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What is a virtual space?

As a luxury brand, what are your strategies to market in the metaverse? As a 3D creative studio, we understand your hesitation in approaching the virtual world. Many luxury brands want to market on digital platforms to enhance their consumer experiences. Yet they are hesitant due to a lack of understanding of 3D technologies and how they work in relation to the new virtual world. Also, the metaverse is largely in its infancy which makes brands like yours think longer and deeper.

What if we say, we have a solution for your hesitancy and fear around metaverse? A truly impactful solution that can be easily integrated into your brand as well as the metaverse. It is a virtual space.

Before taking you deep into what a virtual space means or how to use it, consider the following example. Our 3D studio recently collaborated with the legendary Korean luxury brand, The History of Whoo for a VR-tour experience. Through an artistic and cultural concept, we showcased the brand’s skin-care set along with its partnership with painter Pierre Marie. The results are as follows:

  • On average, every consumer spent 7 minutes on the VR tour.
  • The interaction time between the consumer and the brand rose by 4 minutes.
  • More consumers want to see VR experiences for the next product launch.


As the results reflect, virtual spaces are evolving as a key customer touchpoint that not only brings customers and creators together but also bridges the real and virtual world.

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What is a Virtual Space?

A virtual space is an online space that 3D designers create on computers using specialized software. Very realistic in nature, these spaces do not exist in real life but possess far more benefits than their non-physicality. To explain simply what a virtual space is- a photoshoot studio set inside a computer.

In recent years, virtual spaces are gaining popularity due to the consumer’s desire for novelty in their shopping experiences. The latest revolution in the marketing industry is being backed up by another trend – an entirely new world of the metaverse. Although its development is still in the beginning stages, its enormous potential is something luxury brands do not want to miss.

Metaverse, an aggregate of virtual spaces, is where any user can shop, hang and explore around. More and more users are joining the existing metaverse platforms like Decentraland and a new market has started as a result. A demand to market and promote in the digital world has arisen. In other words, introducing your brand in a virtual space is your first step toward the metaverse.

At VLSB, virtual spaces are approached and created through three lens – Art, Architecture and Museology.

How to use Virtual Space for your Luxury Brand?

Virtual Tours

As the term explains, it is a journey created digitally. These tours can be about anything – a tour of your physical store, a new product launch, or an interactive shopping experience. Before going deep into these uses of virtual tours, it’s beneficial to understand the driving forces behind its rising demand.

  • Servitization and Digitalization: Consumption no longer revolves around a tangible product. Along with the product benefits, consumers also expect fascinating experiences built around the products. For instance, your brand can offer a VR shopping experience in buyers can explore while adding products to their carts.
  • Pandemic Effect: The health crisis accelerated the rate at which consumers adapt to increasing technological influence in their daily lives. As they explored deep into what technology can do and substitute for existing routines, consumers now expect to continue the same. They want to browse through numerous products from the comfort of their homes.
  • Evolution of Shopping: Over the years, consumerism has evolved from simple transactions to complex expectations. From physical stores to online stores, shopping has changed a lot and a new shift is on the way. The new trend is replicating in-store experiences that are informative and immersive.

Here are the ways your luxury brand can use virtual tours for your promotions:

  • In-store Experience: You can digitize your beautiful physical stores and make them available to your customer in their own locations. They can be replicated in the virtual spaces or enhanced by bringing certain imaginations of the brand to life.
  • Product Launch: To garner the attention of tech-savvy consumers of current times, a virtual product launch is best. Putting together the brand’s vision and mission, 3D creative studios like us can create a virtual space with gripping storytelling. The virtual space can be built around the product’s creation process, how it is useful for the consumer, and so on.
  • Interactive Online Shopping: You can take your e-commerce strategy to a next level with virtual spaces. In your brand VR tour, your consumers can explore your offerings as if they are real from their own homes. They can also add carts to the items and purchase just like websites. In simple words, the passive browsing on phone is shifted to interactive shopping by including VR branded virtual spaces.


3D Animations

Another creative way to use virtual space for your brand is to make 3D animations. Similar to recoded videos, the animation is a video in which elements are set in motion in a virtual space, defined by concept and meaning. Previously used for entertainment, animation has become a rich source of brand awareness and creative positioning.

Your brand can feature your products in a virtual space and make an animation out of it, benefiting in many ways. You do not have to produce the product yet can create promotion material in less time and with minimal effort.


3D Image Campaigns

Visual images triumph over any other type of marketing content due to their immense ability to grab the audience’s attention. When a brand creates a virtual product with its product in it, it can also create numerous images from various angles. This not only helps with advertisements but also due to their visual richness, they help the product shine

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In addition to realistic settings, our studio’s expertise also extends to museology, placing your products in such a way that they are always under the spotlight.

VSLB’s approach to Virtual Spaces

Instead of viewing simply as a luxury marketing campaign, virtual spaces at VSLB are crafted thorough thought process. Each brand is approached, examined, and enhanced through three unique elements of our creative director’s expertise – Architecture, Art, and Museology. In other words, every highly customized virtual space at VSLB is created on these three pillars, making it impactful and interesting. Understanding the creator’s inspiration and perceptions are as crucial as knowing virtual space’s foundational pillars.

Giacomo Mason: An Artsitical Architect

The person behind each of our marvelous creations is our Creative Director, Giacomo Mason. Art has become his second nature since growing up with a family of fashion and interior designers. From a young age, he absorbed lots of design and creativity which translates into his deep artistic works of today. Gaining inspiration from travel, new spaces, nature, and novel experiences, Giacomo creates virtual spaces that can be considered a noble art.

For every virtual space concept, he uniquely blends three of his expertise as aforementioned.

Giacomo Mason

Giacomo Mason, our Creative Director


Primarily a prominent architect, Giacomo Mason, our creative director, brings together his fine architecture taste and expertise to every virtual space. He expresses that virtual space is more than just cyberspace but every line should reflect the brand’s vision and consumer wants. Using cutting-edge technology, spaces that flow seamlessly with nature are created.


A way to calm our souls and free our minds, art plays an important role in VSLB’s virtual spaces. Every virtual space is a piece of art at VSLB. Our design team creates 3D imagery that not only has visual activity behind them but also conceptual and intellectual activity.

Together with his thoughts and insights on a brand, he crafts visuals that also reflect the end consumer’s desires and perceptions. In addition, they take away consumers from their daily routine life and transport them into a different yet interesting world.


In addition to expanding his architectural talent, Giacomo brings another of his learning to the virtual spaces – Museology. Another of his creative outlet, he instantly knows the best spot to place your products as objects in virtual spaces. He makes sure your brand receives the same awe, interest, and fascination when your consumer goes to visit museums.

Leaping into the Digital Reality with VSLB

It’s time brands look beyond conventional marketing methods and start looking deeper into the rising digital reality. As a pioneer in virtual spaces, we’re not only equipped with technical and creative expertise but also have in-depth knowledge of changing consumer behavior. As a result, we craft virtual spaces that are not only visually attractive but highly impactful on consumers’ desires.

We invite your brand to lead into digital reality with the support of VSLB. Contact us today to start your first virtual space campaign

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Download the Guide

Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of your product in the metaverse and its co-existence with your brand.

Download the Guide

Gain a complete picture of the metaverse and its co-existence with your fashion brand.

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