VR Experience For The History of Whoo

Client Testimonial

“Our team is always wildly enthusiastic to work with VSLB because they deliver outstanding compelling concepts and high-quality artwork characterized by sensitive and detail-driven representations.”

– Kim Hyun Jung, The Story of Whoo Chief Designer

The Entrance

The Story of Whoo Entrance of VR Tour

To celebrate the partnership between the renowned cosmetic brand History of Whoo with the French painter Pierre Marie, VSLB created a VR-tour experience to showcase the brand’s inspiration and process on developing their latest skin-care set.

Entrance of VR Tour Whoo

The Earth Room

With a total of 4 digital spaces, 7 product placement digital reproductions, 5 animated videos, and an interactive VR tour.


Our challenge can be summarized by:

1. Create a digital museum matching the vision of the brand’s marketing and design team.

2. Sculpt and develop garments, accessories, products and all the memorabilia displayed virtually.


VSLB Creative Director Giacomo Mason and his team designed 4 main spaces to guide the audience through an enticing discovery from product inspiration to the final product line up. 

Story of Whoo VR Tour Earth Room Sktech top view
Transition VR Tour
Brooch, Pouch and Hanbok are the source of Inspiration for Pierre Marie to create the stunning packaging design. Therefore VSLB created this layout to allow the viewier to dive into part of Pierre Marie's source of inspiration. Peonies represent the Royalty of the traditional Items and remind of Korea's Royal Gardens.

The Moon Room

Giacomo Mason and his Team designed The Moon Room to virtually celebrate Pierre Marie’s and the Story of Whoo’s collaboration. The Packaging was placed in an artistic structure in the middle of a water pool. Elements such as the dome and Korean Pines give this space a traditional yet modern sophistication to entice the audience to discover this beautiful packaging design.

Top View Moon Room The Whoo VR Tour
Top View Sun Room VR Tour

The Sun Room

Story of Whoo Product Line in VR Tour
The Final destination of the VR Journey features the entire product line-up and Pierre Marie's packaging design in a hidden room.

Behind the Scenes

We craft each project in various experience stages. Each detail was modeled, lighted, and textured from scratch. 

Korean Traditional Accessories were designed and modeled in 3D. The Visuals seen in here are all created in 3D photo realistic results.