Branding & 3D Motion Graphics: A Symbiotic Relationship

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

"I consult with creative brands, using innovation, 3D tech, and art to transform brand communications, creating impactful customer journeys that drive business growth."

Motion graphics in Coca-Cola's branding

Before technology took over, branding was done simply using trademarks and logos. Companies do not represent themselves using one or two elements anymore. Over the years, branding has evolved into a multifaceted reflection of products and services. One such visual technology that has molded many brands is motion graphics.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is a form of animation in which elements like text, music, and motion work perfectly to create compelling videos. As most of the graphic elements move in the video, it is called motion graphics.

3D motion graphics have taken over many of the visual industries like film and television. In recent years, businesses have been using these animations creatively to shape their brands. Most of them consider motion graphics as an essential marketing tool in today’s attention-scattered era. There are many benefits of motion graphics for brands, asides from the alluring visual concepts.

How do Motion Graphics help in Shaping a Brand?

Connection with Consumers

Countless products are demanding the attention of consumers. This minced attention makes it difficult for brands to penetrate as a favorite in a consumer’s list. Through 3D motion graphics, companies can weave and spread beautiful and emotional stories that resonate with buyers. As a result, consumers paint the brand humanely, and a solid bond forms between them and the creators.

Sophisticated Visual Branding

Visuals are much easier to recall than texts. With decreasing attention spans, graphic videos became a game-changer for many marketers. With their captivating visuals weaved together in an intriguing story, 3D motion graphics forges the brand’s name in the buyers’ minds.

Impeccable Communication

With globalization, consumer needs have diversified so much that there are various product types for everything. This created a massive problem for businesses as they have had to market to multiple buyers while aggressively competing with brands that provide similar products. Motion graphics are the perfect solution as they can be swiftly altered on computers. Firms can tailor-make their messages to different buyers within less time and effort using animated graphics.

Slack cleverly communicates its services through lively animated graphics.

Strong Attention Grabber

The rise of laptop and smartphone usage has sharply brought down the attention time of consumers. A market full of the same products further intensifies this issue. But branding with 3D motion graphics has the opposite effect. Compelling visuals, well-thought-out text, and audio pull the audience’s attention and glue them to the brand.

Sets Brands Apart from the Herd

When businesses use 3D animated graphics, they sculpt and mint the brand distinctively. They offer a competitive edge to the brand, which sets it apart from the rest of the market. Motion graphics attach specific concepts and meanings to the brand, giving them a unique streak.

Iconic Brands Sculpted by Motion Graphics


The iconic commercial ‘Northern Lights’ created by Ken Stewart introduced a new symbol of Coca-Cola. The polar bears in the animated ad watch the Aurora Borealis while drinking Coca-cola. The ad was a hit and, soon, animated polar bears became the face of the legendary beverage brand.

The NE_Bear in Coca-cola’s animated commercial became a strong symbol of the brand.


The ZooZoo ads by Vodafone are another exciting example of how 3D motion graphics become a part of brand identity. The white creatures with ballooned bodies and egg heads in the ads became synonymous with the telecommunications brand. These animated ads were an instant success and are still loved by many Vodafone consumers.

Broadcast Channel La Effe

To rebrand themselves and stand out from the crowd, broadcast channel La Effe turned to motion graphics. The new commercial put together strong typography, art magazine-like styles, graphic design, and exciting music. Extraordinarily, the channel communicated that it’s not only a TV station but an eclectic, multifaceted, plural, and versatile way of thinking.


When it comes to communicating their services, Slack is ahead of the game. With their lively and funnily animated ads, the company could clearly convey its services to its target audience. Through the ad, Slack also imbued the joy and fun when teams work together on the platforms.

The Symbiosis Between 3D Motion Graphics and Branding

When motion graphics first came out, the possibility of it becoming a branding tool was very slim. At first, marketers began to use it to communicate their complex and diverse features of themselves. But later, these 3D motion graphics and characters in those ads became the symbols that shaped the brands. A solid symbiotic relationship has formed between them in which both continue to influence each other.

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