Realistic Avatar: The Most Iconic Virtual Characters of 2021

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

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guggimon a realistic avatar and virtual character

Do you know that metaverse is taking over brands and consumers alike? Many experts predict that not only branding and advertising but every aspect of human lives will also be soon shifted to the new developing virtual world. From shopping to recreation to entertainment and even possibly education is going to be taking place in the digital spaces.

Everything about metaverse implies two things for your brand. One is creating a customized virtual space for all your marketing and branding purposes. The second is creating a virtual avatar that will proudly represent you in the new world. 

While creating a seamless virtual world that is in perfect harmony with the real world is a few years away, many brands have taken the first step towards metaverse- Creating virtual avatars and spaces. Above all, here are some of the solid reasons why your brand should start creating your own virtual spaces if you have not created them yet.

  •  Brands that have created virtual spaces with Us have observed an 80% increase in their campaign’s performance.
  • Also, the timeline for hyperrealistic content creation dropped by 40% in every project.
  • Our recent client, The History of Whoo has observed an increase in consumer engagement time with the brand’s VR tour by 4 minutes.

In other words, the list of advantages of having your own virtual space and avatars goes on. Before diving deep into virtual spaces, explore more about the best virtual avatars of the year 2021.

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The emergence of virtual figures as a trend in the digital advertising market is continuously gaining more recognition. Thus, realistic avatars are becoming the new measure for those brands looking to increase their engagement through the most innovative trends.

Avatars are well known for immersive virtual reality experiences. They can be either human representations or unrealistic and imaginative appearances with features created for a target audience.

Virtual avatars have reached popularity in recent years. In addition, some of them are existing famous influencers or iconic brand models.

In this blog, learn more about the following:

The Influence of Virtual Avatars

Beyond the physical aspect, virtual characters embrace dynamism with movement, voices, and impeccable visuals. Additionally, their presence embraces a brand’s identity and is also used as a marketing tool.

An avatar can be an alter ego, animated or photographic image that provides a more personal experience when reaching a brand. Likewise, they increase the entrainment and informative value by improving the overall satisfaction of online activities.

Moreover, characteristics such as similar attitudes, morality, personality traits, music preferences, and perceptions about life generate a positive outcome for your business. Therefore, defining an avatar is the key to connecting with a target audience by personalizing features according to demographics and lifestyles.

Similar to humans in the real world, virtual avatars are going to inhabit the metaverse. Consequently, brands like yours have to create or collaborate with digital avatars for the following reasons:

  • Represents your brand personality, vision, and mission in the virtual world
  • Acts as a store guide or a virtual assistant to communicate with consumer avatars
  • Hosts virtual launch events and other promotional activities in your own virtual space


In short, your brand’s realistic avatar acts as a key connection between your brand in the real world and the consumers shopping around in the metaverse.

Knox Frost a realistic avatar and virtual character

Top 5 Realistic Avatars in 2021

Knox Frost

The top male virtual influencer on Instagram is a 20-year-old young adult from Atlanta who is vocal about taking care of his community by stirring strong conversations. In one year, Knox Frost managed to grow his following to more than one million followers organically.

In 2020, the CGI star launched a pro-bono campaign for WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Also, Knox is now becoming an influential voice for the Gen Z and millennial audience.


Guggimon is an animated bunny who described himself as a “fashion horror artist & mixtape producer with obsessions.” Originally from Montreal, Canada, Guggimon made his first appearance in June 2019 as one of Steve Aoki’s hype stars. Thus, he collaborated with this world-famous DJ and producer on his Color of Noise tour.

In conclusion, this avatar is the world’s leading creator of animated synthetic celebrities, apparel, and designer toys.

Barbie a realistic avatar and virtual character


The digital version of the iconic blonde-haired doll from late 1950, was reinvented as a virtual friend for young girls. However, Barbie has had a presence on YouTube since 2005. In recent years, with the help of digital animation resources, a 3D avatar of the character has been present on the channel by uploading vlogs.

Also, she boasts over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 10 million subscribers on YouTube, and more than 200 thousand listeners on Spotify. As a result, she is one of the most popular and influential avatars of modern marketing times.

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Lil Miquela a realistic avatar and virtual character

Lil Miquela

One of the most famous virtual models and influencers, Miquela Sousa, or simply Lil Miquela, is a virtual robot created by LA-based start-up Brud. Henceforth, she became a fashion icon who has worked with top fashion brands like Prada, Dior, and Calvin Klein. Besides being a brand ambassador, Lil Miquela advocated for key social issues.

For instance, she supports Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+, and reproductive rights.

luiza a realistic avatar and virtual character

Lu Do Magalu

This realistic avatar has reached major popularity in Brazil, from where she originates. In other words, she currently is the most followed virtual influencer with over 4.7 million followers on Instagram. Most importantly, she has a diverse age audience, and her content is mainly about product reviews and unboxing videos.

How is a Virtual Avatar Created?

This process requires an army of digital artists to design the full appearance of the character and create their images and videos. Therefore, copywriters and social media managers are also in charge of building the concepts and leading campaigns.

Firstly, the concept of virtual avatars is decided which includes the personality, style, and appearance. Secondly, to the selected based figure, morphs are finely adjusted for the desired looks of a realistic avatar. Thirdly, 3D digital artists add movement to the avatar by rigging process. It is further followed by texturing to bring the character to life. Finally, the avatar is dressed and styled as per your brand requirements and is rendered to use in virtual spaces and metaverse.

The use of CGI and 3D tools are the main source for creating a default realistic character. Popular software includes the likes of Maya, Houdini, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, ZBrush, Modo, 3ds Max, Daz Studio, Blender, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and more.

Create your Brand’s realistic Avatar with VSLB

Realistic avatar popularity reflects the future of digital marketing and its use in several industries. Further, some companies are actively investing in the virtual characters industry. The full creation of an online person allows for evaluating the audience’s needs carefully. Hence, most of these avatars inspire their followers since they can feel identify with their message. 

VSLB, a leading creative 3D studio, is an expert in creating realistic virtual avatars tailormade to your brand’s ideals and personality. We create your brand avatar that can easily be used in the metaverse. Furthermore, we create customized virtual spaces for your brand and your avatar, which is the first step in entering the metaverse. 

Therefore, contact us today to start your futuristic branding in the rising metaverse.

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Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand. Revolutionize your Digital Initiatives.