How Luxury Brands on Instagram Inspire Audiences

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

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As a luxury brand, what is your strategy for Instagram? Using social media platforms for marketing purposes is one of the most profitable strategies when promoting any brand. The recent pandemic further amplified the importance of brands’ presence in the social realm. To build a consumer base and engage them with the brands in the 21st century, social handles are a must.

Previously high-end brands like yours have been an exception in this regard. But as a new generation of consumers is entering the workforce, you have no choice but to modify your action plans. The shift in buying power to Gen Z and their inclination to fine products is something your brand has to consider. Recently, many luxury brands on Instagram are utilizing the opportunity to market their products and services in multiple creative ways.

Increasing engagement through sophisticated visual and written content enables your brand to grow and build relationships with all kinds of engaged communities. The recent feature, Reels help to promote themselves through short entertaining videos. Thus, Instagram has been an effective platform for advertising campaigns to tap into the growing audience in the digital era.

Also, Instagram has become a platform for luxury brands to communicate their brand identities to their target audiences. Beyond simply creating a visual portfolio, Instagram also allows greater brand awareness and interaction.

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How Do Luxury Brands Use Instagram to Build Engagement?


High-end Visual Content

On Instagram, users are flooded with almost hypnotic visual sensory inputs. The platform emphasizes visual storytelling to share products and experiences. The power of images embraces all the creative capabilities of the platform to share campaigns through photos, stories, and videos. Immersive visual content welcomes engagement by presenting a piece of what your brand is about.


Influencer Marketing

Customers are more attracted to a product when celebrities use or endorse it before they can personally purchase it.

In luxury brand marketing, public figures continue to garner attention and impact by associating values and a personality to a brand. Therefore, luxury brands on Instagram collaborate with influential celebrities to interact and promote their products for brand campaigns. Jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. has partnered with Kendall Jenner and Maddie Ziegler to gain new millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Some brands are even branching into new forms of influencer marketing by using digital influencers. Digital influencers allow for new creative forms of storytelling and appeal to specific audiences that can identify with their content.

Virtual Influencer Ria made by Aww Tokyo

Ria is a virtual influencer created by Aww Inc.

Interactive Content

Interaction on social media platforms has a significant impact on reaching your target audience. Usually, Luxury brands rank high on Instagram for engagement and interactions.

By starting conversations with audiences through content, consumers are provided insights into a company’s culture. This also makes consumers feel like the curtain is lifted from a brand and builds customer loyalty in the long term.

Fashion houses Gucci, Chanel, and Hermes dominate over 50 percent of online discussions. This is due to their successful product launches and events on social media platforms.

Virtual Photography

Virtual photography is the newest form of a photoshoot used by high-end brands. Using 3D technology, your brand can create digital images of your products without photographing them in traditional ways. Brands use these mesmerizing 3D assets due to many reasons. These digital pictures are highly impactful and can be created with minimum time and effort. 

In virtual photography, through small tweaks in the photographs, your luxury brand can cater and personalize to any domain of audience globally. Also known as 3D product imaging, virtual fashion photography includes digital models and garments. This apparel captures all of the brand’s vision and imaginations beyond reality, fascinating the buyers on Instagram.

How to improve your audience’s attention span in 2022?

As the number of products increases, the attention span of consumers is falling at a rapid rate. Every day many things demand attention from humans, due to which they’re having difficulty focusing. Marketing has been struggling to improve the attention ability of the target audience. Here are some of the ways through which your luxury brand can improve it in 2020.

Luxury brands on Instagram Inspire Customers

Purchases are heavily influenced by customers’ habits on social media and their interactions with brands. In luxury brand marketing, engagement through social media networks encourages reaching the largest audiences across a visual storytelling platform. Chanel is now a powerhouse on social media platforms. They have successfully replicated their brand voice to attract younger consumers with innovative interactive content.

With over 500 million users every day, Instagram is a valuable tool to extend its audiences into multiple target audiences. For prestigious brands, this means standing for powerful and inspiring content and maintaining influence and trust. If your brand wants to create stunning 3D product images, join us at our creative studio.

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Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand. Revolutionize your Digital Initiatives.


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