The Richness of Royalty in the 3D Light

Client: The History of Whoo
Launch: Website and Social Media
Type: Abstract Virtual Space and Interior Virtual Space
Deliverables: VR Experience, 4K Images and Animations
Creators: Giacomo Mason, Tiago de Sousa Araújo,  Dohwi Lim and Yuna Lee


Known for its dedicated efforts to bringing royal beauty recipes and ingredients to the world, The History of Whoo brand collaborated once more with VSLB for their launch of the new set, Kookbin. While bringing the essence of the new set, we’ve put together the glorious developments and releases of the brand over time with two halls – the main and history hall, allowing users to get the best of the new launch while enabling them to come closer to the brand. Over two spaces, we’ve created two 360-degree tour images, seven 4K images, and one animation.View the Experience here


The main inspiration behind our artistic creations is the famous Korean painting, Dongwoldo, in whose urban and architectural planning, can see unique political and social functions in each of the buildings. Built upon the painting, we’ve brought more elements from the Korean culture that emulate royalty while also being appealing to the younger audience with the interior settings and lighting. Overall, we’ve designed spaces in which anyone can connect themselves to the brand.

The Glorification of the Royalty with 3D Artistry

As a creative team, this project was where we tried to balance a lot of different ideas. First of all, the traditional Korean culture and royalty associated with the product had to be put in a modern light. With the product being a piece of art, we’ve had to balance its artistry while allowing it to present in a more understandable way to the audience. Also, as an international team, we’ve designed the architectural spaces in such a way that both Korean and international audiences understand in a seamless way. The result came out so spectacular, enhancing the product, the culture, and the transition from traditional to modern.





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