7 Amazing ways to advertise your product!


The fourth industrial revolution has a big effect on marketing practices. With the advances of social media and digital marketing, consumers are flooded with content. As a result, marketing collateral in the luxury industries have to work harder than ever before to captivate consumers within a short amount of time. Content needs to be published more regularly, which leaves marketers and their teams on tight timelines and limited budget. The way how marketing is done, is changing rapidly. While a big part of content creation is the production of Images and Videos, product advertisements are often shot in a studio set. It is very time consuming, requires a lot of labor and is most of all,  expensive. In addition, product shootings limits marketers creativity, since certain ways of showcasing a product are simply not possible.

What if there would be an ultimate solution to product advertising, without shooting a product, saving time and which makes marketers lives easier? The answer is 3D Product Rendering! 3D Rendering allows clients to showcase any product, such as car, home appliances, jewelry, cosmetics, liqueur, Homes and more in any desired background setting. It allows to showcase products in limitless creative ways. 3D Rendering is done by computer software and specialised artists have the ability to render your luxury product in photorealism, creating lifelike images and motion graphic, to advertise your products the most appealing way to your consumers. When it comes to luxury goods, they are most likely to be the trendsetters around the world. Like every advertising, 3D generated content has to reflect the signature of a brand, showcase the products unique selling points, it’s prestigious quality and brand identity.

How can we create amazing content which reflects all of those and reaches consumers, to enable buying power? To each content there is a team behind, which plans, looks at the brand and what the client wants to achieve with the Media. This team of creative 3D artists need to understand the luxury industry, current design trends and what the diverse audience in different countries capture. Visualabs international and passionate artists are inspired of a product itself, they gain inspiration by the history of a brand, the consumers with a wide span from baby boomers to millenials. They aim to explore ways in capturing those aspects in innovative, contemporary, yet sophisticated Images and motion graphics, to thrive consumer engagement. Being experts in 3D design we give you insights on 7 amazing ways to unleash artistry in advertisements, create content which is always aesthetically pleasing, the highest quality and generate leads.

1.High-end Hero Images and Motion Graphics

Most commonly used on websites or product micro- sites, these images showcase your products in a way that consumers are captivated within seconds. Consumers spend about 5 seconds on each landing page, which means the content has to be created in ways, that keeps the consumer longer engaged. A 3D generated Hero Image or Motion Graphics, aims to tease the consumers and is the first step of creating a funnel, toward purchasing a product. 

2.White background Images

White background 3D generated Images simply highlight your product. Often used on E-commerce sites, they let the single product stand out. They make it possible for the consumer to evaluate each angle of it and recognise colors, patterns and texture. They are simple and beautiful to look at. 

3.Merging 3D with 2D

Take an existing Image and rendering your product inside it. Instead of shooting a model, you can simply take a high quality image and let your product be showcased within that same image. Not only can you achieve the same results, when doing a shooting, but rather you safe time, which leaves you with possibilities to publish content more regularly. 

4.Merchandise and Prototype Visualization

Developing a product takes time and products need to go through several modifications before launch. Prototype visualizations allows to visualize each product with different materials, designs and shapes. It helps the decision making process during a design phase, prevents problems prior to the production and products can be advertised prior to the finish. 

5.Premium Home Appliances Lifestyle Images

Luxury home appliances in the electronic sector or in the interior design industry has become more than just a useful item. They add on to a high- end interior design, represent a prestigious lifestyle while serving our daily lives with their functionality.  For brands, it is crucial to visualize their products in an esthetically pleasing scenario and lifestyle interior. With designers and architects, products can be showcased in a suitable virtual interior Image or motion graphics. This can be done in photorealism. Brands can avoid complicated shootings in only one background setting, instead they can feature their products in several scenes at a faster output. This amazing solution lets customers experience the whole product on a different level.  

6.Artistic Product Visualizations

Spheres, shapes, liquids! Many of the designer brands out there, seek to engage their customers with new and unconventional product advertisements, such as 3D generated Images and motion graphics that feature the products in more metaphorical ways. In 3D design there are no rules, the latest trends show products showcased floating, roating, using diverse colors and animated liquids, shapes and spheres as background elements. It gives the luxury ad not only the sophisticated features, but is the absolute eyecatcher, greatly used on Social media or Websites. 

7.Luxury Real Estate Architectural Visualization

While Architecture Visualization is already widely used, it is still one of the most popular real estate advertisement solutions out there. Homes can be visualized with 3D rendering upon submitting a blueprint and allow marketing the real estate before the house is finished to be built. On top of the classic 3D Image, Real Estate, Luxury Hotels and Interior Designs can be created as virtual walk through.

While marketers get long term benefits from utilizing services such as 3D Product Rendering, the tool  leaves artists, designers and interior designers with a huge amount of possibilities. It can never get boring for those who unleash creativity with it and certainly is a great tool to generate leads and unleash buying power.


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