WeChat Marketing: Its Predominant Evolution In China

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Marketing Strategies in the digital era brought several options for businesses looking to expand their products or services. Chat platforms play an important role in communications and workforces for companies. Online conversations’ functionality and collaboration features are some of the aspects to take into consideration. Therefore, WeChat marketing has gained popularity in the Asian market, by presenting an innovative way to communicate.

China has described WeChat as an “app for everything”. A phrase that refers to its variety of functions that go beyond traditional messaging and adapt to the necessities of the Asian market.

With 1.2 billion users in 2021, WeChat is the platform to launch your product into the Chinese market.

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The Secret Behind WeChat Marketing Success In China

Marketing strategies through WeChat have settled a precedent in China. Despite being a messaging platform, some features allow developing impactful campaigns with attractive visual content. From banner ads to mini-programs, which present several options to engage customers.

Successful campaigns launched in WeChat directly link to market tailored impeccable visuals. Great Visuals combined with WeChat’s innovative functions are the most powerful way to increase engagement.

WeChat’s Most Relevant Features


E-Wallet, Payment and Financial Services

WeChat offers its users the total solution from browsing to interacting and ultimately to purchasing. The all-in-one shopping and purchasing function allows users to pay bills, order goods and services, and transfer money to other users with one click.

This makes the platform very attractive for both users and brands, since it offers an end to end customer service.


WeChat presents its geolocation service for marketing purposes. Besides using this feature as a digital map, based on users’ location, contents ads can be streamed at the bottom pages that are tailored to users’ preferences.

The Geolocalization feature offers much flexibility to meet the Chinese market’s tailored needs.

Official Accounts

With WeChat marketing functions, businesses have the option of launching official accounts in WeChat. Additionally, this feature allows the creation and customization of an own mini-site, that can also provide unique content and customer services.

There are two types of official accounts


  • Subscription accounts: Push more regular content and notification with daily posts.
  • Service accounts: Ideal for businesses accessing more advanced features of the app.


Top WeChat’s Benefits


Livestreaming has been a top function for luxury brands looking to set up online events. Through its exclusive WeChat accounts, followers have access to even more quality content.

Targeted Options

WeChat allows brands and marketers to leverage ads by locating demographic audiences overseas. It further allows location-based ads to target potential buyers through deeper customer experiences such as VR. Software providers, such as You Cam Makeup, are offering tools to showcase their products through augmented reality on WeChat.

Interactive WeChat Mini Shops

In 2020, WeChat launched a function called “Mini Shop”, which allows brands to build their own virtual stores on the platform. Mini Shops are 3D Virtual Spaces.


Brands Using WeChat For Campaigns.

Advertising campaigns can boast through WeChat, which allows companies to develop “mini-apps” and launch interactive marketing campaigns.

Hence, trends in WeChat enhance visual campaigns and make them sociable. Some prestigious brands have opened WeChat accounts to enable one-to-one communication with their followers.


The Coca-Cola Font Campaign

Coca-Cola inspired many consumers on WeChat with its Font Campaign.

The brand developed a Chinese font with the name “Care” which used almost seven thousand Chinese characters. The brand further partnered with Tmall Global for consumers to buy their personal engraved bottles. It has been a huge success for the brand, as it made consumers feel valued.




In 2020, Burberry launched a mini game with WeChat, yet another innovative feature of the app.

A mini-game is a handy game which allows to be played on phones. The mini-game was introduced in 2017 and since then has been very popular amongst brands. Burberry’s mini-game enabled its consumers to win a limited-edition Burberry item, such as monogrammed surfboard and Burberry-branded bucket hats. WeChat Consumers could further play with face filters and AR-themed characters.

Image shows Burberry Front Page


The success of WeChat marketing in China is based on effectiveness through interaction and engagement content. WeChat is a multifunctional tool for brands to share information and the latest news with their followers. Visual Campaigns need to be well crafted and adapted to the audience on the platform. Many brands partner with Gen-Z influencers and launch market specific products in line with their campaigns. We remain curious if WeChat will launch their own meta platform in the upcoming year.


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