Walk into the Luxury VR World of The History of Whoo x Pierre Marie

Client: The History of Whoo
Launch: Website
Type: Digital Spaces
Deliverables: Images, Animations, and VR Tour
Creators/Contributor: Giacomo Mason, George England, Tiago de Sousa Araújo, Yuna Lee


Together with VSLB, the Korean skincare brand, The History of Whoo, artistically celebrated the launch of its latest skincare set, with French painter Pierre Marie. To entice and engage the audience, we’ve created an interactive VR tour with 4 digital spaces, 7 product placement digital reproductions, and 5 animated videos. Through the perfect synchrony between artistry, history, and culture, the campaign quickly led onto a successful path.

Entrance of VR Tour Whoo


VSLB took one more step deep into demographical personalization with The History of Whoo’s latest skincare set. By including core cultural elements of Korean royal history, our creative team beautifully designed an interactive tour, where consumers learn more about the elements while having fun with the embedded game. With thorough artistry, we’ve crafted each project in various experience stages where each detail was modeled, lighted, and textured from scratch. 

A Celebration of Traditionality and Technology

Average minutes spent in VR tour
Minutes increase in session duration

“Our team is always wildly enthusiastic to work with VSLB because they deliver outstanding compelling concepts and high-quality artwork characterized by sensitive and detail-driven representations.”





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