Digitalization Fashion Industry’s Virtual Fashion Process

Do you have an amazing plan for your digital fashion creation that pulls in customers and sales? If not, you should make it right now. In 2023, Every brand is strategizing to an enhance their digital customer experience, even though they have been around since 2018. Thanks to the pandemic, the digital fashion industry got a boost in 2020. So much so that a Dutch design company sold a one-of-a-kind virtual fashion piece for $9,500

With all the hype, luxury brands have begun designing digital clothes for their new innovative marketing campaigns. Which in all ways, makes sense for the key stakeholders- consumers, the planet and the brand. You can understand everything in just one instance we’ve got for you. Our 3D creative studio, VSLB created stunning virtual clothes for the leading luxury brand, Ralph & Russo for their FW 20/21 collection and the following numbers speak for our campaign’s success.

  • 202K visitors
  • 490K page views
  • Total audience of 19.4 million views
  • MIV (Media Impact Value) at 65.1 million US dollars.

Digital fashion isn’t simply turning sketches of looks into real images. They embody the futuristic imaginations of brands that want to inspire their consumers through advertising and immersive experiences. Distinct from physical clothing, digital clothing, and its campaigns convey the genuine emotions of the brands to loyal consumers and younger generations. And all of it without needing to spend a lot of time and money on physical photo shoots. 

Yes, the digitalization fashion industry is growing at a super pace due to digital transformation. And now it’s your turn to digitize your brand to the likes of current consumers. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to get started on crafting your first digital fashion collection!

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Digitalization Fashion Industry – The Process of creating your show- stopping campaign

Creating your digital fashion campaign unlocks various benefits for your brand, and is the first step to engage your audience throughout multiple channels in the real world. It allows a heightened customer experience throughout all your digital touch points and a consistent communication globally. Before starting to kick off your campaign and look for the right 3D creative studio to produce your campaign, establish your campaign brief. After all your digital media is the first customer touchpoint across all your channels. To establish your brief ask yourself these questions: 

  1. What are my campaign goals? 
  2. Who and Where is my target audience? 
  3. Do i wish to run Images or Videos as my campaign?
  4. List your brands vision, mission, purpose and your key differentiators. (this one will make sure that your brand’s ethos is well represented in your campaign)
  5. What channels are your launching your campaign? 
  6. How many garments will need to be produced in your campaign?
  7. Do you wish you showcase them in digital worlds?

Is your digital campaign part of a bigger vision? For example to create an immersive experience on the web, Roblox, Decentraland, or another metaverse? Then the process of digitizing your fashion might be slightly different depending on your goals. However, today we cover the creation of an amazing digital fashion campaign. Creating your digital fashion campaign starts with creating an entire creative concepts which captures your creative brief in the most innovative way. 



Step 1: From Sketches to Virtual Fashion

The first step is to create your digital garments with the highest craftsmanship. To do this, get your tech packs ready.  Find all your embroidery patterns, materials, swaps, and images. Also, find everything related to the size of the mannequin and the size of the body. A tech pack should consist of the garment sketch, spec sheet with garment measurements, technical sketch, grading, and other design details such as types of fabrics. Then the digitization process of your garment begins. Digital Fashion professionals can bring your garment into hyper-realistic results, and simulate them in a real life scenario.

The result are stunning visuals as below. The concept can be something new or to digitize an already existing fashion catalog. If you’re already a fashion designer you are probably ready to go with this process.

Ralph & Russo sketches


Step 2: The Creation of your Brand Tailored Virtual Space 

Every Garment needs an environment to be showcased in. We call that environment a Virtual Space. Virtual Spaces allow so much creative freedom and enable you to shoot your digital garment anywhere at any time without the need to go to a physical location. They can be curated with the know-how of architecture and following the virtual space trends in 2023. Finally, they heighten your overall digital experiences. How? 

Virtual Space Architecture is built perfectly to match your brand’s ethos. You can choose between a studio setting, a lifelike interior scene, or a fantasy world, and access all your content videos and images for your campaigns with ease. Virtual Environments are 3D Modeled structures created by architects who have the experience to create real-world branded spaces. They bring in their expertise to curate the perfect customer journey in the metaverse and layer of storytelling to your campaign. 



 Step 3: Creating a Virtual Mannequin

Once you have the space, you can either showcase your digital garment by itself or create your branded fashion avatar. It is critical to have the exact size measurements to create the right digital avatar for your digital clothing. The desired body can be fully replicated on a 3D avatar and adjusted within a few edits. This makes it perfect for commercial usage. Brand Avatars allow you to avoid expensive buy-out periods of real models, and they can become an important part of your overall digital strategy in the web3 era. Your Avatar Creator can provide you with the most realistic looks, adjust your face- shape, fix the right makeup for the campaign, animate it or pose it. 



Step 4: Get your campaign ready to launch

Once you have your Virtual Space, your avatar, and your digital garment ready, it is time to bring the entire campaign to life. This usually happens by bringing everything into software that provides the most lifelike and realistic rendering results. Our team can take care of the entire process from ideation to final output, so you simply can publish your campaign. Optimized for all platforms, you receive your Images or Video campaign in the right ratios, and formats. Ready to kick off your campaign? 

The Future of the Digitalization Fashion Industry

The future of digital fashion is strongly connected to the transformation of generations. So far the world of fashion has heavily invested in their digital touch points such as social media marketing, and influencer marketing. With the rise of he metaverse however, brands are looking into the gaming sector tapping into an entirely new market. Therefore, Gaming experiences became a trend in 2022, and mos likely continue to develop as a whole market. People can now choose to buy digital brands in their video games. Gaming companies are already aware of the importance of having digital assets for gamers to buy. Fortnite a popular online game makes millions of dollars selling virtual fashion for their online characters. They campaigned with Travis Scott to promote his new clothing collection. There is an entire new market like the gaming sector emerging.

Virtual and augmented reality is a key part in the developments in the web3 era. This is because consumers can try it on before actually buying the item while brands can bring the designs to customers without actual production. For example, there are pop-up stores in London that allow customers to try on digital garments via a smart mirror pod. 

While this rapid digital transformation is continuing to advance, your visual consistency of all digital touch points with your consumers is crucial. We can help you transform with the digital era. 

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Download the Guide

Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand.

Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of the metaverse and its co-existence with your fashion brand.

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Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of the metaverse and its co-existence with your fashion brand. Revolutionize your Digital Intiatives.


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Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand. Revolutionize your Digital Initiatives.