The New Home Appliances Launch

Client: Rolling Stone & Lg Objet
Launch: Youtube & Website
Type: Interior Virtual Space
Deliverables: Animation and 4K Images
Creators: Giacomo Mason, Jungho Lim, Angelica Aparicio, George England


A creative collaboration with Rolling Stones, our 3D studio directed its artistry and design skills to highlight the ecosystem of the LG Objet Collection. Overcoming the challenge of matching animation light with on-location footage while sparking a desire in consumers to visualize the products in their home spaces, VSLB perfectly blended color and design in this project. With a concept for 3 colors and tones of each space, VSLB created realistic animation and 4K Images for the launch.

LG Objet styler in the interior virtual space


Adaptability is the main inspiration than ran through the LG Objet’s product creation and through our creative process. Enveloping the design philosophies of the product, nature, and harmony, our visuals were able to put a spotlight on how products can adapt to changes in the physicalities or dimensions of space, thereby fulfilling the human desire for a better space.

Your LG Home Appliances in a 3D Space

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“We designed these simple spaces in a way that they respect and balance the lighting with pre-recorded footage. Our design team created composites that successfully merged two very different kinds of visuals, bringing in synergy, thereby improving the customer’s overall experience.”





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