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Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

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From text advertisements to 3D visual campaigns, branding has a long history of changes and developments. To constantly cater to the evolving market needs, diversifying consumer tastes and preferences, brands are always experimenting. They bring in new technologies and tricks to grab and hold the attention of the target audience. One such recent popular trick of the eye that brands are using is forced perspective art.

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What is the Forced Perspective Art?

The art is where two objects from different planes are made to appear in a single plane is called Forced Perspective Art. Simply put, it is the art two objects that can’t interact in reality are made to appear in a single frame as if they’re near each other. From a psychological point of view, it is the manipulation of human visual perception by placing objects at different points enough to pack them in one sensory input.

It is an illusion that mesmerizes the eye of the viewers. This art forces the viewer to have a close and exaggerated perspective irrespective of actual reality, hence the name.

One of the prominent forms of Forced Perspective Art is photography. An instance is tourists holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa. With the right angle, an optical illusion is created where the enlarged view of the person is photographed,  holding up the tower.

Many visual industries like film-making, photography, and architecture use this art to create stunning visual art pieces. Recently, brands began to use this in their visual ad campaigns to immerse the consumers. These optical illusion ads capture the attention of the customers, thereby exposing themselves to the brands.



Why do Brands Need Forced Perspective in their Campaigns?

Immersive Experience

2D billboards have now evolved into digital canvases by 3D forced perspective ads. Compared to typical animations or images, these ads with their unique storytelling through 3D imagery stand out and wow the consumers. When a buyer’s eye catches this tricky content, they are pulled into the optical world of wonders.

Memorable Content

These days, digital content is overwhelming consumers due to visual and auditory sensory overload. This constant inflow of information makes them easily forget about brands. To linger in the target audience’s minds, brands have to think and act differently and forced perspective allows them to do it. 3D visual campaigns with forced perspective art amuse customers and they retained such 3D content more easily than text or static ads.

Unique Identity

Brands take up a unique identity when they use forced perspective art in their marketing strategies. They stand out from the competitors and gain a sophisticated edge in the market.


Forced Perspective Art in Branding & Advertising

Together with 3D technology, brand marketers have been creating entertaining and alluring forced perspective ad campaigns. These visual ads, displayed on the huge LED screen are enough hypnotic to halt the passerbys to take a look. In short, digital signage has become the hotspot for force perspective art around the world.

Redmi K40

Wang Yibo, the spokesperson of Redmi K40 almost climbed out of the LED screen in China. The digital signage on Chunxi road in Chengdu featured the actor’s visual ad for the popular Chinese phone brand. The huge life-size of the actor on the screen amazed many viewers, who appeared to be very close to them. This is one of the popular campaigns where forced perspective art shone brightly.

Giant Cat

One morning, a gigantic cat appeared on the busy streets of Tokyo, Japan. The feline in this forced perspective art shows its schedule to the on-lookers. It wakes up startled in the morning and meows at the citizens in the afternoon.  In the evening, it looks tired and falls asleep. Everything looks so realistic that everyone is in awe of the visual technological art.

IWC Schaffhausen

Not only humans or cats, but forced perspective campaigns also feature inanimate objects. The luxury Swiss watchmaker, IWC Schaffhausen, launched a forced perspective DOOH campaign, featuring the Big Pilot watch in London. The enormous watch launches itself from the LED screen onto the space in front of the Piccadilly Lights.


An Art that amuses Everyone

From photography to ad campaigns, Forced Perspective is carving out its special place in every visual domain. The art or rather the trick of the eye never fails to catch the buyer’s attention which makes it very valuable in branding. This art is in its beginning state, As we move forward, we can expect to see more of such 3D forced perspective content on bright-lit LED screens around the world. Contact us to kick off your next campaign with forced perspective.

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