Branding in the Metaverse: A 3D Studio Take

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

Sarah Philomena Schmidt

"I consult with creative brands, using innovation, 3D tech, and art to transform brand communications, creating impactful customer journeys that drive business growth."

Branding in the Metaverse

As metaverse news tops the headlines, brands around the world are on a beeline to learn more about it. But there’s chaos as everything that’s been done until now needs to be started from scratch in the new world. This applies especially to branding and marketing as brands have to adapt to new forms of communication with the audience.

To help labels with branding in the metaverse, we’ve put together an article. It simply explains and clears some of the doubts floating around. In this blog, learn more about the following:

Ins and Outs of Existing Metaverse Trends

Emerging Technologies and their novelty

Unlike any other, the metaverse is a cluster of various technologies working together in synchrony. The technology includes blockchain and NFTs, AI which is a union of neuroscience and computer science, and perceptive AR, and VR. The digital infrastructure of the metaverse is directly proportional to the development of these emerging technologies.

Consequently, this makes brands on their toes every time there is a new update. In short, brands have to keep up with the novelty and seamlessly integrate it into their promotional efforts.

A Platform of Experience

The founding idea of the metaverse is that people can use their avatars to explore the virtual world. In other words, it is a destination in which one can experience things that they cannot in the real world. If ones want to put the metaverse in the light of branding, experience is what everyone’s eyes should be on.

Therefore, the metaverse is and will evolve into an amazing platform for interesting experiences for brands and buyers.

3D E-commerce

While the metaverse is an experience hotspot for users, it will be a station of e-commerce conversion for the brands. Through the immersive experience and branding in the metaverse, brands can build an army of loyal customers.

It sounds very similar to real-world operations, except it has one more additional dimension to it- 3D. As the metaverse is 3D realistic world, buyers can interact with products in all three dimensions. This not only boosts their choice confidence but also offers fun in the action.

An Update to Internal Processes

One more angle in changes that metaverse brings which is underseen is its influence on the internal processes of a brand. To do branding in the metaverse, companies should either establish a new department. Or they can collaborate with 3D studios that are like us that have both experience and expertise.

As a result, the flow of marketing strategy, information, and channels of communication will be new.

Branding in the metaverse

Metaverse is going to be a part of customers’ lives, brands and economy.

Industries that can benefit from Metaverse Branding

Fashion & Luxury

If you are a brand from the fashion or luxury industry, then metaverse has a lot to offer. Talking about fashion, brands can introduce their collections digitally and measure the audience’s likes or dislikes. Especially, these days, many young customers are preferring digital fashion, as they allow them to be both flexible and creative.

For luxury brands, the metaverse can turn into a safe space for promotions. To explain it better, it can better prevent counterfeits as they can advertise new collections as NFTs. These tokens permanently tucked away in blockchain records will help brands identify fake goods both in there and in real life.

Some of the brands that have already started to have a presence are Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and so on.

Home Appliances

Another industry that can innovatively market its products is the home appliance industry. Often thought of as the least creative promotion, metaverse can help change the tide. Your brand can lively show the features of your latest product, how it works, and so on. In addition, you can also visualize how your brand’s legacy is woven into the product’s creation.

Leading home appliance brand, Samsung has launched a metaverse-based home decorating service, together with Zepto. In a marketing move in the metaverse, the campaign ‘My House’ allows users to customize the arrangement of appliances.


The core goal of the metaverse is to recreate the real-world experience on an enhanced and imaginative level. Automobile brands can cleverly use this to their advantage. Brands can create immersive and interactive VR experiences in the metaverse, allowing the drivers to fully enjoy the ride virtually. As a result, the liking for a specific brand can improve when moved to real life.

Also, metaverse makes it easy for these brands as it’s not always easy to portray the locomotives in the desired way. Popular brands like Audi, Nissan, Toyota, and Mclaren have already started their digital marketing in the metaverse.


Leading industries that can benefit from branding in the metaverse are fashion, luxury, home appliances and automobiles.

Current Leading Metaverse Platforms


Initially started out as a gaming platform, Roblox entered the metaverse with an emphasis on virtual world experiences and game creations. Currently, it has 43.2 million active users on a daily basis.

Many brands are partnering with Roblox to reach out to the younger Gen Z audience. Some of the famous collaborations include Spotify, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, and so on.


An Ethereum-based virtual platform, Decentraland is where in which one can buy or sell lands, conduct events, and so on. Amid the recent health crisis and social distancing rules, many brands like Samsung and Adidas have partnered with it. While major fashion brands including Dolce & Gabanna, and Estee Lauder have appeared in the 2022 Metaverse Fashion Week.

The Sandbox

Another popular metaverse built with Ethereum, Sandbox is where users can monetize by playing and building games. Mainly a gaming platform, it has shown its willingness to web3 with its NFT marketplace, Land buying, and selling.

2023 Fashion Trends

To help your brand with an easy transition to the metaverse, we are launching Vspace, a collection of stunning virtual spaces.

VSLB Perspective: The Two Sides

Our own contribution to the metaverse is 3D virtual spaces, built on two strong concepts. They are branding and storytelling. In today’s growth of the metaverse, through artistry and immersive branding in virtual spaces, we help brands to move into it.

Our unique support to brands entering the metaverse is enhancing their branding. The concept of branding is dynamic and its influence can alter when a new element is added to it. In this case, it’s the new technology of the metaverse.

Most brands are now wondering how to accommodate their branding and represent themselves in the best way in the metaverse. The answer lies in the creation of the brand’s space in the virtual world.

Branding with Us

As a 3D creative studio, we start with elements that are the core essence of the brand. It can include its legacy, main products, consumer base, inspirations, vision, and mission. We transform them into meaningful concepts on which our virtual spaces are built.

In other words, the virtual architecture of our spaces reflects the brand in a clear and artistic way. Moreover, branding in our virtual spaces is malleable enough to bring any new ideas to life.

Also as our mission is to make accessible more beautiful spaces to brands, we’re on our way to lunch Vspace. It is a collective of artistically crafted virtual spaces that significantly cut down time, effort, and cost burden. Contact us to get a free demo today.

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