3D Walkthroughs: What’s in it for the Interior Design Industry?

A 3d rendered image used for a 3d walkthrough made by vslb a creative studio

Technological advancements now have something to offer to every industry. One industry that has fully embraced technological developments is interior design. Customers can sit in the comfort of their home, and purchase a property that is miles away. A 3D walkthrough of the location allows anyone to take a tour. And 3D interior designers can display their designs with a 3D walkthrough in all its glory.

3D Design is now one of the leading tools in the interior design industry. It is a computerized process through which all of your concepts and ideas can be seen their most realistic form. In short, you digitalize stunning concepts before you make any final decisions.

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What is a 3D Walkthrough?

A 3D walkthrough is a virtual tour of an interior using a device, from anywhere at any time. If you are considering a purchasing space, or redesigning your house, or office, you can take a virtual tour of your design ideas before implementing them.

Why use 3D Design?

Over the years, 3D modeling has gained significant influence in the interior design industry. This technique allows designers to create hyper-realistic representations, becoming an essential tool for crafting ideas. Therefore, 3D technology improves the design process by presenting multiples features to explore.


Realistic Blueprint

With the 3D process, you can effortlessly turn your vision into reality. 3D rendering software mimics real lighting, and in the hands of a skilled designer, 3D visuals can look incredibly real.

Fine Tuning

The most appealing element of 3D interior design is the ease of breaking down everything to a minute detail. If the materials do not fit the concept, change them for any other material (even ones that don’t exist).

Quick Fix

3D interior design lets you make corrections and adjustments in real-time, streamlining the creation process. Therefore, 3D interior design is more cost-effective and efficient compared to traditional methods of visualizing interiors which can make process lengthy.


The 3D walkthroughs are ideal for clients and designers to follow the same direction. Each one can showcase their ideas and make appropriate changes before actually implementing anything. The 3D walkthrough has the capabilities to zoom in and view every part of the floor plan so clients can pick specific pieces of the design that they want to change.

In interior design industry, dynamic presentations enable designers to edit and make necessary changes to achieve customer satisfaction. Using 3D walkthroughs, ensures a lively experience where clients can visualize their desires. 


3D design enhances realism of spaces and objects. This is a valuable aid to understand concepts with stunning imagery for proposals. 


A 3d rendered image used for a 3d walkthrough made by vslb a creative studio

Amaze everyone with 3D Interior Design

3D visualization is now commonplace in the interior design industry. It can be used to create ultra realistic interiors, or even space that are other worldy. Now with the addition of 3D walkthroughs, clients and customers can fully experience interiors before they are created.

In conclusion, 3D walkthroughs are a helpful set of design services that can assist you in creating remarkable 3D animations of your ideas.

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Take a look at our portfolio and see what is possible with 3D interior design.

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