Engaging Videos driving E-commerce Marketing: Motion Graphics

Engaging Videos in E-commerce

The E-commerce market is growing in leaps and bounds as digitization continues. The endless browsing of unlimited products at the convenience and comfort of home is behind the bloom. With the stroke of pandemics, the demand for online shopping further grew haphazardly. According to NielsenIQ, 67% of all consumers have changed the way they shop due to covid-19.

But with the benefits of digital commerce, comes a few drawbacks for consumers and sellers. Even though there are numerous products within their fingertips, consumers are having a hard time trusting online retailers. For instance, if they receive a faulty or cheap quality product, the trust in digital commerce will only continue to deteriorate.

Unsatisfied consumers result in anxious sellers. Brands have to put in a lot of effort to break down the skepticism built around e-commerce. Additionally, they have to make sure the costs of the returns are minimal. Many companies are now utilizing the power of engaging videos to overcome this challenge and make consumers trust them fully.

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Motion graphics Videos in Online Retailing

Aforementioned, skepticism largely controls the ebb and flows of online shopping. Engaging videos are effective in removing doubts about buying online. These motion graphic videos can be 3D product videos, animations, and demos. They shed an ample amount of spotlight on product features in a realistic manner.

They provide close shots from multiple angles as if the consumer is examining the product in real-life.


Role of Engaging Videos in the E-commerce landscape

Increased Confidence

Videos on e-commerce sites provide a vast stream of information to consumers. It clearly shows how a product looks from every angle and its functionality in a detailed manner. As consumer takes in all the data, their buying confidence gets a boost and solidifies their purchasing decision from a brand. Therefore, brands enjoy a heavy amount of sales from engaging videos.

Unique Promotion

Engaging videos add a unique identity to the brands on e-commerce websites. They reflect innovativeness and a keen eagerness to serve the customers to their best. These immersive videos also help brands stand out from the rest of the competition. 3D rendering studio like us are always here help your brand shine through the haze of competition with our innovative and artistic vision.

engaging videos by pivo

When brands include engaging videos in their e-commerce channels, they are promoting their products in the most unique way.

Strong Loyalty

Skepticism towards online shopping weakness the bond between buyers and brands. Consumers lose trust in brands when their expectations of a product don’t match with what they’ve seen on the sites. In order to counter this obstacle, brands can offer realistic motion graphic videos of products. These videos realistically clearly explain to the customers the products they are going to receive.

As a result, the expectations are met when products are delivered to them and a strong loyalty follows soon after.

Social Strategy

In addition to e-commerce websites, brands can also upload engaging videos on their social media. This not only improves reach but also converts viewers into customers if the visuals are impactful enough. Also, companies can benefit from high ROI on motion graphic videos, as they are being favoured by algorithms.

Desired Benefits

As opposed to the traditional video-making process, motion graphic videos are easy to produce. Furthermore, the cost and time of production and editing are very minimal as everything is done on computers. Moreover, brands enjoy a substantial amount of personalization with fewer efforts. They also support the concept of sustainability and green living to some extent than the conventional video shooting.


Types of Motion Graphics to use in Digital Commerce

3D Product Videos

The most common and effective motion graphic videos in the e-commerce realm are product videos. According to HubSpot, 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. With 3D technology, realistic and engaging videos of products with close shots can be created. 3D rendered visuals relay enough information to the consumers without any need for text explanations.

3D product videos showcase the best features through the dual lens of aesthetics and functionality.


One more creative and lively way to introduce products is 3D animation. These fun-filled videos bring products to life and customers can see them in a new light. Unlike 3D product videos, these animations can present the offering in styles and themes beyond reality. This picks up the interest and curiosity of the audience, thereby giving brands a chance to convert them into leads.

Demos Motion Graphics

Product demo videos are another way to engage and gain consumers’ trust. Demos are the best when the complex offering cannot be explained in texts or in close shots in product videos. They can explain in detail how a product or a service works and how buyers can use and benefit from them.

These explainer videos can be either created realistically using 3D technology or in an animated form. If a brand uses a 3D process, they can further take advantage of virtual spaces. When a product is placed in spaces beyond imagination, they become more attractive to the viewer.


To the Future of E-commerce: Video Promotion

Digital commerce is set to take over as the major shopping channel as physical stores are on the decline. To succeed in the crowded online space, enticing and engaging video content is a must. From tangible to intangible products, product videos serve as a key source of information, entertainment, and communication with the brands. If you’re looking for a 3D rendering studio to develop amazing videos for your offerings, contact us now!


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