Best Tools to Create Motion Graphics in 3D

The first step in creating motion graphics is choosing the right program.

Trends and advancements in digital animation come across new techniques led by the most requested tools in the market. Therefore, among all the options available for creating motion graphics, a few programs currently dominate the top.

High levels of motion graphics using 3D technology allow the integration of more imagery to achieve stunning pieces of animation. Moreover, the immersion into 3D motion graphics provides a lot of functions and tools to explore.

Motion graphics let designers convey ideas quickly, clearly, creatively, and effectively. Each program’s complex dynamic and features offer creators the choice of the most suitable one to achieve their expectations.

In this blog, discover the following:

Best Programs to Create 3D Motion Graphics

3D designs and animation allow us to delve into advanced post-production techniques to generate visual renders of optimal quality. Further, motion graphics software is mainly used in advertising, social media, education and science, reference materials, and entertainment.


Maxon is a 3D modeling, motion, and rendering software capable of animating, lighting, and texturing visuals. This program helps designers create both realistic and abstract models. Similarly, it offers procedural objects which ease the process of refining ideas.

In recent years, MAXON has positioned itself as one of the leading software developers for creating 3D graphics. In addition, MAXON’s product line is primarily focused on its Cinema 4D application, which main characteristics allow modeling, texturing, and animation.

After Effects

This motion graphics and digital visual effects program provides more than 100 options to select effects. After Effects offers the option of combining images and videos to create a stunning animation.

Professional designers widely use After Effects to generate motion graphics. Likewise, it is mainly used for the animation of images, small videos for social networks, and or even special effects for advertising and cinema.



Keyshot is a rendering software specialized in the creation of 3D visuals. Additionally, this tool includes more than 750 preset materials with advanced proficiency to create unique styles.

A major highlight of this application is that it allows one to experience both real-time rendering mode and virtual reality (VR) rendered visual effects.


Autodesk Maya

Established in 1998, Maya won the Academy Award for “Technical Achievement” in 2003. Its major function is to create interactive 3D applications like motion pictures, video games, special effects, and more.

Moreover, Maya is considered as one of the best software tools in the market for 3D animation. Interesting fact: Maya has also been used in films such as “Lord of the Rings,” “Spiderman,” “Star Wars,” and “Ice Age.”

Motion Builder

A 3D character animation software developed by AutoDesk Maya. Regularly used for motion capture, virtual cinematography, and keyframe animation. Motion Builder can capture, edit, and playback character animation.

Also, it enables designers to draft a realistic movement for any character.


Blender is a 3D computer graphics software that can develop visual effects, animated movies, and games. This 3D motion graphics tool allows an artist to customize shortcuts and achieve realistic renderings. It is also possible to create, transform, sculpt and edit models.

Blender helps you turn stationary characters into stunning animations.

How Complex is it to Create Motion Graphics?

Bringing concepts to life in an original way may seem complicated. After all, mastering skills through these programs can take some time. Yet, 3D motion graphics breaks complex thoughts and other comprehension barriers and gets ideas across in a compelling manner.

Choosing the right program and applying a designer’s best skills will help achieve specific goals. This decision will determine the success or failure of a project.

Why are Motion Graphics Ideal for Designers?

3D motion graphics provide an instant solution in which one can explain a complex concept quickly and understandably.

In terms of animation, motion graphics remain relevant thanks to their impeccable visuals, even without much storytelling.


The advancement and emergence of new 3D design tools and animation increase high-quality projects. Therefore, encountering different software every day in the market is an opportunity to improve careers prospects.

Besides, some programs are easier to use than others, and it all depends on the complexity of the idea one wants to execute. Each program has some unique features and tools that work best with different projects.

Acknowledge how each application can be beneficial for your project, facilitates the purpose of the process.

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