AR Advertising

What is Augmented Reality Advertising?

Latest trends and technologies like augmented reality advertising are transforming many industries across the world. The power of online commerce, pushed by diversifying preferences of the global audiences are just a few reasons behind the change.

The most prestigious luxury industry is no exception to the changing waves. In fact, many experts predict that one-third of global luxury sales will be online by 2025.

In this blog, we aim to explore the unending opportunities of AR advertising for luxury brands.

AR for Luxury Brands

Until a few years ago, luxury brands never showed any interest in growing digital trends and channels. But the growing allure of online media and globalizing audience places significant stress on high-end labels. Consequently, most luxury brands have entered cyberspace.

Augmented reality advertising on online and social platforms have a lot to offer for brands and buyers alike. First of all, luxury brands should have an in-depth understanding of what it means to have a strong AR presence. As an industry leader in creating highly impactful marketing campaigns, VSLB explains its importance.

Pull of Augmented Reality Advertising

Enchanting Storytelling

The first and foremost charming aspect of augmented reality advertising is its storytelling potential through strong visuals. In the growing scientific age, stories have more power in history, if not less. Despite the need for practical features, consumers are still drawn to visuals that quietly narrate the underlying story.

Storytelling isn’t just about anecdotes created for campaigns. It conveys brand authenticity, values, and aspirations, drawing its strength from visual art. It is extremely essential for luxury brands that have legacies spanning several decades.

Therefore, luxury brands can connect on a deeper level with their audience through visual stories. To make everything lively, technology like AR makes it even more possible to take buyers into the beautiful history of brands. These brands can offer product visualization against interesting story backdrops and pull the buyers into the virtual spaces through AR.

These intricately put-together visual stories are created using 3D technology. The images, videos, or any form of imagery rendered by 3D artists are hyper-realistic, which awes the viewer. These AR advertising campaigns can be launched on multiple social platforms simultaneously through Spark AR, Titkot and customers can access them any time. Moreover, they can be even implemented and integrated into a brand’s website, seamlessly connecting it with customer data collection.

In addition to their grand heritage, luxury brands can also convey the tales of their handcrafted and high-quality goods. Each of their product is like a piece of art, admired by everyone. Brands can put forward their exquisite product visualizations in the light of artistic vision, from leading 3D creative studios like ours.

In short, luxury brands can further amplify their grandeur products’ value by adding the power of art and storytelling.

Connecting Bridge

Besides the mesmerizing story narration by 3D artistic visuals, brands can also take advantage of the technical aspect of AR advertising. When consumers from all around the world, view a certain AR campaign, brands will have more insights than ever. They can clearly understand their target audience, their preferences, and their demographics by interacting with them.

Augmented reality advertising is a seamless connecting bridge between brands and consumers. Consumers can interact with the product in real-time. On the other hand, brands can communicate with their prospective audience smoothly.

There is one more interesting advantage of AR advertising – emotional bonding. Through tailor-made premium content to specific consumer domains, consumers feel more connected than ever. By customizing, brands can help audiences resonate with the product, forming a psychological attachment. This enhances brand loyalty and retains the consumer base more efficiently.

Product Visualization

Product Visualization through AR Advertising helps consumers make satisfactory purchase decisions.

Key Differentiator

Previously, every customer had a limited choice when visiting a physical store. With brands opening up virtual stores in the metaverse, consumers now have access to a larger pool of luxury goods. In order to filter and stand out from the numerous products, brands can utilize AR advertising.

When buyers are offered product visualizations at their own convenience, they will be more interested in viewing the product. Besides, Augmented reality has a fun element to itself- overlapping virtual products into the real world. They will also have more information at their disposal, solidifying their purchase decisions.

Simply put, augmented reality advertising is a key differentiator that sets luxury brands apart from their competitors.

Transforming Experiences

It is the era of the experience economy, where consumers are more drawn to how a brand makes them feel. With the rise of the metaverse, this trend is going to be lead the brands for a long time. The online universe offers a lot of opportunities for brands to connect with their customers.

They can create intriguing AR experiences, that totally transform the relationship they have with the audience. These amazing experiences can be a beautiful merge between the elements of consumers and creators. Both domains can openly and clearly express themselves in virtual spaces.

Brands can also creatively position their products through artistic experiences. For instance, luxury brands now offer try-on, where users can virtually try the products before buying them. This unique experience of try-before-you-buy not only is fun but also brings enormous purchase satisfaction.

Limitless Experimentation

Lastly, high-end brands can also experiment with augmented reality advertising. They can create an entire AR store that can be viewed from buyers’ smartphones. Or they can create unique promotional AR visualization videos for each of their product. They can also create online exclusivity, a key characteristic of luxury brands, by limiting who can access their premium content.

AR advertising

AR Advertising with its powerful visuals and interesting story successfully reinforces customers’ loyalty towards luxury brands

Geo-based Augmented Reality

Luxury brands with global reach can take advantage of Geo-based AR marketing. In this feature, brands can attach certain digital content like 3D images, videos, animations, texts, and links to specific geographical locations. Users can scan a particular location and interact with predefined digital content augmented to that location.

Taking a further step, brands can also use GPS-triggered AR. In other words, when a user comes to a specific place, the GPS receiver in the electronic device will activate the digital content augmented to the location.

Users can freely engage with the content through their mobile devices. Through this feature, luxury brands can not only create exclusivity but also personalize their campaigns to people, culture, and customs.

VSLB for Augmented Reality Advertising

AR advertising provides a lot of benefits to luxury brands. They can establish themselves artistically online, connect deeply with their audience and continue their exclusivity. An artistically empowered 3D creative studio, VSLB can help luxury brands seamlessly include AR advertising into their marketing strategy.

Putting together your brand’s legacy and vision and our own high-quality artistic direction, we craft poignant AR campaigns. Contact us today to start creating campaigns that capture the hearts of the audience.

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