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Vspace Introduction by VSLB

As a brand, what dilemma are you in currently? If we are right, you’re confused about the growing metaverse influence. Many questions arise as a marketer when you think about entering the metaverse.  Some of them are: How big and important is the metaverse going to be in everyone’s lives?

How as a brand, can we tread this new trend? How feasible are our brand resources, identity, and target audience with this phenomenal shift? Amid the uncertainty, one thing every brand can be sure of is that no one has the perfect or right answers.

It all lies in trial and error and leveraging existing innovative technologies and ideas that facilitate an easy transition to the metaverse if needed. As an artistic brand with a vision to be the best supporter of other brands in this period of turbulence, we’ve designed and created VSpace. Dive deeper to know what a VSpace is and how it’s meant to change and solve your very dilemma!

A Brief Study of Metaverse Landscape

Scattered Knowledge

Skimming over the developments of the metaverse, one can realize that it’s not uni-directional or confined to a single company or country. A lot of knowledge and advancements are dispersed all over the world, making it difficult for marketers to decide if they want to do digital marketing in the metaverse.

Absence of Design Aesthetics

A quick analysis of the existing metaverse platforms or virtual spaces gives off more of a cartoonist or animated appeal than hyper-realistic ones. While this is a great start toward building a virtual world, it’s not sustainable in the long term if one wants it to mirror the real world.

In other words, the current platforms lack in design aspects. They are not designed with a purpose or a meaningful concept that the audience can relate to.

Translation of Branding

Since digital marketing in the metaverse is quite new, brands have no previous campaigns to take a look at and craft the upcoming ones. Metaverse can or cannot be for all brands across various industries. In addition, there is no clear data on which target group is in the new world. Therefore, there is a gap in how branding can be taken into the virtual world.


Built on architecture and artistry, Vspace is about to revolutionize the marketing industry.

Introduction of VSpace

VSpaces are virtual spaces where your brand can create beautiful product visuals and enticing VR experiences with speed and ease. Through the long four years, of putting together our experience, expertise, and vision to create a better marketing solution, we’re proud to launch our key service.

To explain in simpler terms, consider the following explanation. What do you do when you want to choose a dress for an occasion or a theme for a party in a rush? You go through the existing options in a physical or digital catalog, which are pre-built or designed.

Then you pick the best one that suits your needs without compromising your preferences and resources. In other words, you are optimizing your selection to the best extent possible.

The same goes for our Vspace. It has a catalog of some of the world’s best virtual spaces with incredible backdrops and gripping concepts. Designed to fulfill your brand needs, all you need to do is pick a virtual space, we place your product’s 3D model in it. Then we create amazing imagery of your product in our space, from images to animations.

Everything sounds so simple, but what exact advantages can your brand avail of from our Vspaces? We’ve got that covered as well in the next part of the article.

Your product in our beautiful virtual spaces has an added charm to it.

Benefits of VSpace

No Physical Photo Shoots

Previously, to produce marketing content for social media and advertisements, setting up a photo shoot was a norm. Which includes researching and picking the location, and setting up the backdrop as required with a long line of the crew to make everything look perfect. This includes a ridiculous amount of cost and energy.

Vspace replaces this traditional practice of capturing product shots in a more elegant way. Every equipment, crew member, and location can be set up in the virtual space on a computer, curated by the digital artist. As a result, the need for arduous photoshoots is eliminated.

No Time Constraints

As aforementioned, the production of visuals in the old way had put constraints on time and also in the process of editing them. This also became a drawback when globalization took over and brands needs to customize their marketing efforts to specific markets.

Instead, through Vspace, your brand can create alluring visual content in a short span of time with personalization touches as well.

No Quality Constraints

Often, it’s thought that good quality content takes time. One might wonder about it in the context of Vspace which immensely speeds up the creation process. But that’s where Vspace shines the most. Every visual created in virtual spaces from the Vspace catalog is of the utmost quality the marketing world has ever seen.

In addition, brands can choose the level of quality they want in their marketing visuals in Vspace, usually ranging from 2K to 12K resolution.

Vspace by VSLB

Many brands are in a rush to enter the metaverse but our virtual spaces offer your a cushion for your safe transition.

How VSpace is a groundbreaking solution

for your brand?

First Step to Metaverse

Digital Marketing in the metaverse can be quite tricky at this point in time as there are no blueprints on how to do it. To erase this hesitation from the marketer’s side, brands can utilize our Vspace as the starting step. Since the actual metaverse will be a group of virtual spaces connected together, it’s one of the best ways to test it for branding.

Blend of Architecture and Art

Each space from the Vspace catalog is a result of bringing together wonderful digital architecture with a touch of intense artistry. What this means is that your virtual space is built the same way any place is built in real life. with a concept in hand.

They reflect real-life measurements and are so realistic in nature. They are designed in such a way that every visual looks like a noble piece of art with deep meaning and interpretation.

Spatial Composition and its Magic

Another best feature of Vspace is our artists don’t place anything randomly in the digital space. Our creative director who’s both an architect and 3D artist is also well-versed in museology. This honed him in terms of placing the objects or products in the right place that enhances their meaning and value. Once your product is in our Vspace, you and your audience will be better able to appreciate it and love it even more.

Start your Next Stage of Marketing with our Vspace

Despite the skepticism about the metaverse, it’s here to stay with the growing Gen Z and their addition to technology. Besides, the virtual world has its own share of advantages that brands can easily avail of. To be ahead of other brands, our Vspace is the perfect solution to take your marketing to next level.

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Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand.

Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of the metaverse and its co-existence with your fashion brand.

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Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand. Revolutionize your Digital Initiatives.