Why choose Photorealistic Renderings for Marketing?

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

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Photorealistic Rendering Project

Marketers are always on the edge sifting through the latest trends in various industries and changing the preferences of the customers. As product range continues to widen, the attention span of buyers continues to decline. In addition to this, customers have increased their scrutiny about products, especially when shopping online.

They want to know the exact looks of the products before they make their purchasing decisions. The current 2D images or videos do not exactly provide the detailing customers are looking for. In order to sate the desires of prospective buyers, marketers have no choice to use photorealistic pictures. The 3D Product Rendering helps brands to achieve the same.

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What is 3D Product Rendering?

Photorealistic Rendering, also known as 3D Rendering, is a process of creating realistic pictures based on 3D models. Designers initially create 3D models of the desired objects in the virtual space on the computer. Later, they render them in the form of images using render farms. The output of the process is called a 3D render.

In other words, it is the process of converting 3D wireframe models into 2D realistic images on the computer. It offers many benefits to brands, making them the best choice for promotional imagery.

Photorealistic Rendering by VSLB

LG Signature: The Voyage is a 3D Rendering Project by VSLB, that makes buyers go on a comfortable journey.

Why choose Photorealistic Renderings over Images for Promotions?

Detailing & Communication

The greatest advantage of photorealistic renderings by a 3D creative studio is the intricate detailing. In the age of digitization, consumers look for every possible detail of goods and services. Imagery created by 3D product rendering is of high quality and precision.

Buyers can view and zoom in on the product from every possible angle, giving them the confidence to make purchase decisions.

While some products are straightforward to explain, others many not. Brands often struggle with explaining their complex products. Too often, they put too much effort and cost into making things simpler. The best solution for this difficulty is 3D product rendering.

Through photorealistic images, brands also enjoy clear communication about their offerings.


Multiple Formats

In today’s globalized world, not only cultures and customs differ, but also the technological and social channels. Global brands have to customize their products and promotions to these social media.

Once 3D creative studio generates models for the object, they can convert them into different forms. They can create 2D images, GIFs, high-definition animations for marketing and advertising. They can be easily uploaded on any social channel and digital signage.


Physicality Independent

The images created and rendered in virtual spaces are independent of physical constraints. For instance, brands can position and promote their new products in virtual spaces. These virtual spaces created by a 3D creative studio can defy the existing physical realm conditions. In short, 3D rendered images are highly imaginative and beyond limitations.


Accelerated Launches

In today’s nerve-racking competition in the market, brands have to alter their plans to attract customers first. They have to promote their products even before the prototypes are manufactured. In this case, photorealistic renderings are the best choice. Designers can create realistic visuals of the products without the need for actual production.

Once the 3D renderings are done, brands can use the visuals for the advertising.


Effort & Cost Factors

Creating photorealistic images through 3D product rendering takes less effort than a traditional photo shoot of the products. As opposed to conventional methods, the rendering does not need the actual product or lighting. As they are created using software, 3D creative studios can fine-tune them multiple times with less effort and cost.

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A Photorealistic Rendering by our 3D Creative Studio, successfully evokes a sense of exquisiteness in the consumers.

Splendid Rendering Projects by Our 3D Creative Studio

LG Signature: The Voyage

Our 3D creative studio created photorealistic renderings to showcase the latest luxury appliances from the young technology band, LG Signature. Reflecting the power of the new products, the 3D renders in various locations, seamlessly engaged the consumers through immersive storytelling.

The Voyage series sparked a desire in the prospective buyers to travel to amazing places around the world. With a stunning rendering that consisted of 17 images, every visual imbued the sophistication of the LG Signature brand.


Gallery 832

To accurately represent the new Seoul apartments Gallery 832, our studio created elegant 3D rendered images. These images in the interior virtual spaces fulfilled the construction firm, Knight Frank’s goal of attracting the potential younger audience pool. They filled the young professionals with the feeling of customizable luxury spaces of their own.


Bottega Veneta

Photorealistic rendering has the mesmerizing ability to turn simple packaging into something the audience wants to treasure. Combining the philosophy of the brand Bottega Veneta, VSLB creative studio designed a merchandize package for their new fragrance line ‘Illusione’. This realistic packaging exhibits the exquisiteness of fragrance inside and makes the buyer feel elegant and beautiful.


Choose the Best: Photorealistic Renderings

More than ever, brands have the enormous responsibility to attract the target audience with beautiful visuals. Simple images do not ignite the desire in consumers to be loyal to brands in e-commerce times. Brands have to choose the best visuals for their promotions that are highly efficient and effective.

3D realistic renderings check all the requirements for brands in all ways- cost, effort, and time, all while grabbing the audience. Brands have to choose the perfect 3D creative studio to start creating enthralling visuals for their campaigns. In other words, VSLB is your best choice for all your promotional campaigns.

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