The Role of 3D Product Animation in Modern Business Growth

3D product animation for LG Display to show modern business growth

A product is the integral face of a modern business and has the ability to make it or break it. It satisfies the customer’s needs and adds revenue to the business. With improving technology and changing demographics, consumers’ wants and desires have been diversifying at an alarming rate. To quench each of these unique needs, every year brands and companies release thousands of products into the market.

According to Harvard Business School professors, more than 30,000 new consumer products are launched each year, and 80 percent fail. Despite having a potential utility, each of these products still fails to capture the attention of their target audiences. The shrinking attention span of consumers is making it even worse for a product to succeed in an already saturated market.

Hence, marketers worldwide are concocting new innovative ways to position their products. 3D Product Animation is one of them.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss:

What is 3D Product Animation?

3D Product Animation is a technique that puts forth a product uniquely into the digital world in the form of a video. These product videos highlight the best features while making them more attractive with captivating visuals. They significantly outdo previous promotion strategies in engaging and retaining customers

Today there are many types of animation styles that are used to shape a brand’s message. Some of the best tools for creating animations are Maxon, After effects and Keyshot.

A 3D product animation created by VSLB for Pivo

Reasons to Use 3D Animations for your Product Marketing


Simplifies Complex Concepts

Sometimes consumers may not fully grasp a product’s attributes from its written description or images, especially if the product concept is a complex one. Through 3D Product Animations, the product is easily communicated simply and thoroughly to the target audience.


Unique Product Experience

A carefully designed product video gives customers an enjoyable and informative experience. They can zoom in and view the product from various angles as if the product were before them. In addition to increasing buyer’s confidence, it also translates into a memorable and interactive experience with the product.


Memory Retention

Products advertised through 3D animations are more likely to be remembered by customers. Unlike images and text, users retain 95% of a message if they watch a compelling and detailed product video. This makes 3D animations a perfect strategy to retain customer attention.


Multiple Launches

Unlike tangible advertising methods, 3D product videos can be launched onto multiple online channels simultaneously. Once online, these videos are available all the time, promoting the product endlessly to consumers all over the world.

Rise of Video-Sharing Social Channels

Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than text and image content. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, videos have been in great demand. A magnificent 3D animation of a product on social media platforms will have high visibility, driving more leads.


Enhances Brand Image

When a brand uses 3D animations for advertising its products, it exudes a sophisticated and professional image in the market. The high-end visual clarity and the dynamic feel of every 3D product video lock potential customers and position the brand in an impactful way.


Role in Decision Making

3D Product Animations play a remarkable role in a buyer’s journey. According to Hubspot, 90% of users have said that product videos are helpful in their decision-making process. These videos not only attract and engage the audience but also convert leads into customers, thereby boosting sales and bringing in more income.

Brands that use 3D Product Animations in Ad Campaigns


The business communication platform creatively advertises its services through visually pleasing and interesting animated advertisements. These 3D animations clearly depict the service’s advantage in easing communication and team collaboration.


The audiobook giant, owned by Amazon, attracts its listeners mostly through unique animated ads. Its 3D advertisements are always a perfect blend of audio and visuals. Through the lively ads, they convey the joy of listening to audiobooks.


The most beloved chocolate brand is also a staunch user of 3D animated ads. Cadbury Daily Milk Alien ad is one of the most viewed and creative commercials in the chocolate industry. It cleverly passed on its message of being a universal chocolate brand that is loved by everyone, even aliens!


Toggl is a time tracking software, which offers a diverse range of services to its clients. Through text and images, it couldn’t clearly communicate its services to prospective customers. As a result, it created 3D animated ads in which it clearly explains each of its useful features.

Breathe Life into Products through 3D Product Animation

To stand out from the competition and improve the business’s growth, adopting creative product marketing methods is the key. Launching 3D animations of the products is the perfect way to convey its value proposition to video-driven consumers. In short, 3D animations have started a global movement across many industries. These videos bring products to life with eye-grabbing visuals and keep prospective consumers engaged.

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