Motion Graphics Inspiration for Marketing in 2022 and Beyond

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

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LG Signature's Voyage campaign in New York is another example of 3D luxury marketing

In 2021, luxury brands have been deploying inspiring motion graphics as a way to build trust in their consumers. In the past, there were only a few luxury brands and a limited consumer domain with huge attention capability. As technology is improving at a rapid rate, there are more brands than at any time in history.

The luxury audience and their preferences are also expanding at a quick rate. Due to a shift in burying power, affluent consumers come from all walks of life. Also, static and glossy advertisements no more interest the consumers.

Amid the developments, the attention of consumers has become so scarce. Therefore high-end brands have to unleash more efforts to capture the growing audience pool and their evaporating attention. Replacing text-dominant marketing, videos of all formats are ruling the promotional strategies of luxury brands. Of them, consumers adore inspiring motion graphics the most.

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Animations in Marketing

In the retail industry, animations are always effective and fun. They exude the century-old legacies, experiences, and dreams of luxury brands. Major high-end labels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes have been successfully communicating their brand stories through animations.

These videos throw the right amount of spotlight on the fine features of their premium offerings. Also, they entice the consumers with their masterful and meticulous visuals in motion. Through realistic visuals, consumers have a clear understanding of the exquisite products they are going to receive from the brands.

When the products meet their expectations, an unbreakable emotional connection forms between the creator and the consumer. As a result, product animations are a great way to build trust.

In addition to the aesthetic feast to eyes, motion graphics are easy to create and promote on digital channels. Hence the booming demand for animations and 3D creative studios like us.

Why is Luxury Animation crucial in the 21st Century?

Visual Impact

It’s a known psychological fact that the human brain tends to remember and retain visual images more than text or audio. Therefore brands using stunning animations with picturesque images will have more impact on the target audience. The brand information will linger for a longer time in the minds of consumers.

Customized Ads

Sometimes motion graphic inspiration comes from a certain cultural aspect of a country. Due to this reason, luxury brands cannot use the same animations in other geographical areas. They can customize those ads on the computer with ease to various demographics in less time span.

Easy Conveyance

3D animations are the perfect tools to communicate the inspirations, dreams, and forward vision of premium brands. Through the flow of visuals, every minute detail is portrayed uniquely and beautifully, captivating the customers.

Finding Motion Graphics Inspiration for your brand

Over time, brands have combined their artistic vision and consumer experiences with inspiring motion design. Below are some source of inspiration of inspiring motion graphic videos.

SU:M37 Motion Graphics Inspiration for Cosmetic Brands

The high-end cosmetic business division of LG Household & Health Care, put forward its skincare brand, SU:M37 in an enchanting way. Together with our 3D rendering studio and a beautiful collaboration with the esteemed designer, Reem Acra, a divine animation was created. The motion graphic inspiration derived from both brands’ desire to make their customers ‘feel like goddesses’.

Entwining the philosophies of two brands, our studio has created a heavenly and elegant animation in a mystical abstract virtual space. The video starts with an unveiling of SU:M37 elixir essence by a silky smooth fabric. In a temple, the Essence is enshrined. The well in the video exudes an aura of purity and divinity that symbolizes the brand’s product. The silky fabric that flows around the product is designed and embroidered by Reem Acra for the collaboration.

Simply put, the motion graphics captured the very essence of two diverse brands and emulated them in a precise and perfect way.


Pivo Motion Graphics Inspiration for Electronic Brands

Our collaboration with Pivo cleverly communicates how simple products can be shown in the most hypnotic way. To attract customers, our 3D rendering studio created a colorful studio virtual space for Pivo’s pod and tripod. In two different animations, the spotlight was put on the product’s features and benefits in a sleek manner.

In a dark space, viewers can gaze at the realistic products and the depiction of their usage. This amplified the attractiveness of the brand and also helped consumers gather the needed information before purchasing.

LG Objet Motion Graphics Inspiration for Home Appliance Brands

Motion Graphics is amazing for Home Appliance brands. LG Electronics included motion graphics video in its home appliances promotional plan. For the launch of LG Objet new collection, our 3D creative studio partnered with Rolling Stones to create riveting visual imagery. Inspired by the brand’s message, the motion graphics depicts the highly adaptive nature of its products.

In 3 different animations, prospective buyers can catch glimpses of how LG Object appliances perfectly fit with any decor. Colored in three natural tones, our designers created the ecosystem with the right amount of lighting in the animations. Moving forward, more luxury brands will walk the same path as LG Objet’s interior virtual spaces for their adverting campaigns.


Ways to build trust: Inspiration as the First Step

Luxury brands that have once avoided any digital channels are now changing their ways. Through innovative and inspiring 3D motion graphics, they are fully able to connect and communicate with their target audience. As a result, they have become a crucial tool to gain trust and loyalty.

In short, we can expect to see more dynamic and colorful animations in the promotion plans of the brands. It’s your turn to start creating amazing motion graphics and as a 3D rendering studio, and motion graphic designers, we’re always here to help you with design animation. For more great Inspiration for 2022 check out our Work or contact us to chat define your vision.

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