimulating, and breathtaking for years.


Optimized Shopping Experience

Now is the era of online product customization. Customers look for product attributes that feel bespoke and tailored to their needs. 3D rendered product images and videos from Virtual Spaces can adapt limitlessly according to your customer’s preferences and choices.

Budget-Friendly Testing

Product testing on the best digital commerce platforms took an innovative turn. With the efficient and cost-effective 3D rendering process, products with different minute detailing can be easily tested out. This helps brands reduce their material costs and refine products to the final versions. This is also a more eco-friendly approach, accumulating less waste during the prototype stages of the products creation.


Increased Buying Confidence

As digital commerce has grown, product returns have also increased. This is due to the difference between the visuals on the platform and the actual product, leaving customers uncertain and reluctant. Through realistic 3D Virtual Space images, you can increase buying confidence and result in fewer returns.

3d virtual space image created for a digital commerce campaign

Established Unique Selling Proposition

As brands step into the digital world, they have to build customer loyalty and confidence. Establishing a brand image using images and videos in 3D virtual spaces can be a unique selling proposition. As a brand that follows the latest trends, customers will surely follow it for a long time.

Brands Using Virtual Spaces


LG Signature elegantly featured its products in custom-made Virtual Spaces. Combining the artistic streak of London’s architecture, its products were stunningly showcased with the right amount of lighting and décor.

Ralph & Russo

Amid COVID-19 restrictions, Ralph and Russo creatively digitalized its 2020 Spring & Summer collection. Through the Studio Space, containing 42 images and 7 haute dresses, the brand took its audience on a world tour with Hauli, a virtual model.

Charlotte Tilbury

To replace in-shopping experiences, Charlotte Tilbury opened its first-ever virtual store in 2020. This virtual space is holiday-themed and uses interactive VR to appease its customers from the comfort of their own homes.

The Future of Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is now moving to its next stage as the world recovers from the pandemic. Brands are looking for new techniques and tools to stand out and keep their customers engaged. 3D Virtual Spaces provide multiple product experiences from virtual and augmented reality to engaging images, with many top brands adopting them to market to consumers.

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Download the Guide

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Download the Guide

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