Emerging Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

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2022 is fast approaching. As the next year is around the corner, marketers are on the lookout for emerging digital marketing trends. The pandemic has permanently changed consumption patterns; thereby, altering the direction of digital advertising. As a result, new innovative ways of marketing have been cropping for the last two years. Yesterday’s limitations are now today’s possibilities.

For such reasons, we share seven emerging 3D digital marketing trends and themes that will help brands go big in the year 2022.

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

1: 3D at the Core

The most exciting emerging trend in digital marketing in 2022 will be 3D. Over the years, the use of 3D technologies, like 3D animations and avatars, has been increasing. Therefore, brands experimenting with 3D to entice their customers are fully reaping the benefits.

These hyper-realistic visuals are highly effective in attracting customers’ attention and add a sophisticated edge to brands. Our creative studio is highly specialized in 3D solutions that make any brand’s 3D journey an easy one.

Some of the major forms of 3D technology include:


In short, 3D technologies are slowly overtaking every corner of digital marketing. You can expect to see more digital advertising campaigns with 3D in them in 2022. With their versatile benefits and a visual feast to the eyes, 3D will drive a lot of digital advertising trends in 2022.

2: Rise of Virtual Influencers

The social distancing norm has decreased human-to-human interactions. To compensate, brands have brought in virtual influencers. These real-life-like personas establish an emotional connection with consumers while promoting at the same time. Several tech companies, such as Pandorabots, are working on connecting virtual avatars with chatbots to enhance brands’ virtual online experiences.

Many virtual influencers, like Lil Miquela and Noonoouri, are already favorites of the growing consumer domain, Gen Z. Virtual models are also entering the fashion industry and gracing the runways. Many companies are expected to have their personalized virtual persona in 2022.

Digital Marketing by Virtual Influencer

Virtual influencer, Noonoouri, promoting Italian luxury fashion brand, Versace. 

3: Growing Visual Storytelling

During the pandemic, the use of small screen time rose globally. The attention span of consumers, on the other hand, fell drastically. To combat this, brands have employed visual storytelling to their brand awareness. After all, consumers today prefer brands that communicate the lifestyle and values of a consumer.

Visual campaigns focusing solely on a product’s functionality don’t work anymore. Therefore, they need to be artistic and a real eye-catcher through a strong story that’s built around the product.

The use of 3D and storytelling allows a lot of creativity and flexibility to seep into advertising campaigns. Brands like Gentle Monster and LG Signature have successfully implemented 3D and focused on storytelling in their visual campaigns. Thus, we predict that a lot more brands will employ 3D visualizations in their digital advertising efforts.

Emerging Digital Marketing Trends for 2022-lg-signature-2021-vslb-yacht-kitchen

4: Experience Economy

Many brands have shifted their focus from products to creating valuable consumer experiences. To translate this into real life, augmented reality has become a top choice for many. This technology is majorly used in try-on and creates a rich and immersive experience for the consumers. Consumers can try out virtual products in advance, boosting their buying confidence. 

Many brands have inbuilt AR filters in their apps and we’re likely to see more of them in 2022 allowing consumers to experience a brand through their mobile devices.

5: Sustainability on the Front

A relatively new aspect that is gaining importance in crafting digital marketing strategies for brands is sustainability. Due to the growing concern about the effects of climate change, brands and consumers alike have to adopt and support sustainability. With consumers becoming more eco-conscious, brands have no choice but to undertake green living.

To balance both nature and business needs, 3D technology is the most efficient way. We can expect to see more marketing campaigns with sustainability as the central theme in the coming year.

6: Metaverse as an Emerging Trend

Since April 2021, the metaverse has been the talk of the town. From luxury fashion to tech giants, almost every sector is joining the virtual universe craze. While it is still in its infancy, the metaverse’s potential is difficult to ignore for brands.

Various brands have released their own games or released their products in the gaming world this year. This allowed many younger consumers to directly interact with them and discover brands in engaging and fun video games.

The rise of the metaverse directly connects to the human psyche and its desire for freedom and happiness. In the metaverse, people can be whoever they want to be and have the creative freedom to express that. Thus, we will see a big rise in the metaverse in 2022, allowing various retail industries to tap into the consumer’s desire.

Many predict that 2022 will be the year of metaverses like Roblox

7: NFT- based Digital Marketing

NFTs became very popular in 2021 because of a major shift in the consumption patterns of customers. Brands are moving towards intangible and virtual goods. The art scene was the first in line to adapt into unique tokens. NFT art offers numerous benefits for artists, such as global reach and crypto-selling.

Industries, like the fashion industry, have recognized this shift and have started addressing the new generation of consumers. NFTs highly appeal to the generation of digital natives as they can use them to personalize their online personas or are collected on their mobile devices.

In addition, selling goods as NFTs allow the brand to prevent counterfeiting. Each transaction is permanently recorded in the Ethereum Blockchain, making it easier to track ownership.

Undoubtedly, NFTs will evolve as an innovative way of selling products in 2022. We see the NFT hype accelerating in the fashion, art collection, and luxury sectors.

The Botton Line: Visual Content to Take over 2022

3D stands at the epicenter of storytelling, innovation, and creativity. It has as an important bridge between connecting consumers and brands. 3D visual content attracts, resonates, and inspires people. It is also adaptable to various markets.

Due to these major benefits, brands will be able to fully integrate 3D technologies in their marketing initiatives. Be it product visualizations in 3D virtual spaces or promotion in the metaverses, 3D is here to stay in the world of digital advertising.

Discover how 3D engages consumers and tells stories on our Work page.

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