How Virtual Try-On is Important for Brands and Shoppers

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

"I consult with creative brands, using innovation, 3D tech, and art to transform brand communications, creating impactful customer journeys that drive business growth."


Do you know that more than 71% of the buyers want to buy from brands that offer AR and VR? If not, then this is the right blog for you that clearly explains to you the necessity for virtual try-on. A hard fact, most consumers’ eyes are glued to electronic screens more than any advertisement or physical store. In short, getting your brand into the rectangular displays in the hands of the buyers is the key to success.

Putting off the questions of what and how for a while, let’s digger deeper into the theme of WHY. Let’s walk you through AR and VR experiences as the need of the hour:

  • Realistic and perception enhancing visuals dominate the retaining capacity of 80% of the consumers.
  • The expected jump in consumption levels by 10% by 2030 in the metaverse, embedded with AR and VR effects.
  • Remarkable engagement rates up to 90% when consumers engage with AR try-on or filters.

The list goes on but the conclusion remains the same: AR is becoming the oxygen for the survival of luxury brands in the heightened digitized world. If you want more information on the changing fashion industry and its future in the metaverse, check out the FREE guide below!

Now comes the easiest part of the virtual try-on after the mind-blowing reasons to have it in your luxury strategy. True-to-life representations in the fashion industry have increased as a new innovative and dynamic shopping experience for consumers. As technology improves both in precision and sophistication, consumers’ desires and wants nevertheless follow the same.

They are on the hunt for the next fashion trend that expresses and defines them in a new light. And 3D happens to be one of them, a central solution for brands trying to attract customers through technological means.

The key piece that keeps consumers and brands bound in the increasingly scattered world is connection. As a result, many companies are looking to embrace connectivity with consumers and gain a competitive advantage in the market, predominantly through augmented reality and 3D Virtual Spaces. These new trends in fashion have immersive elements to virtually recreate environments like fitting rooms or online stores. 

In this blog, learn about the importance of virtual try-on as a part of both physical and online promotional strategies:

What is a Virtual Try-on?

A virtual try-on is a product of augmented reality technology, in which users can contextually visualize an item and customize style, size, and fit before making a purchase. This feature comes as a relief to many brands across the world in subduing the rising skepticism toward online commerce.

Also, it saves both time and effort on the consumer’s part, as they can try on unlimited clothes within minutes. This creates a positive association with your brand in the minds of consumers, evoking a strong relationship. Hence, many luxury brands have jumped onto the bandwagon of virtual try-on and are already collecting the fruits in the form of sales and reach,

Luxury Brands Taking On the Try-on Trend

High fashion is one of the most resilient industries, and digitalization has continuously improved its creative process. In addition, major luxury brands are expected to enhance the shopping experience with virtual try-on technology.

French brand Dior collaborated with Snapchat to allow its users to test out its new models from their own devices. Dior is among the first luxury brands to offer AR try-ons for sneakers using Snapchat’s latest technology.

Dior is now aiming to provide their prestigious products with a premium shopping experience using 3D Virtual Spaces to simulate a luxury store. This virtual boutique offers retail therapy for those who want to freely wander around the space and freely interact with their products.

Similarly, high fashion brand Gucci adopted augmented reality as one of its app functions. The new feature allows buyers to try their Ace Sneakers line.

Luxury brands are also taking advantage of virtual models and avatars combined with augmented reality to promote their latest products.

Retail and the Implantation of Virtual Try-on

Visualizing products with added customization elements allows your customers to immerse themselves into your brand. The future of retail is highly orienteered to digitalization and its many benefits. Virtual try-on experiences can make a significant difference in sales and marketing.

Brands like Burberry said virtual try-ons are becoming an “inspiration phase” along the buying journey.

Major Benefits for Brands

  • Virtual Browsing: Showcasing a realistic simulation of a luxury store, from digital devices and smartphones, is the most convenient and accessible way of shopping. Additionally, virtual stores are set up for brands across a range of different industries, and each of them has numerous options to implement them.
  • Unlimited Product portfolio: Besides convenience, brands can show unlimited number of garments to buyers without having to produce them in real life. Designers can also display their new designs and test them before moving into the manufacturing step.
  • Interaction with products: Consumers have complete freedom of trying and choosing products at their own pace. This technology applies very well to shoes, apparel, accessories, jewelry, and make-up. Therefore, clients have the opportunity to browse a product before purchasing it.
  • Trying on Merchandise: VR and AR both offer customers the chance to visualize a specific garment. Tiffany & Co. created an app that allows you to virtually try on big diamond engagement rings by changing the skin tone of the Tiffany hand model.
  • Increases buyer’s confidence: Replacing time-consuming dressing room experiences, virtual try-on improves buyer’s confidence by finding out the right product within a short time frame. This further reinforces the loyalty of happy and satisfied consumers.

Virtual Try-on Supports Sustainability

Aside from the alluring designs and immersive experiences, virtual try-on helps your brand, to tackle a pressing issue: climate change. These labels heavily rely on the huge consumption of physical clothing, contradicting sustainability measures. Therefore, as one of the most polluting industries, it has to take up methods and strategies that are inclined towards green living.

Virtual try-on helps brands analyze the consumption levels and trends. This prevents production of underperforming collections that can end up in landfills, polluting land. It also makes both consumers and your brand a part of an ecological movement to reverse the effects of climate change. 


The Next Big Thing in Virtual Shopping Experiences

It’s gleamingly apparent that to conquer the next generation of consumers, 3D technology is essential. Fashion companies that pursue innovative and impeccable products, as well as quality service, will gain all potential clients. Try-on’s latest technologies improve a customer’s needs in the digital era while being engaging and fun. 

As a brand, your goal is to create experiences that drive impact, visits, and higher revenue through virtual try-on. As a bonus, it also supports your sustainability efforts. All in all, you’ve got to start working on setting up a virtual-try-on feature for your consumers right now!


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Download the Guide

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Gain a complete picture of the metaverse and its co-existence with your fashion brand.

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Gain a complete picture of the metaverse and its co-existence with your fashion brand. Revolutionize your Digital Intiatives.


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Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand. Revolutionize your Digital Initiatives.