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As an important member of your marketing team, where do you think the future of digital marketing is directed? As a matter-of-fact, marketing is a department where trends change every other day. Keeping abreast of new patterns and technology is how brands continue to stand tall in the market. The past decade has been a gamechanger, not only in the marketing but also in other departments like manufacturing.

New technology like AR and VR are revolutionizing every industry and the marketing industry as a whole is trying to adapt to these new tech trends. As a leading creative studio, we’re not only in the tune with latest trends but also with consumer trends. A crucial bridge between your brand, your consumers, and the latest marketing trends, here is our exclusive guide on virtual spaces. To put it shortly, virtual spaces are what you need to prepare for the future.

One instance:

Korea’s leading luxury brand took up our expertise and reaped the following benefits from the customized VR tour we created for their latest skincare set.

  • On average, every customer spent 7 minutes on the VR tour, surpassing attention span limits and gaining more brand exposure.
  • Customers’ interaction with the brand increased by 4 minutes when compared to previous marketing campaigns.
  • They enjoyed the VR tour because of the embedded fun game and inclusion of cultural elements.

This is how virtual spaces are going to change the digital marketing industry. They not only make new trends but help brands overcome the psychological limits of the diminishing attention span of the consumer

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In this blog, you’ll discover the future of digital marketing through the following topics:

4 Reasons behind the Digital Change

Pandemic Influence

Although the recent pandemic slowed down the world, it accelerated brands’ moves towards the future of digital marketing. As social distancing becomes the norm, technology is the only thing that kept brands and buyers connected. It also has engulfed many aspects of consumers’ lives that were previously physical in nature. The convenience and comfort brought by these developments led to increased online shopping, gaming, and relationships.

As a marketer, this potentially presents numerous opportunities to potentially connect with prospective buyers. Hence the digital shift in the future of marketing.

Mesh Two Worlds

Every marketer is well aware and curious about the new term – metaverse. The latest development is a virtual world that resembles the real one in many ways, for instance, interactivity. Users of the metaverse can buy, move around, form communities, and launch events.

Therefore, your brand can now connect with your consumers in both the real and virtual world. The need to mesh these two worlds and maintain a consistent branding message across them has arisen.

To make it easy for your brand, we create virtual spaces that connect your branding efforts. As you go deeper into the blog, you can learn about why your brand needs virtual spaces.

The future of Digital marketing largely lies in virtual spaces where brands have unlimited freedom in the creative positioning of their product.

Moving Through Digital Environments

One more interesting outcome of technological development is that there are a lot of social media channels available to the brand to connect with its consumers. Popular platforms include Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, and each of these has its own unique characteristics and features. While moving through these diverse digital mediums, brands have to maintain a consistent text and visual message.

Creating visuals from virtual spaces is the easiest and the most effective way to align all of your brand’s social handles.

Cost and Globalization

Another crucial factor that is shaping the future of digital marketing, is the cost involved in globalization. As much as it seems easy to become a global brand these days, it is important to understand the difficulties of penetrating a certain market. Along with your product, there are other key elements that make up the market in a country. For instance, the marketing strategy in the west does not efficiently target the consumers in the Asian market.

Customization of marketing content comes to your brand’s rescue but it comes with increased costs. But the good news is, marketing with virtual spaces comes saves your budget while being heavily tailored-made to specific markets.

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4 Likely Marketing Trends in the Future

Every Brand to have their own Virtual Space

With everything becoming digitalized, it wouldn’t be a wonder if every brand will have its own virtual space in near future. A virtual space is a 3D digital space that offers a wide range of advantages to brands and buyers alike. Brands can create mesmerizing visual content, both static and interactive in their virtual spaces.

To elaborate, companies and labels can create static visuals like high-definition 3D images, realistic animations, and GIFs. Also, to engage the audience, brands can incorporate interesting features using 3D advanced technology like augmented reality or VR. These will allow the consumers to understand more about the products and the brands while having a fun and memorable time.

Put simply, virtual spaces give a glimpse into how brands can use metaverse in the future. It allows them the flexibility to experiment with virtual spaces’ features now that will work in the metaverse later.

Metaverse to become Mainstream

The widely discussed term across industries like technology, luxury brands, and gaming is metaverse. An online world still in its beginning stage, it has a lot of potential in it for the brands. Even now, just a few months after its rise, there are 400 million users of the metaverse and related worlds. Just similar to the real world, brands have to build their identity, virtual store, and marketing strategies for the metaverse.

