How 3D Visuals Can Boost Your Brand’s Conversion Rate?

Story of Whoo Product Line in VR Tour

Looking for a way to improve your brand’s conversion rate? What if we say, we’ve got the most efficient and effective way to help out your brand? It’s true. We say the way to attract your target audience, improve your reach, and boost your conversion rate is through 3D visuals.

Yes, 3D visualization marketing is the key to 21st-century branding. For instance, take a look at our VR recent campaign with the luxury Korean skincare brand, The History of Whoo. As expected our stunning 3D visuals have created the following impact:

  • On average, every consumer spent 7 times on the virtual reality tour
  • The average time spent interacting with the product increased to 4 minutes.
  • The VR tour can be considered the brand’s first step towards Metaverse.

The potential of 3D visuals is largely locked away from the domain of marketing. We, as a leading 3D creative studio, are helping brands unlock this power and attract and attain more customers.

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Why is very difficult to attract and retain customers?

More than any other department, marketing is the one that is always on the move for the next effective strategy. A deeper understanding of consumer acquisition problems can help you brand device the right 3D visualization marketing strategy.

Declining Attention Span

The root cause of marketers’ nightmares and the development of novel promotional strategies is the declining attention span of audiences. One minute, consumers are viewing your product intensely, the next second they are distracted by an incoming message. As a result, consumers can never fully appreciate the amazing benefits your brand products offer them, thereby losing a potential buyer.

If it’s a single prospective buyer, that would have been fine, but the declining trend is common around the world. Therefore, brands like yours are finding it difficult more than ever to attract their target audience and lock their attention.

Oversaturated Competition

Added to the dipping attention time, is a bombardment of products in the market, making brands worry about their conversion rates. Brands not only face competition from local companies but also from global brands. A strong need to stand out from the crowd and set your brand apart has risen sharply. As a result, a tug of war takes place in making it to the first place in customers’ attention.

To overrun competitors, marketers have been using a wide range of techniques, yet all of them are effectively short-term. Therefore, a long term effective strategy is required to attract and sustain your target audience’s interest in your brand

Experience Economy

Across the world, commerce is slowly changing from a product-focused approach to servitization. As a result, consumers are changing their preferences and are inclining toward brands that offer them unique and immersive experiences. Besides the actual product, they want to fully appreciate both the emotional and functional benefits of your products before the purchase.

In short, the experience economy is growing. Therefore, your brand has to provide interesting experiences to your prospective customers to lead the market.

Metaverse Growth

The future of brands lies in Metaverse, presenting your brand with a new way to attract consumers. Largely built on 3D technologies like AR and VR, brands cannot use their previous marketing strategies in the virtual world anymore. Your brand has to apply a new way of customer attraction and acquisition in the new world.

What are 3D Visuals?

Now, to overcome the aforementioned difficulties in attracting your audience, 3D visuals are key. Hyperrealistic in nature, these are the visuals that are created on a computer using 3D modeling and design software. The key difference between usual marketing visuals and 3D visuals is that the objects in the latter visuals are created virtually. But the common visuals used for your advertising purposes are actual photographs of the products after fine editing.

Looking closely, we can distinguish both visuals based on the creation process, ease of modification, realistic nature, and so on. 3D visuals outperform conventional imagery in many ways. They are faster to create, allow a lot of space for expression and have more impact on the audience.

Hourglass at night by VSLB

3D visuals perfectly capture your brand’s imagination and your audience’s attention.

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Major forms of 3D Visuals

3D Images

The basic imagery in the 3D creation process is 3D images. Created through a detailed process, these visuals are unique in their expression. Most 3D visuals contain models that your consumers can view from any angle. Despite their creation on computers, they exude reality when launched on digital platforms.


The analogy can be explained as follows: photographs to 3D images, all kinds of videos to animations. Animation is a video in which additional elements like movement, audio, and text support the visuals. They are usually considered the next step after 3D visuals.

AR and VR Tours

To add interactivity to consumer experiences, augmented reality and VR are used as a part of the 3D visualization marketing strategy. In these tours, your consumers can interact with your product in real-time, and try it on. AR and VR are crucial in building an experience economy.

Virtual Spaces

Every type of 3D visual is initially created from a virtual space. A virtual space can be defined as a digital space created on computers that realistically replicates real-world spaces and imaginations. In recent years, these spaces have evolved as the first step in establishing your brand in the metaverse.

