The Studio

The timeless Studio Virtual Space is perfect for showing your product in a simple and refined manner. Place your product in The Studio with any colored background to create a classic and sophisticated visual campaign.

Use 4K still images, GIF moving images, or a full HD or 4K animation to keep your audience at the edge of their seats.

Crafted hyper-realistic 3D renders show every detail of your products flawlessly.

Quick without compromising value. Creating content in less time and with stunning quality allows you to publish more regularly and engage your audience long-term.

Leave your audience wanting more. With the winning combination of data and creativity, create content that will fascinate and awaken the senses.

Enchant your audience with designs that cleverly fuse your marketing objectives and impeccably mirror your brand.

Say goodbye to conventional content production. Unleash your artistic potential and explore the creative possibilities we offer you through our 3D Virtual Spaces.

What is the Production Process?

  • Once you have chosen your space, our designated manager will contact and invite you to our project platform to begin our collaboration. 
  • You will receive a timeline and see an up-to-date progress status of your project on the platform.

What are the deliverable options?

  • You can receive your visuals as 4K still images, GIF moving images or a full HD or 4K animation.
How long does it take?

The Studio 3D Virtual space created by VSLB a creative studio based in Seoul, South Korea

All timetables are subject to change may the client express special requests. Previews can be provided within the designated time from the point of receiving the 3D model of the product either from the client or been built by VSLB. The production period here represents the average turnaround time. 

Capture your product from any angle. 

Customize the colors to reflect your brand philosophy.