No one knows, how long it will take for the metaverse to become as seamless as the real world. Yet, it is inevitable that people will soon lead dual lives in the real and the virtual world. Therefore, brands have to keep the metaverse in mind while sketching the future of their digital marketing strategies

Brands can experiment a lot with virtual spaces, where they can create high-definition static visuals or gripping animations.

NFTs as Digital Mementos

The future of digital marketing also involves NFTs. These are the non-replicable tokens that can be anything from digital apparel to image to video to text to art. As a part of a promotional strategy, brands can use these digital tokens in two ways.

They can either sell their products and services in the form of NFTs and then offer their physical versions free of cost. Or they can create NFT mementos for each of their product and offer them to the buyers when they make a purchase.

This will help the luxury brands in many ways. Firstly, they will be able to track all of their products, preventing any counterfeits from entering the market. Secondly, brands can benefit from the advertising from the consumers. With NFTs, customers can share them on their own social networks, providing a wider reach to the luxury labels.

Lastly, luxury brands can provide NFT collectibles that can be brought by consumers in the gaming world.

Soon, every digital element of the luxury brands will be minted as NFTs and will become an inseparable part of marketing and sales strategy.

Highly localized Marketing Content

In this new age, customers can find anything from local to foreign brands. The fruition of brand globalization can only be achieved when the marketing content aligns with the local culture, customs, and values. This is because, more and more people are embracing their roots and want them to reflect in their everyday lives, consumption, and work.

Not only from a cultural perspective, but brands can also benefit psychologically from this digital marketing trend. When a prospective buyer sees a part of himself in the brand message and content, an emotional bond forms due to the resonance. Consequently, the brand is remembered for a long time in their minds.

Even though a few brands have started localizing their content, in the future, we can expect to see highly personalized content be a key part of future digital marketing.

virtual spaces for the future of digital markering

Virtual spaces as a medium of digital marketing can be used by any industry- fashion, manufacturing, retail, and so on.

Benefits of Marketing in the Virtual Space

Branding and Future

The future of digital marketing is changing and it is very clear the future lies in digital assets like virtual spaces and NFTs. These are going to be key branding elements just like tone, style, and typography. Also, brands have to adjust themselves to the changing consumer domain of Gen Z.

All this led to a change in branding that is more aligned with the new generation and the future. With virtual spaces, your brand can easily shape your brand according to the new trends in both technology and consumer behavior.

Customers and Customization

Every small aspect of virtual spaces is created on the computer which gives your brand a lot of flexibility in terms of alterations. Once created, your brand’s virtual space can be modified any number of times. You can customize the same space by including various cultural, and demographical elements into them.

Costs and ROI

In recent times, many brands have been decreasing their marketing budget despite the necessity. This is due to increased costs in gaining the attention of consumers, where brands usually end up with not-so-good ROI. On the other hand, virtual spaces in marketing are a cost-effective solution.

At a reasonable cost, the visuals created from these digital spaces can be used across any social or virtual medium. As aforementioned, they can be modified until desired looks have been achieved. As a result, brands can enjoy a good return on their investment in creating their own virtual space.

Feasibility and Flexibility

Everything is feasible in VSLB’s online spaces. You can place your product anywhere you want, pick any backdrop, create images or videos, or provide a 360-degree view. Your brand can also include games, VR tours, or AR filters in the spaces which your consumer will be attracted to and have fun with while exploring your brand. In other words, you can turn your space into an attention magnet.

Ideas and Artistry

Sometimes, brands have certain visions or imaginations that they want their consumers to be a part of. Previously, it was difficult to bring their ideas to the consumers as they can only be felt or experienced. With virtual spaces, brands can create any experiences from their wildest imagination, and help consumers feel the same emotions they feel for themselves.

Also, you can give your virtual space an artistic touch. For instance, at VSLB, we inspire our audience by creating virtual spaces that hold significant artistic meaning. This way, not only do our clients differentiate themselves from others but also build a unique brand identity.

Communication and Expectations

Virtual spaces also outperform other marketing solutions when it comes to brand communication. Any complex concept can be explained visually in online spaces with ease and creativity. Your brand can convey everything, meeting your consumer’s expectations.

Start Preparing for the Future with VSLB

To sum up the future of digital marketing, virtual spaces and metaverse are likely to be the sweet spots. To cater to diverse markets, and new consumers while having a healthy ROI, virtual spaces are the best marketing solutions. You can start preparing for the time ahead with our 3D creative studio. Not only do we understand your consumers well, but we also customize your space to the highest level.

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