How to create the ultimate Digital Fashion Experience

VSLB Inc. summarized how the Digital Fashion Experience will serve your Brand


More than 12 luxury brands were affected by the lockdown times, including the top fashion brands like Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Max Mara, Gucci, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Armani, and Burberry. 

The Digital Fashion Experience is on the rise as COVID 19 has fueled a major shift in the digital sector. Due to the situation business leaders in the Luxury Retail industry need to align their strategies in Retail, Advertising, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing to the circumstances COVID 19 is forcing upon the brand.

During this pandemic time, since people are now more than ever on their mobile devices, consumers are watching every decision their brands take. Companies are branding themselves with every decision and every action, while consumers are watching and deciding which brands still align with their social, political, and spiritual world beliefs.

When done right, The Digital Fashion Experience serves Fashion Brands as an innovative and artistic medium to engage consumers in times of this pandemic.

Considering that VSLB introduces the best 4 ways to design a Digital Fashion Experience to help brands innovate their digital presence and offer their consumers a high-class online experience.

The project below is an insight into our creative design process and how 3D visualization can serve brands in times of the pandemic

Solutions we provide for fashion brands

1. 360 Virtual Online Showroom for fashion

Alternatively to the offline experience usually offered, brands could utilize a virtual online showroom experience, likewise enabling customers to virtually walk through a store and see 360 fashion items, just with the use of their phone. A 360 Virtual Walkthrough can offer a visual experience that engages customers visually and presents the fashion items as if the customers were physically there. 

2. Digital CatWalk for fashion 

While major events and fashion shows have been canceled, what can you do to make sure your couture can still be seen? 

To demonstrate a digital catwalk in the form of a virtual motion graphic video could be the perfect alternative. Finally, for 50 pieces a duration of 13 Minutes is suggested. Before creating your content first VSLB will take time to understand the brand, collection identity, etc. 

As a result, VSLB will create a storyboard unique to the brand and in line with the upcoming collection. Finally, the storyboard will be executed with a 3D production, that will enable the fashion show to be hyper-realistic. 

Without a doubt, this eye-catching solution can be optimized for each platform. Along with that, the whole video could be created in 360 VR. Brands can provide custom VR Glasses and send them to their customers, bloggers, influencers at home, and they can access the virtual fashion show from their couch, reshare it over their social media, etc. and finally it can be made public on the website.  

3. Digital Catwalk static background for fashion

Alternatively, each couture could be animated with a walking mannequin that loops and shows each piece in movements. The background can be virtually designed. This option allows brands to see the real nature of each garment and piece of fashion. Of Course, materials, Fabrics, and how it flows in movement will make this solution a real pleasure for brands.

4. The 360 interactive viewers for fashion

Let your consumers and fans interact with each designer piece. The 360 interactive viewer provides a full view of your product with just one movement on the item. It´ll enable your customers to view the item from all sides and zoom into the garment, making real craftsmanship visible from just using our mobile devices.

Ideally, this all can be created by providing detailed sketches, potentially including sewing patterns and fabric descriptions. Our experienced team will produce everything one to one in 3D.

What are the benefits for brands using digital fashion?
  • Some brands like Retailer Carlings, sold out its collection, after creating digital photorealistic images.
  • Premium brands are known for finding multiple ways to innovate, and are the front wave of technology. 
  • Clement Balavoine has created a process called Neuro that lets clothes be completely digitally tailored.
  • Continue to operate, launch your collection, the platform can support your partners and celebrities to watch the Fashion Show. Overcome Covid19 & continue to inspire your customers. Please feel free to check out our other blogposts about 3D Visualizations and how your can advertise your products here