Here we answer to some of your questions regarding our 3D Solutions. If you are missing any information we gladly answer any further questions by email.

Are you still creating your visual content in a complicated physical photoshoot? 

Are you constantly behind schedule and in a rush? 

Serving so many marketing channels and outlets is a big hassle? 

Do you want premium visual experiences that your customers and GenZ audiences love? 

Do you want to be innovative and artistic? 

If the answers are YES, you want to consider VSLB Virtual Spaces.

Consumers of Tomorrow interacting on their digital devices have a short attention span. They also need constant inspiration. Therefore conventional product campaigns don’t work anymore. Your regular time constraints and delivering various digital experiences need content production methods that are amazing and economically beneficial for your company.  Studio shoots have become harder to realize, and why not do it virtually? And save yourself the hassle of finding a location? 

Unlike creating your campaign visuals in a real space, virtual spaces created with 3D software allow the following:

  • Modify your visuals until a day before launch
  • No set goes to waste 
  • There are no physical restrictions to creating your campaign 
  • It is very cost and time effective for various industries 
  • Create any visual campaign of your product Images, Videos, VR Experience ina virtual studio space


The most amazing about virtual spaces is that they are so versatile and can be used for many different solutions while creating only ones. 

You will be able to consistently create the most impressive visuals of your product without any hassle and with flexibility. 

No matter what industry you are coming from, we are able to visualize your 3D Digital Fashion pieces, Home Appliances, Beauty products, Accessories and  any kind of high fashion product in a 3D Virtual Space. 

  • A 3D Model of your product as obj. of fbx. file
  • If you do not have a model we provide product modeling starting from 700$ USD 

A Virtual Space is used to create the following experiences for evolving consumers and inspiring brands. These are the files which are delivered to you at the end of a project. 

  • A Video Campaign of your product in full HD
  • Digital Signage Videos with forced perspective
  • It can be entirely set up as VR E-commerce Experience

We break down the cost in 3 production phases: 

  1. Concept and Design Cost of Virtual Space including a PDF presentation of your unique and tailored 3D Space. The PDF includes Sketches, Styleframes, Storyboarding, Product Showcasing Details.
  1. 3D production cost (3D Modeling of Space, Product, 3D Assets, Lighting, Animation settings) 
  2. Rendering of Images, Animations 
  3. Post-production Image and Video Optimization


Every project is different, therefore we quote according to the specific output and work scope for each project.  The project will be conducted in the above order.

To provide you quickly with a quote, simply answer the below questions and mail the answers to us. Alternatively, we can set up a call to take you through it and define the scope together. 

Do I want my products to be showcased in an Interior, In an Abstract Environment, or in a Studio Set? 

  1. Do you want Images or Videos? 
  2. Do you want a VR Tour? 
  3. Do you want everything Images, Videos, and a VR Tour?
  4. How many products do you want to showcase?
  5. How many Spaces do you wish us to design?  By the way, you can choose to only request one design theme for your digital space, but we can create several virtual spaces with one design concept.
  6. How many Images or Animations? 
  7. How many assets of your products need to be modeled in 3D? 
  8. How long is the animation going to be?
  1. Firstly we sit down with you and hear you out. We usually ask you a set of questions: What do you want to achieve? How is your target audience? Where are your customers based? Where will the campaign or Virtual Experience be launched? 
  2. Often, customers give us a visual direction with their mood boards and reference images. But if you don’t have any references, no worries. We got you!
  3. Then we go ahead and create a concept for your space delivered in a presentation to you
  4. Then we enter the modification phase, where we change and modify as per your requestas promised. We always consult throughout the process regarding all design choices.  
  5. And finally, we finalize the output, and you are ready to launch. 
  • Visuals in the Studio Space take 1.5 Days.
  • Visuals in the Abstract
  • Animations of 15 secs take a week 
  • VR Tours take up to a Month
  • 3D Asset Creation takes up to a week

All timetables are subject to change may the client express special requests. Previews can be provided within the designated time from the point of receiving the 3D model of the product either from the client or been built by VSLB. The production period here represents the average turnaround time. 

We are delighted to consult you regarding our solutions personally. Email us to schedule a call. 

For project inquiries e-mail us at  [email protected] 

For press inquiries e-mail us at [email protected]