In other words, virtual spaces are where brands can experiment and understand how their brand will work in the virtual world. As a pioneer of 3D virtual spaces, our studio offers 3 different spaces that can be custom tailed to brands, customers, and imagination. Furthermore, we add an extra layer of immersivity through the deeply thought artistic direction.

A virtual space is an umbrella space for creating all types of 3d visuals- 3D images, animations, AR, and VR tours.

Benefits of 3D Visuals in your Marketing Strategy

Optimizes your Consumer Experience

Unlike any other marketing content, 3D visuals have a unique knack for optimizing your consumer experience. As you already know, most consumers shop online due to the convenience and comfort it provides. Yet, the skepticism always remains in the same place as consumers do not have the entire information about the product. But with 3D visuals, consumers can get any information, view the product from any angle and try them on.

All these features of 3D visualization marketing significantly increase the time spent your target audience spends with your brand. Furthermore, it also improves their buying confidence with all information conveniently at their fingertips. They make better purchase decisions, reduce dissatisfaction and overall become loyal consumers of your brand.

Increases Conversion rate

3D visuals seamlessly help your brand increase your conversion rates in two ways. As aforementioned, 3D visuals equip your potential buyers with all crucial details about your offerings. In this way, they are more likely to purchase and convert into your consumer.

The second way is demographic adaptation. 3D realistic visuals can be easily adapted to various cultures, weaving a gripping story around those elements. This makes it easy for global consumers to relate to your brand. Due to this resonance, your conversion rate goes up considerably.

Replicates In-store Shopping Experience

While online shopping on mobiles and computers is convenient and handy, consumers still miss the experience of shopping in a store. You can help fill this missing element through 3D visualization marketing. Your brand can replicate your store and create a VR tour of it. In other words, you can consumers can walk around their own space in real-time yet feel like they are in your store virtually.

As 3D advanced technologies like VR, enhance the perception of the audience, they will really love the virtual in-store experience from your brand.

Reaches More Prospective Buyers

In the era of globalization, reaching as many potential buyers across the world is the key to becoming a global brand. With traditional methods being rigid and hard to create, it’s very difficult to reach out to a lot of people. On the other hand, the modifying nature of 3D visuals and the ease of creation will help your brand reach more prospective buyers.

Furthermore, these visuals can be easily shared across multiple social media platforms in every country, widening your brand’s exposure.

Improves your ROI

From a financial point of view, 3D visuals outperform other types of content. They heavily improve your returns on investment in many ways. Firstly, they help you eliminate the high expenses involved in traditional photography. The 3D visual creation process does not need a dedicated crew, time, and effort to achieve the perfect lighting.

Secondly, your brand can cater to multiple markets with slight modifications in the basic 3D imagery. Lastly, they are compatible with every electronic device and social media across the globe. In short, 3D visualization marketing is very economical in nature.

Strengthens your Brand Identity

By venturing into the latest digital marketing trend of 3D visuals, your brand creates a new identity across the consumer domains. Your prospective buyers will distinguish your brands when you associate yourself with 3D technology. Also, through immersive and interactive visualization, you will have better insights into your target consumer behavior.

How to Create 3D Visuals?

Most 3D visuals go through the same process of creation as follows:

  • Purpose and Concept: Every 3D marketing starts with defining a clear purpose directed towards your target audience, and your goals. After having a definite purpose in mind, 3D studios like us, craft a stellar artistic concept for the visuals. These concepts contain the essence of your brand.
  • Production: Putting together the purpose and concept, 3D artists create interesting models and virtual spaces, as required by your brand. Every part of the visual is created on the computers using specialized design software.
  • Refining and Rendering: Finally, after making slight changes to refine the imagery, they are rendered using render farms. In the case of AR and VR, a 360-degree tour is implemented into the production.
3D visuals

As a trailblazer in 3D visuals, VSLB offers you many deliverable options as needed by your brand.

Start your first 3D campaign with VSLB

In conclusion, 3D technology has made it easy for brands to improve their conversion rates. With immersive visualization, your brand can turn a simple shopping activity into an exciting experience. Together with VSLB, you can create impact 3D visuals that never fail to grab the attention of buyers. How about starting your first 3D visual campaign today?

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