How AI is revolutionizing luxury cosmetic advertising

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

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A Look into Refined Campaign Production with AI and CGI

Greetings, devoted readers and esteemed industry peers! Sarah here, your steadfast 3D creative consultant. Each week, I delve into the best practices and novel approaches in CGI and AI luxury cosmetic  advertising; campaigns created with Ai and CGI This week, I’m especially eager to detail how AI is transforming luxury cosmetic advertising through a case study of our groundbreaking project with ‘Res Novae’.

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Cosmetic Advertising Campaign: Bridging Innovation with Branding

Starting off our story, we faced a big task ahead. We had to create 14 unique brand and product images for ‘Res Novae’. Now, imagine doing all of this in just two short weeks. Yet, this project was more than just taking pictures. In fact, it played a key part in a bigger plan, being an essential step in a wider rebranding strategy.

Setting the Stage: Brand's Unique Selling Proposition

Within the competitive realm of luxury cosmetics, ‘Res Novae’ distinctively stands out as one of the leading medical pharmaceutical brands. Not only is it a renowned name, but also its signature product possesses a noteworthy feature. When injected into the skin, this product remarkably changes from liquid to gel. Such an innovation isn’t merely about showcasing cutting-edge technology; rather, it’s a clear reflection of the brand’s foundational value – innovation.

Translating Essence into Imagery: The Role of AI & CGI

Once we laid out our plan, we had two main goals in sight. To begin with, we wanted to show off the brand’s creative side through visuals. After accomplishing that, our next goal was to clearly depict how the product changes from a liquid to a gel.

Making a successful campaign happen

In just two weeks, we harmoniously integrated AI and CGI, a feat unimaginable in traditional photoshoots given our timeline. We ventured beyond norms, employing generative AI to design unique backdrops for the campaign, showcasing the brand’s pioneering biotechnology and the product’s precise transformation. To align the visuals with ‘Res Novae’s identity, we fine-tuned specific AI prompts, ensuring each backdrop resonated with the brand’s essence. 

Our innovative approach culminated in delivering crisp, 8K visuals, truly reflecting the brand’s innovative spirit.

Want to unlock your creative advertising campaign for your cosmetic brand? 

Navigating Challenges & Embracing Modern Luxury Advertising With AI

With innovation come challenges. As previously mentioned, generative AI, while immensely powerful, can sometimes be unpredictable. This is particularly true in luxury cosmetic advertising, where there’s no room for error. Here, precision and art must meet seamlessly.

Our strategy included:

1. Constructing a Brand-Aligned Mood Board:

This set the direction, encapsulating ‘Res Novae’s color palettes, tones, and the target audience’s profile. The mood board served as important reference point, and is essential for aligning with the client’s vision. 

2. Feedback-Driven Design Cycle:

Merging AI’s capabilities with human creativity, we iteratively refined our designs, taking regular feedback to ensure alignment with the brand vision. This included refining specific prompts for the AI to exactly match the tone and manner previously agreed. With particular prompt engineering skills Giacomo Mason our artistic director created unique backdrops to render our the hero shots of the brand. 

3. Prioritizing Quality in Outputs:

Ensuring the final visuals were of the highest quality, be it in 4K or 8K resolution, was paramount. This enabled the brand to utilize all visuals for print, and on larger screens. 

Unlocking True Creative Potential: A Glimpse into the Future

As we stand at the pivotal juncture of 2024, it’s clear that AI and CGI aren’t just supplementary tools; indeed, they’re game-changers. Beyond simplifying advertising processes, they possess the transformative potential to elevate them, consequently introducing nuances and layers of creativity that were once beyond our imagination.

Let's start a conversation about AI in Luxury Cosmetic Advertising

I invite all: industry leaders, luxury brand marketers, and those passionate about the future of luxury cosmetic advertising. Let’s unite, share insights, and together, redefine today’s luxury advertising standards.

Here’s to constantly tapping into our creative depths. Stay tuned for next week’s fresh insights!

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