About Us

“We bring your projects to life, through artistry”

Our Assets

Creativity, Artistry, Culture. With 10 years of combined experience in design, architecture and art, Visualab was founded to provide holistic solutions in design and digital content creation for major international brands. We believe in the power of art as a common language which enables luxury brands to stay relevant to an evolving consumer culture. It is our mission to bring brands and consumers together through striking and evocative designs which reflect their ethos. Art is our passion, and every project an opportunity for us to use it to build lasting relationships: both between consumers and brands, as well as between ourselves and our clients. With that in mind, we provide full customer care during and after a project, maintaining an open conversation with our clients and deliver tailor-made and the highest quality deliverables which create a lasting impression in customers minds.
Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Co-Founder & CEO

Giacomo Mason

Co-Founder & CDO

Miyeon Schmidt

Co-Founded & COO