Immersive E-commerce right from your website

Elevate your Digital Experience with an immersive 3D Metaverse Experience right from your website.

Redefine Excellence in the Digital Realm

As trendsetters celebrated for curating extraordinary experiences, your luxury brand has an exclusive opportunity to elevate the online presence, and enchanting customers with unforgettable immersive encounters that redefine excellence in the digital realm. 

We are thrilled to introduce immersive commerce, a transformative approach to revolutionize the customer touchpoint  by creating captivating and interactive brand driven metaverse experiences right on your website.

Unleash the Power of
Immersive Commerce

Why Immersive Commerce Experience? 

Immersive Commerce
In The Interactive
Virtual Space

Enter the new era of immersive commerce with a fully interactive product showcase, and gamified experience for the next generation of consumers. Elevate your online brand experience with unprecedented product interaction fueled by a brand driven online space right from your website.

Create Connections
in a fully interactive Environment

Empower your audience to control their environment with playful interactions around your products, unlocking a realm of gamified discovery and profound engagement. Experience a transformative connection within this immersive journey where possibilities know no bounds.

the experience
from a 360 approach

Elevate the experience to new heights with a 360-degree approach, personalizing every facet within the metaverse accessible from your brand's website. Immerse your audience in a realm where customization reigns supreme, tailoring their journey to their unique desires and preferences.

It all starts with your
Brand Tailored Virtual Space

The foundation to every digital brand experience is the space which encapsulates your brand heritage, and invites your audience to take part in an extended reality right from any digital device. 

Adding Interactive
Product Showcases

Amplify your product showcase through three dimensional 3D assets, that are ready to be interacted with. 

Unlock truly personalized moments

Create truly memorable experiences for your customers, allowing them to interact with your product with the following features 

  • Custom styled Pop-Up’s 
  • Interactive Product showcase
  • Video and Image streaming (product images, brand ambassador speeches, brand videos)
  • External linking to your e- commerce site and other pages
  • Fully controllable 360  space and it’s products
  • Token collection and gamification
  • Third person walk through or first person view

We offer two types of metaverse experiences for your brand. Please explore below. 


Custom Space & Asset Digitization

Our Artistic Team customizes every aspect of the experience to create a truly sunning experience. 



Every experience is tailored to the finest details allowing all the right features for your experience to come to life. 


Interactive Feature

We take care of the end to end integration from your custom metaverse concept, CSS, to interactive features. 

Experience it for yourself...

Explore our Metaverse

Explore our the VSLB Brand metaverse and discover how we unlock innovation in brand tailored virtual spaces. This Space allows to enter via desktop and mobile device with your digital twin. 

Go to Mini Experience

Seeking a Mini Experience that amplifies a capsule collection, product launches and more? Then enter the mini experience and find out how a smaller space on your website can enhance your customer experience. 

An Artistic Experience in the Metaverse

Once an Architect and specialist in Museology,  I conceptualize virtual worlds, to stage products like art pieces and present a brand at its core. My vision and expertise, are to transform brands from the past into the future using cutting-edge technology. 

Working with me and my team you will receive your brand tailored artistic concept expanding from a branded virtual space, level design and gamification of the experience. 



Mason, Creative Director and Co-founder


Co- Founder and Creative 3D Consultant

Lets tap into the future of immersive commerce

Discover the power of 3D Technologies, Art and Brand Communication through a tailored consultation. I am an expert in the field of 3D, marketing and brand communication helping brands leverage the technology creatively to dive into the web3 era. I am here to consult you regarding the following fields in the premium and luxury segment: 


  1. The Web based Metaverse: Redefining your Customer Journey with Immersive Commerce
  2. The power of AR and E-Commerce 
  3. Crafting the Customer Journey in brand driven 3D virtual spaces

If you wish to gain clarity on this topic, i’d love to hear from you.



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